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Charles Rangel - Profiles in Corruption


  For 20 years, Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel has owned a beachfront villa in a sun-drenched Dominican Republic resort, yet has only sporadically declared income on the property in federal filings. While the villa was rented to paying guests for the past two years, for instance, Rangel reported no income from it in 2006 and 2007, The Post has learned. As a congressman, failure to fully list all income and investments can result in civil penalties or criminal charges.

  The powerful Ways and Means Committee chairman, a Democrat, owns "casita" No. 412 on the Caribbean Sea at the Punta Cana Hotel, on the lush eastern tip of the country, where he is affectionately known as "el senador."  His three-bedroom, three-bath villa, which can accommodate three couples, is rented for between $500 in the low season to $1,100 a night in the busiest tourist season and is one of the resort's most popular, managers and staff say.

  "You are requesting the best casita on the beach," a reservations manager told a Post reporter posing as a customer. "We are always booked solid on that one between December 15 and April 15. It is always the first one to go," he said. The 78-year-old Rangel's stone-covered cottage - which boasts flat-screen TVs and a panoramic ocean view - was open to hotel guests in the past two years, General Manager Carolina Jones told The Post. "It's part of the hotel operation. It's available to customers at all times," Jones said of No. 412. Typically, the owners of the casitas earn 80 percent of any rental income, staff said.

  But Rangel's financial disclosure forms, which members of Congress must file annually to the clerk of the House of Representatives, checks "none" for income from the property in 2006 and 2007. "I have not received any rental income," Rangel said when asked about the villa last week. "There wasn't any income."

  In some previous years, Rangel has reported earnings from the cottage. For both 2004 and 2005, he listed rental income of $2,500 to $5,000 a year. For 2001, 2002 and 2003, he reported rental income of $5,000 to $15,000 a year. And in 1990, 1991 and 1992, he reported that he earned up to $5,000 per year in rent. For some years, benefactors such as American Airlines paid for Rangel's trip to the resort.

  Rangel refused to answer further questions about his investment, saying, "I think that's a private matter." There's a lot more ...


Theodore_kheel_2    Oh, this ought to fire our friend Carl up. Punta Cana was an abandoned military landing strip that was 'obtained' by one of the dirtiest and most powerful behind-the-scenes labor leaders and a former Democratic New York State senator - he quit in 1968 - from long reigning Dominican Republic stongman and dictator Rafael Trujillo* (supported for decades by successions of powerful Democrats in Congress) - Theodore 'Ted' Kheel (D-NY)*, a co-founder of Punta Cana. often referred to as the 'Cote d'Zure de Caribbean', Punta Cana is considered one of the ten best resort areas in the world and is the playground of wealthy and powerful liberals like Rangel and soon to be home to a massive beachfront mansion under construction for new neighbors Bill and Hillary Clinton. Kheel has spent the last 40 years enticing politicians, lobbyists and various fat cats down to his growing resort properties and cutting them all very sweet deals. 'Houses' there cost 5 million dollars - at the modest end of the scale.

   Charles Rangel was recently revealed to have very questionable real estate dealings with shady contractors (who also just happened to be large campaign donors) in Manhattan and that investigation is ongoing.* It's dfficult enough to obtain conclusive evidence of wrong doing in the mob-connected circles of New York City labor - it will be even more so in the poverty stricken and equally corrupt Dominican Republic - a nation which Carl assures us 'stands on its own and without handouts from the United States'. Kheel recently jumped on the 'green' bandwagon - deeding 1100 acres as an 'ecological preserve' - and guess what? The federal government spent tens of thousands of dollars there by way of ... wait for it ... no bid or noncompetitive contracts* which just happen to correspond to a peak in earmark activity from - you guessed it - Charles Rangel*. So while he was busy designing and constructing his own personal memorial at New York City College and funding it with millions in earmarks* - calling it his 'office' - it seems Mr. Rangel may have been busy lining the pockets of contractors in Punta Cana. Oh, but it gets better. This Kheel guy, has enticed several giants of industry - Oscar del la Renta and Frank R. Rainieri* and many others - to invest with him and they have created a truly dazzling array of 'non-profit' environmental foundations, watchdog and activist groups and agencies there while continuing to buy up land surrounding the original core Punta Cana site and developing it at breakneck speed  - all of which can be easily used as offshore tax dodges by Lear Jet liberals. Think of Punta Cana as the Cayman Islands offshore tax shelter for the socially concerned, environmentally conscious, progressively thinking and politically correct. This is your taxdollars at work, folks.*

As Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee - Charles Rangel writes the laws which govern all this.
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As a congressman, failure to fully list all income and investments can result in civil penalties or criminal charges.

Sure, they CAN...

Speaking of charges, anyone know what the scoop is with William Jefferson and his frozen bribe money.....?


He won two years ago with 57%.

He is expected to win this time if he can find the time between several trails set to start before the elections.



A brother of mine, several friends of ours and other acquaintances own villas at Punta Cana.
None of them US Cit.

The real one these days is Cap Caná. Investors from around the World are bearing down on these exclusive lots. Those not wearing Franck Muller (watches) or top Mont Blanc (pens) need not apply

However, being a land owner at Cap Caná is not a requisite for happiness.

Happiness can be Phoenix unloading a cartload of goodies from the industrious ministrations of Steel.

Or Steel's diligence at producing those goodies.

There is happiness from giving out of love.

There is happiness from receiving expressions of love that can safely remain unrequited.

As in receiving something for nothing.

Dale Carnegie used to say : ''The more you give, the more you love.''

Steel, be careful.

Thread lightly.

Have Phoenix do things for you and be of real assistance to you.

The best way to secure her love is having her do favors to you. Not vice versa.

Have her change your blown tire. Have her change your blown fuses.

Get her to cook your favorite dishes.

She will love you for it.

A man has to look childlike to a woman if she is to love him deepest.

She will secure your semen if you are an Alpha character but cherish a male companion
that is a permanent child (perceived).

From what I perceive from your writings, (I can be wrong), you are not sexually active due to your health conditions.

Your gonads must still be active because after Abelard's pouches were severed he lost all interest in Heloise. Your interest in Phoenix proves that you are still potentially a viable male.

Now, you could have a CO eradication therapy involving intravenous methylene blue which will revert these captured cells to normal ones. Will sure help with your breathing.

You could also derive benefits from an ablation of the spleen, since there would be more blood cells in your body and this would heighten your breathing abilities.

I really hope you can get past Phoenix's defenses.

More important, I wish you can get your offense in order.

Abrazos from Carl

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