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The Office of Planetary Defense Coordination - I feel so much safer.

Alien landscape WITH TEXT

From the article ...

A new report calls on NASA to establish a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to lead national and international efforts in protecting Earth against impacts by asteroids and comets. The final report of the Ad-Hoc Task Force on Planetary Defense of the NASA Advisory Council was delivered to the Council this month, proposing five recommendations that suggest how the space agency should organize, acquire, investigate, prepare, and lead national and international efforts in planetary defense against near-Earth objects.

"This was a very important step in the process of the United States Government defining its role in protection of life from this occasional, but devastating natural hazard," former astronaut Russell Schweickart told "Happily, in the instance of asteroid impacts, this is a natural disaster which can be prevented...only, however, if we properly prepare and work together with other nations around the world."

Toy rocket ship, divider, line, bar

 Oh yeah! And we'll 'coordinate' with the United Nations. I feel so much safer. That aside, I like to play with my image manipulation software and making futuristic scenes is one of the things I enjoy most. I made the above. If you want a copy sans text -  see below. Oh, and believe or not - the foreground is an actual real place and just up the road from me.

Alien landscape


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