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Here come da THE JUDGE.

Taurus Arms, manufacturer of 'The Judge'. 45/410 shotgun rounds for close protection.


The_judge  Manufactured by Taurus, 'The Judge' offers several unique abilities.

  It is capable of firing .45 cailber, .44TEN and .410 shotgun rounds. It can also fire very flare pistol rounds, in case you want to light the subject up and set his world on fire.

The_judge_ammo_x  The barrel is rifled, which spreads the shotgun pellets very fast in a very short range. This pistol will blow a hole in a man the size of a bowling ball from across a room. This makes it the perfect anti-personnel weapon for close quarters. It's light, comes in zero maintainence stainless steel and has a soft rubber grip to lessen the shock of such large ammo.


When I went to Vietnam, I took with me an H&R Over&Under .410 pistol. It was one kickass weapon. The sound alone would stop time itself, and the damage it could do up close was frightening. Uncle Sam let me bring it to 'Nam, but he would not let me bring it home. I gave it to a SEAL friend of mine who'd been lusting after it. Since owning that weapon, I have tried several different configurations of other weapons, trying to achieve the same utility and stopping power. Without success. The Judge will do all that and whole lot more.

Click the image for a video demonstration. The specs are below.
Model: 4410TKR-3SS
Caliber: .45/.410 (2.5" chamber).
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 3"
Action: DA/SA
Finish: Matte Stainless Steel
Grips: Ribber
Weight: 29 oz
Construction: Steel
Frame: Compact
Front Sight: Red Fiber Optic Fixed
Rear Sight: Fixed
Trigger Type: Smooth
Length: 0
Width: 1.531"
Height: 5.394"
Rate of Twist: 1:12"
Grooves: 6
Safety: Transfer Bar
UPC: 7-25327-60154-8
Order #: 2-441039T
MSRP: $553.00
Status: Available


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How much damage do the shotgun and flare rounds do to the barrel? I can't imagine that being good for it. Is it more of "yeah, you can do it once if you really need to during an emergency" kind of thing, or could you really go to a shooting range and fire off hundreds of shotgun shells with no damage?

Wouldn't this loaded with .410 shells be considered a short barrel shotgun?

No, if it is a rifled barrel is is not considered a short barrel shotgun

I once shot a rhinocerous with one of these on safari. I put a .45 right through his eye and he pooped and died instantly. Then I shot a flare into the air so my helicopter could find it and fly it to the taxidermist. Then I shot a hummingbird from 500 yards with a 410 shotgun shell, blindfolded.

Were you blindfolded or was the hummingbird?

yeah thank god for these things
i had my stand off with an indian elephant
once i downed it
I had my way with it
like any
Hemmingway inspired Hunter would
yahoooo boys

It's an updated version of the Thunder 5.

Reading Sasquath Hunter's comment closely, I would have to say it was the shotgun shell that was blindfolded...

did i tell you i had both arms tied behind my back?
when i had my way with it of course
when i shot it
i was blindfolded

... safari? wow you are such a tough guy. did someone give you a gold star on your head for shooting a rhino 'through the eye'..?

lets arm the whole country with one of these ..

just in-case you know '


Wow, if I were a man the size of a bowling ball, I'd definately be afraid of this thing... {:-)

I had a pistol just like that one back when I used to live in the Arctic.

One time, a polar bear snuck up on me & i fired off a flare to scare him away. The bear stopped, looked at me and said "WTF is that about?"

Naturally, I was shocked that this bear was talking, so of course I said "A talking bear!?"

And he said "Yea, what's it to ya?
I was like "You have no idea how close I was to killing you."

He responded with "Yea, I get that a lot, but your flare gun isn't anything special. You're not going to kill me are you?"

As I was explaining how the pistol could shoot flares, buckshot and regular bullets, the bear's friend snuck up behind me, took the gun away, then shot me in the knee.

So the moral of the story is: Never trust a talking bear, even if you have a cool pistol.

The " your a dumb ass" flag has been flown ........what a crock . You know Jim Zumbo ???

