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Forget Google 'Street View'


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so, it's a vehicle that allows it operator to drive around looking into .. EVERYTHING? oh yeah, this will end well.

Wow, Big Brother just got one step closer to reality...

So what happens when the operators of this vehicle come to a stop and leave the equipment running on the occupied vehicles next to them? I think that this is potentially a dangerous device, not only to human safety, but also to our rights to privacy both in our homes and vehicles.

Just a thought.

I, for one, expect nothing less from this wonderful,technologically advanced world we live in. Next lets expect randon home invasions.

I want one.

Oh piffle. Quit with the paranoia. You boys are just worried Big Brother on Steroids will take pictures of your tiny naars.

Ask yourselves if you truly have anything to fear from this device? NO.

Why in the hell don't our troops in IRAQ have these units to find those f--king road side bombs!

wow.... how safe is it to be next to an x-zay machine that runs continuously?

As for the concerns about the vehicle frying someone while stopped at a light- I bet it has safety mechanism to not blast while the truck is stopped... Hello Captain Obvious!

Sounds like b*llsh*t to me.

Huh, at 1:11, the building on the left looks exactly like South Station in Boston.

It is south station...scary!

Codething ...

The worst that can happen is sterilization.

Jizzle ...

Back scatter xrays are directional. And The Men's Warehouse has a new line of lead jumpsuits out. VERY stylish.

Jeff ...

Considering the possible side affects, is there a problem?

Microwave ...

Like a killswitch, you killjoy?

Steve ...

Most large metro police units have a similar ability in infrared.

OCM ...

I just found out that we have the capability to melt the connectiing wires of ANY IED long before we get there - this was shelved because the same thing would happen to civilian devices along the way.

I say, let those fuckers buy lots and lots of tinfoil and aluminium siding.

HEY! Halliburton sells siding!

I am good.

Snexxus ...

We think alike.

I want the Beverly Hills xray tour concession.

'And on your left, ladies and gentlemen, you'll find Paris Hilton in the shower.' 'If you look real hard and squint your eyes, you MAY get a glimpse of her brain.'

Phoenix ...

...if you truly have anything to fear from this device...

Ummm, I'm not too partial to glowing in the dark.

Tommy ...

Why is it always 'big brother' this and 'big brother' that?

It COULD be 'big sister' or 'big great aunt Martha from Moline.'

charlie ...

Look on the bright side, and let me know when you find it.

What REALLY terrifies me is the narrator:

This feature can find both dirty bombs and nuclear devices

with a chirpy soundtrack in the background.


can honestly say that you don't see tools like this coming?

i'm just glad i'm at the age where i no longer carry IED's in my trunk and have cut back on my cocaine/weed use to 1 pound a week...

it doesn't take orwell to see the future

thats it for the old tires full of weed trick

>Why is it always 'big brother' this and 'big brother' that?

At a guess, that would be because that's what it was called in George Orwell's 1984. You know, the origin of the phrase and all.

You dont suppose we could park outside a
gym do ya?

Orwellian fan ...

You didn't take your godamned sarcasm supplement today, did you?

awhhh fuck it ...

One word - UPS.

jethro ...

Now we're talkin'!

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