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Reddy Kilowatt is a FASCIST!

From Bloomberg

General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and other automakers want to sell consumers electric cars powered by hydrogen within six years. Their plans clash with the U.S. government’s infrastructure priorities. GM, Toyota, Honda Motor Co. and Daimler AG say durability improvements and cost reductions may enable them to sell the zero-emission vehicles by 2015. Costs to make the fuel-cell cars have fallen from $1 million each a few years ago, and automakers are working to meet a proposed goal of slashing the premium for the cars to $3,600 more than a midsized gasoline model.

As the federal government, utilities, cities and states plan charging infrastructure for battery cars, hydrogen fueling stations are also needed, automakers say. While Germany and Japan are moving to build large-scale fueling networks, the U.S. lacks a national infrastructure program and the Energy Department has sought to cut hydrogen-related project funding. “The advances that have been made by the automobile manufacturers are remarkable,” said Scott Samuelsen, director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine. “Infrastructure is the Achilles’ heel.

The U.S. has provided more than $10 billion in low-cost loans and grants this year for production of electric cars, batteries and charging infrastructure, as the Obama administration pushes automakers to improve fuel economy and cut oil imports. By contrast, hydrogen funding was initially gutted. GM, Toyota, Honda, Daimler, Hyundai, Kia Motors Corp., Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. released a statement Sept. 9 saying they shared a goal to create a fuel-cell vehicle market within six years. Government support for the goal is stronger in Germany and Japan than in the U.S., according to GM’s Freese and Samuelsen of the fuel cell center. Germany plans 1,000 hydrogen stations by 2015, and Japan has a similar goal.

The German government is working with utilities and Linde AG, the world’s second-biggest maker of industrial gases, to set up a station network, Bharat Balasubramanian, Daimler’s vice president for product innovations, said in Los Angeles.

Nikolai Tesla

Al Gore recently announced securing a $500 million dollar loan from  the stimulus program to fund the Fisker Karma electric car -  made in Finland. General  Electric is heavily invested in the 'Think' electric car - made in Norway. And guess who is one of Barack Obama's closest adviser's?  Jefferey Immelt - CEO of General Electric.  Guess who was one of Barack Obama's biggest campaign contributors and campaign fund raisers? Jefferey Immelt -  CEO of General Electric. Guess what company is building the equipment for the new 'smart power grid' to which Barack Obama and the Democrats so often refer? General Electric. Guess which television channel was named 'most favorable' to Barack Obama in a recent nationwide poll? NBC - owned by General Electric. I could go on, but why?

Let me point out a couple of things. When electricity was first proposed as a power source, there were two men in the world who were on top of it - Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla. Both vied for the investment dollars of George Westinghouse. Edison proposed alternating current versus Tesla's direct current. Edison's proposed AC demanded erecting power transmission lines all over the world - the ubiquitous power poles, whereas Tesla proposed beaming DC power via microwave without any lines. Westinghouse chose Edison's  plans because he owned vast tracts of lumber and the real money was in securing the right-of-ways for his power lines. Where the lines went - prosperity soon followed and Westinghouse capitalized on that to become one  of the wealthiest men in the world. Tesla's plan called for higher initial investment but after that - the power would be essientally - free. No ugly power poles and free electricity. Oh, and much cheaper, longer-lasting appliances, too.

Lynde Gas is behind the push in Europe. We have several gas purveyors in this country and all would be happy to provide hydrogen and the necessary infrastructure to allow for widespread use of fuel cells. Fuel cells don't wear out - batteries wear out. Who makes the batteries?  General Electric. Fuel cells cost more initially but cause less environmental damage in their manufacture, use and disposal. Who is one of the world's largest manufacturer, wholesaler and recycler of batteries? General Electric. Fuel cells do not draw down the power grid and take away power from your refrigerator. It is estimated that if we all had electric vehicles and plugged them in - there would be no power to run anything else. Who is the largest provider of electric power in this country? General Electric. Beginning to see a pattern here? Of all the shenanigans Barack Obama is involved in - it is his relationship with General Electric that is the most corrupt and liable to bring about his being impeached.

I wrote all of this from memory. It did not require any research. Now, if I know all of this crap - why don't YOU?

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Here. Learn. 

Follow the money.

Stupid obama


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You have this backwards.

Tesla was AC. Edison was DC. (No joke intended).

"Tesla had become enamoured with the idea of "alternating current", AC for short. In alternating current, the voltage and the current oscillated, positive and then negative and then positive again, 60 times every second.

If one used AC instead of Edison's DC (for "direct current") then you could make use of a wonderful invention called the transformer.

My dear Steel,

Microwaves use alternating current, not DC.

Second you can transmit wireless power only by AC.

At this point wireless power transmission has finally been achieved and will become
a common household item in less than ten years. Maybe in two years at most, most wall hung TVs
will be wirelessly powered.

This will, of course, raise the concerns that such wireless transmission of energy could be harmful to mammals and other forms of life.

Of course, the sun transmits enormous amounts of energy via light (an AC form of energy). And it is mostly beneficial. Even so, for us humans, it can have serious side effects when we expose ourselves to it.

Of course you will argue that these concerns must come from a leftist mind!

Why don't you subject your precious self to the effects of a 20 KW radar antenna at close range?

How do you think the ''radar range'' was invented''?

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