Wow! Perfect for responding to an IRS summons or other government intrusion. Click, Bang, Thud. Ahhh sweet freedom.

What about Jim Zumbo?

I hear that fella once shot a cheetah square between the eyes, 4 times, as it ran at him at over 75,000 miles per hour. It would of been 5 shots but at the last second some blindfolded, bound and gagged, talking polar bear walked into his shot.

Damndest thing I dun ever heard of.


VIET NAM. .410 gauge. SEAL. 'Sound alone'

You hit all the gun show commando buzz words within the proverbial 25 word limit. :o

It gave me a head ache just trying to wrap my mind around that much stupid. At best, those 'thangs' are good ranch pistols to be carried on the 4 wheeler. But self defense with 2.5" chambered .410 is so incredibly stupid that I'm at a loss for words to truly describe it. As a kid; I wouldn't use those to hunt blue jays. Now if your intruder is the same size of a blue jay, then you're Good To Go; otherwise, you've done pissed somebody off. The .45 LC round would work, but don't even think about using the flares in self defense, you then have an unregistered Destructive Device and the ATF will be throwing you in with Bubba as his new girl friend for the next ten years.

Wow, just wow

Wow, this has spared me of the normal everyday problem of having to carry multiple firearms for different uses. It was always an effort to carry my revolver, shotgun, and flare gun on my person without some discomfort and inconvenience. Problems such as accidental misfires in public and poking people with them in close quarters such as the bus or in church are no longer a worry. I can crotch the thing and I am good. (Can't say that about a shotgun even a sawed-off model) I know what I am getting everyone next Christmas.

Thanks, The Judge, you have made my life worth living!

Hey Ted, get your phaggot ass back to San Fransissy.

You passed out, screaming like a woman when that cheetuh came a runnin at us. I AIMED at that gawddamned polar bear cuz he was hobblin around like a wound hummingbird, that thing needed to get put of it's misery.

Intrestingly enough, polar bear jerky is just about as tangy as venison, but not as tough and low in calories!

Once, I was going to the store, and a rhino charged at me, so I shot it in the eye and skull fucked it into submission.

or am I off topic?

With this gun, hardly anyone notices my 3 inch penis. Thanks, Judge!

Thank God there are no immature Farkers posting quasi-humorous messages on here. 'Cause that'd just be lame. :|

For those who havent seen, Thunder 5:

The gun that replicates the hand of god...
Let he who casts the first stone be the bearer of the Judge.

I was touched by a priest, every choir boy needs a Judge on their side.

Bond Arms

Yeah, it's cool and all, but it'd be a damn sight better if it had wi-fi capability and allowed me to upload a blog about it to my Blogger account.

Move over Judge Reinhold and Judge Judy, this Judge is the real deal.

and on a serious note: the sound alone? its a 410. very NOT loud. on the other hand, 5 rounds of 410 buck shot would make a nice mess. (yes, they do make buck loads in 410)

Nancy Reagen strapped two of these to the sides of her head and said "Help me Obi-Ron!"

Move over Salad Shooter®! Here come de Judge®!

Do they make a drywall & plaster load to patch up the holes from repelling the waves of invading mongol, who rush at me from the street from time to time?

One time I started AND stopped me a war with my .410. I shot an elephant from 500 feet away and the bullet went clear through it end-to-end. It tipped over onto some native who found out that 5 tons of elephant exceeds the load bearing tolerance of the human body. Then the entire tribe came out to get a piece of me. The bullet which, naturally, had slowed down considerably after traveling through the elephant hit the village's only fuel tank which burst open in fire. The fireball engulfed everybody in the village. I still feel kinda sorry about that. And wouldn't you know it: I barely had time to reload to shoot the rhino storming at me in the foot before I shot a flare up its ass as it was limping away.
Burning rhino smells like a tyre fire, surprisingly tastes like chicken. Kind of.

Big Chuck and I were stalking carnivorous Unicorns (NOT the friendly kind) in the jungles of Borneo with one of these, loaded with gold .410 slugs (gold for Unicorn killin'). Being "Little Chuck," I was mostly relegated to observer status, but I swelled to my 3.62 inches of glory after Big Chuck blasted that sucker in the face with this thing and it dropped like an ATF agent struck in the head with a tire iron. I endorse it wholeheartedly. What say you, Big Chuck?

