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Meaningless Battles Between Mental Midgets


Nine_members_of_congress_who_voted_WASHINGTON - One Republican House lawmaker is taking offense at nine Democrats for what he said should have been a no-brainer: recognizing the importance of Christians and Christmas.

In the end, the House on Tuesday supported Rep. Steve King's resolution to recognize "the Christian faith as one of the great religions of the world" and acknowledge "the international religious and historical importance of Christmas and the Christian faith."

But King, of Iowa, is upset that not everyone voted for his bill two weeks before an estimated 225 million Americans celebrate the Christian holiday even though the vote by usual standards would be a solid margin. The measure passed by a 372-9 vote, with 10 recording a neutral "present" vote and 40 members not voting.

"The naysayers didn't make it to the floor to debate. I would like to know how they could vote 'yes' on Islam, 'yes' on the Indian religions and 'no' on Christianity. The foundation of this nation and this culture is Christian. ... I think there's an assault on Christianity in America," King said in a release Wednesday.

"It's time we stood up and said so and said to the rest of America, 'Be who you are, and be confident, and let's worship Christ and celebrate Christmas for the right reasons'," he said.

King said he was upset with the nine lawmakers - all Democrats - who voted against his resolution even they did not vote against two earlier measures, one supporting Islam and the holy month of Ramadan, and the other supporting a number of Indian religions.

Those in King's crosshairs are Reps. Gary Ackerman and Yvette Clarke of New York; Diana DeGette of Colorado; Alcee Hastings of Florida; Jim McDermott of Washington; Bobby Scott of Virginia; and Barbara Lee, Pete Stark, and Lynn Woolsey of California. Link


   There IS a war on Christmas, Christians and WASPs in general, of that there is no doubt. However, all the time, money and energy both sides spend and waste in this continuing battle could sure as hell be better spent. And I think the current 'debate' between the various presidential candidates and their supporters specifically about each's respective religion and degree of faith, is just another theater of this war and detracts from issues of far more import. It's almost seems as though the American people, so afraid of what is really happening in the world around them, would rather BE distracted by these faux fights. They prefer these bloodless skirmishes between ideologies and beliefs over having to face the hard cold reality of the actual bloody war being fought between civilizations in every corner of the globe. Frankly, I can't blame them for this self deception, but I am not so deluded. I will not be numbly and happily distracted. My focus is on fighting the REAL war. That between tyranny and freedom. Between extremism and liberty. Between fanaticism and reason. The real war. Some call it 'Bush's War'. It's OUR war, whether we choose to admit it or remain fixated on the day to day to and fro intellectually deficient shoving matches of weasels and wastrels.

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Cut the bull. This whole assault on Christmas is akin to the Polish attack on Hitler's Germany.

All you want to do is have "Christianity and Jesus" become the defacto state religion.

This is in direct contravention of the Establishment Clause that prohibits ANY state religion.

You theocrats and fascists make me puke.

Christian Soldier ...

Skipped that whole 'reading comprehension' class did ya?

I am an atheist and have been my whole life.

The 'establishment clause' is just that, you moron. It addresses 'establishment' of a religion by the state.

Having a statue of baby Jesus in the local park over the Christmas season is an expression of local people and has nought to do with trying to make YOU go to church.

And if you'd read my post with any more than your usual venom-filled bias, you'd understand that I decry the whole notion of even bothering with 'the war on Christianity' - I quote myself ...

'... However, all the time, money and energy both sides spend and waste in this continuing battle could sure as hell be better spent...'

And finally, you self righteous intellectual dwarf, have you not heard of Godwin's Law?

You identified yourself as a loser with the first words out of your mouth.

The National Debt has nearly doubled in the last seven years. Iraq is a mess. Health Insurance costs my perfectly healthy family $930. a month. There are no jobs to be had for the middle class. American corporations make billions on Americans but can't seem to hire any. Our kids test behind most industrialized nations. And our law makers are wasting their time on THIS?

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