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1 louse map

This is a repost from last year.

My stats for this subject are, once again, peaking.

  Sooo, I get bored easy. The news of late has been so repetitively ugly and onerous, that I need to distract myself. Above is a map of locations from which I get 'hits' from an 'organic' search on all the search engines for 'head lice'. See, about 5 years ago, I posted an image - annotated with arrows even - of a human scalp with head lice and nits. Nits being baby lice. Since then, I receive a steady stream of traffic to that image. The image itself is on the first pages of all the major engines. Helluva thing - being known for that.

   I decided to do an unscientific survey. It started two weeks ago and only covers that portion of my traffic for which I am awake to monitor - about half if I'm lucky or not otherwise preoccupied. As you can see, the results are just about what you'd expect. Lots of lice where there are lots of humans - particularly unhygeni .... naw, I won't go there. Suffice it to say, there's a whole lotta scratchin' goin' on in da hood/barrio. But there is an unexpected result demonstrated above - areas where there are few folks are not created equal when it comes to head lice.

  Note the large expanses of no bugs - the largest such runs along both sides of the Continental Divide. However, notice that there are infestations in the Sierras, the Catskills and Appalachians - so I think we can rule out altitude. Weather and temperature can be ruled out because there are plenty of lice in places where it gets seriously cold. What could it be then? There are plenty of Indian Reservations in that area - but so too in others severely infested.

  I think I have solved the mystery! The louse-free States are those which also have the highest population per capita of members of the Church of Latter Day Saints - 'Mormons'. After crunching the data in my super duper environmentally friendly solar powered computer with the now-popular 'Al Gore Global Temperature Algorithm' only one conclusion can be drawn. Mormons are immune to head lice! Ain't science great?


LOLOLOL Now there's some logic! :)

Lice infestations cannot be categorized even in the weather condition of the place.

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