I had one of these when I was in Hell. One time I was being ganged up on by Hitler, Stalin, Milton Berle and Richard Nixon. Thankfully my lover/parish priest gave me holy bullets. I shot the flare up towards China and it lit everything up, distracting all of them. But Uncle Milty's snake wasn't distracted and attacked. I quickly reloaded and shot it with the .410, but it didn't do much to stop it. I fired at the earth's core and Jesus decided I was doing too much damage and offered to reincarnate me if I'd quit causing problems. Being all peaceful, he wouldn't let me take the pistol back to the surface, so I gave it to Satan. Then they dug the hole upward to China and I came out right near Vietnam and met a Navy SEAL who was doing pedicures in a salon. He just happened to have The Judge that he was no longer using and gave to me!

Thos aren't .45 rounds pictured. This gun is fake. .410 is for sissies---try 12 GA.

Seriously, shotgun shells are designed for the powder to burn progressively along the length of the barrel. unless you custom load your .410 shells with quick-burning powder, they wont be worth shiat. The .45 LC would be a better choice anyway, IMO.

When I roam the streets looking for trouble, I never wanted or needed a gun. I always have a Civil War replica cavalry officers sword under my coat. I walk along with one hand on it at all times. When killing someone with a sword, the fast initial presentation of it is crucial. It must be flashed out of hiding, deliver a deep slice to your opponent, and then just as quickly hidden under the coat. Many times I have dropped an attacker so quickly that after hiding the sword and walking briskly away, even people WITH him didn't know what happened. As I turn the next corner, only then do I hear passersby screaming about the blood or whatever. Take it from me, the sword is the best street weapon.

To gun lovers around the world:
I have to go along with emptyhandkiller on this, although I do NOT prefer the sword as my main self defense device. I carry an old time, folding straight razor, that my grandfather actually used to shave with. Not only is it sentimental, but it is incredibly sharp! I carry it semi tucked up my sleeve, folded. After much practice, I am now able to flick it out, unfolding it, slice my target, and then return it to my sleeve. I have timed myself as fast as .65 seconds.
When I am confronted on the street by someone up to no good, I lash out with the razor, inflicting a deadly neck wound. As I return my razor to hiding, I hurry quickly down the street, acting as innocent as possible. I remember one time, as I was hurrying away, people started screaming. As a cop came running, I asked him what all the screaming was about. He said he didn't know and kept running to the scene. I thought that was funny.

Hey, RALF, you IDIOT.... So, you are a gun expert, eh? If that .410 isn't worth doodley squat, then you won't mind if I blast your face off with the Judge, right? Don't worry, like you said, it won't hurt. The Judge sounds like a great weapon, just the thing for eliminating the RALF's of the world and other worthless scum.

Don't even post a video if you don't have the bandwidth for users to view it.

I remember this one time, at band camp, a herd of peacocks came running through, looking to eat any human they could find. So I called in Chuck Norris.

You know the rest.

//It's not a trap.

OMG!! That thing is friggen awesome!!

I just put in an order for a pallet of these things and you should too.
DOD has not yet released a study showing that this unique combination has been downing Blakhawk helicopters in Iraq.
It seems the 45LC pierces the fuel tanks, and the follow up shot with 410 causes ample sparks for ignition.
It's an unstoppable one-two punch and it's wiping out our offensive capabilities.

Get one before the new assault weapon ban is passed.
It's only a matter of time until the Zumbo-Brady campaign starts agitating to get these chopper-killer gun, that is prefered by terrorists, off the streets.

Thank you, Taurus.

The Judge is scared of Chuck Norris...

410 is considered a bore not a gauge so theres no minimum barrel length requirements as a sawed off shotgun.

If you think that a 410 can do dammage, ask the parents of the two young ladies that were killed about three weeks ago in a small town in New Mexico.

Thank God they've finally invented a flare gun that can handle shotgun shells. It took me forever to type this with just one hand.

