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Like a carpool for ambulance chasers ...


  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - A new Web site promising to simplify the lawsuit process by pairing lawyers and potential litigants is a bad idea, tort reform advocates say. Legal Newsline reported Tuesday that critics say the Web site encourages people to be litigious.

  Darren McKinney, spokesman for the American Tort Reform Association, said the site is the "latest distillation" of an attitude promoted by trial lawyers. "It's an attitude that runs against personal responsibility and seems to promote the notion that whatever negative happens in your life somebody else can be blamed and thus sued," McKinney told Legal Newsline.

  On its Web site, Mountain View based SueEasy says its "primary concern is for you to register a genuine complaint or grievance as quickly and as simply as possible."

  Walter Olson, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy, said he worries about the quality of lawyers that might cull an Internet site for potential clients. "The main problem with this is quality control," Olson said. "If this were a dating service, you'd have to wonder - whichever side of the dating you were on - what kind of dunce are they going to bring me?" Link


   Did you know there's a shortage of motel rooms within driving distance of that FLDS polygamist compound in Eldorado TX? Hundreds of lawyers have swarmed on the area - like the bloodsucking insects they are - looking to represent anyone involved in certain upcoming litigations. That's not funny. The only thing funny about lawyers or tort reform are lawyer jokes.

I hereby declare this post as the Official TSD Repository for Lawyer Jokes.
'First, kill all the lawyers'.
Fire away!
Spread the word!


A doctor and a lawyer are sitting on a beach when a beautiful nude woman walks by. The doctor says, "I would love to fuck her". The lawyer says, "out of what?".


I did and it didn't happen--lawyers sleep together.

Since that time I have represented my self 7 times in LEGAL MATTERS and won 5 of the cases.....

Fuck lawyers.

True story: at a job I had years ago, there was a young kid ready to start college in the fall, who had a summer job where I worked. My immediate boss asked him "what are you going to study in that university"? He answered that he wanted to go into law. My boss(who could put on quite a show, immediately started cussing "Jesus, don't you know all lawyers are going to hell"? One, I'll never forget that dumbfounded look on the kids face, and two, I'm confident that my boss was pretty much right.

Q: What's the difference between a dead lawyer on a street and a dead dog on the street?

A: There are skid marks in front of the dog.


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