It would be better if it fired french fries and ketchup.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I hate it when I get a hole the size of a bowling ball blown thru me. Because dude, that hurts waaaay worse than getting a hole the size of a golf ball blown thru me. Just sayin...

He was a cowboy, mister, and he loved the land. He loved it so much, he made a woman out of dirt, and married her, but when he kissed her, she disintegrated. Later, at the funeral, when the preacher said "dust to dust", some people laughed, and the cowboy shot them. At his hanging, he told the others, "I'll be waiting for you in Heaven, with THE JUDGE."

I bet for an indian, shooting an old fat pioneer woman in the back with an arrow, and she fires her shotgun into the ground as she falls over, is like the top thing you can do.

I suggest a 50X scope and laser pointer sight for improved accuracy.

If only there was a pin you could pull to turn this into a hand grenade when you throw it. THEN it would be the perfect weapon!

least funny comments ever

A .410 is worthless against a human, the sound is zip - a .45 would be much more effective probably the best round for close killing. This whole configuration is for guys with small dicks.

No. What's worthless in the human race is guys with small dicks. That's why they invented this gun. To kill guys with small dicks. Here... pull my trigger, dude.

[least funny comments ever]

Damn. I hate it when I miss the fun threads...


Finally, a pistol with a barrel big enough for me to get my dick into.

Thank you Taurus.

I think that the Judge is a lovely self defense weapon! Unfortunately, I have never had any training with firearms, so I will just continue with my own proven self defense method. I don't carry any weapons. I do walk confidently along, though, ready. When I am approached by an evil man, I walk right up to him and with no hesitation whatsoever, I drive my knee full force into his testicles. My intention is to completely crush his testicles, even beyond surgical repair. I have destroyed at least a dozen men's balls, and I believe that two of them are still in comas. They never should have tried to attack me.

Needs a cup holder, silencer and bayonet.


I bet yer purty. What do you do about the scratch marks on yer face?

Mr. Curlyfries,

Good job. One question: What is the cup holder for? The after-kill scotch as you ride your three-wheeler home or to catch the blood of your victim for a nice, nourishing drink?

About those fries - you might want to look into a four-wheeler.

Gotta love them farkers.

Needs a cup holder, silencer and bayonet. Yeah, what curlyfries said.

Challenge: Shoot a very flare clean through the bowling ball sized hole before the body hits the pavement (points will be deducted for any scorch marks on the body).

Challenge: Save yourself the trouble of kicking a guy in the nuts by using your very flare option. That way you shoot off the tiny unit and its accompanying naars and cauterize the wound so the guy runs away screaming in a high voice but leaves no blood trail to trace back to you. Blood on a sidewalk is so Middle East.

Pheonix, why do you always have to think in such surgical terms? A .410 load, properly aimed, will neuterize almost any mammal quite nicely—well almost. I saw a Limousine bull once that had a pair that'd challenge a 50 caliber machine gun...

Why aim for the parts that drive most of the bad decisions? No matter how you stack it—ok, that was an unfortunate choice of words—it’s not as efficient as aiming for the brain.


Once I was walking down the street blindfolded and an attacker came towards me and I said stop or I'll take you down before you can call for your mama. He pulled out a cell phone 50 caliber machine gun with a poison dart on the end and I said can I be in the picture. He said sure and I had him email the picture to me. It's great. I printed it and have it framed next to his dried nuts. I let 'em keep their brains so they'll have something to lie with when a hottie asks where are your nuts?

I secretly love your surgical proclivities, but now that you've given us all a glimpse into your treatment of the huevos challenged, all I can say is, "Stop it, you minx."


Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants. Then when I get there with much gyrations and ungulations I find a clit. What is up with that? I can tell you. Nothing. Nada. Zero. I'll never attack a minx again.

I wish my dads had a pair.

How do you set it to stun?

To Dr. Phil E. Buster:
How DARE you speak to me, you scrawny little coward!!!
The only reason you did was because you want to do me, don't you! Why don't you just come clean and say you want to get me on the ground, tear off my caftan, wriggle yourself in between my thighs, and stuff your throbbing boner deep inside me? You will clutch my carcass as you pump your pelvis as fast as you can. Your scrotum begins to pulsate, and you orgasm!!!! Your teeny weeny prick injects its load of goo into me. Will you make a kid? Who knows. I hope it looks like you, so that I can slap its face five times a day.

I know all about you, you little WHORE. I have seen you post elsewhere, looking to hook up with some guy to get laid. GUYS, take it from me, stay away from this piece of smelly hog lard! She is dirty, smelly, fat, ugly, a liar, and all she wants is for some idiot to make a kid in her, so she can suck his bank account dry. Head for the hills, men!

I have the 7" barrell model and love it, versatile and accurate and the rubber grip absorbs the impact. I can't make any claims about 'rhino hunting or 'nam - but out here in Tucson it's a darn near perfect ranch & round-up weapon. I carry it loaded with two .410 rounds (perfect for a rattler) and three .45, perfect for scaring off a preidtor (of either the two or four legged variety). If you spend a lot of time outdorrs in places where the varmints can kill you, this is an excellent sidearm.

WOW!! What a bunch of he-man woman haters you all are. Before you say the .410 is an ineffective round try shooting yourself in the foot with one. Doesn't even have to be 00; no.8 will do nicely. You can even do it with your boots on. After you do this without saying ouch; then you may post a cynical comment. And before any cowardly comment as to my manhood may be made; remember that I am serving in the armed forces of this glorious country, I am an NRA member fighting for gun rights, and I am a fellow AMERICAN respecting your right to free speech but not the abuse of it.

Where can I purchase the flares ?

I'd suggest any real large marine store that caters to pros OR and ARMY surplus joint.

Failing that, try online.

I have seen several kind on the net ..I am just not sure what mm flare it would be.

hi every1 I'm big dave's sun. I can't wait til they make the pokemon card of this gun.


Steel,,, wtf??!! Small marines can't be pro's???

Mark Smith said "If you spend a lot of time outdorrs in places where the varmints can kill you, this is an excellent sidearm."

I spend a lot of times indoors with varmits that could kill me, so this gun is not for me?, could you suggest one?

Well.... I was in Montana last week fishing and had my "Judge" pistol on my hip. As I was about to cast into the lake the Loch Ness Monster ran up and cornered me against a tree. As I reached for "The Judge" the Loch Ness Monster said "would ya' have two dollars and fifty-five cents? His breath smelled like tequila. I reached into my pocket and gave him a five dollar bill. We became good friends. I just got off the phone with him now.

Makes me hard just reading the posts.

This is a marvulous gun! Can't wait to get one!!

All of the above BS must have been posted by "Islama" Obama, since only a "dim-wit-O-crap" could have dreamed up all of this malarkey!

Most of you are idiots! Or know very little about firearms!
The Judge is a very creative weapon for it's intended purpose.
That is self defense in you car. Easy to point and shoot. Unlike an automatic, a wheel gun only needs the trigger pulled. No cocking, or letting off the safty, or whatnot...just point and shoot...kinda like plug and play only with a bang. For close quarters I think the 410 is is the 45!!! I would load....410, 45, 410, Flare, 45. The flare before the last round so I would know I only had one round left, before reload. You guys go ahead and continue to use your 10/22 home defense systems....Oh yeah forgot...most you guys carry Twin Para's right....dual shoulder rigs no doubt....Me you can bet I'm getting Judge for my car as well as the wife's car!!

Wow, u guys are FUNNY. I wish I was funny.
Anywho, I went to the indoor gun range last month with my son, and he wanted to shoot the .410
shorty Judge so I rented one.
It obliterated large Osama paper targets at 25’ and 50’!
The .410 will do some serious damage! I would say if there were 10 bad guys running at you, and you
unloaded 5 round in their direction at 25 feet,
they would ALL be crawling off dying and bleeding or dead! If you are blind, just point in the direction
of the pitter patter of feet and squeeze the trigger, you will hit something.
This gun will be on the top of the “TO BAN” list.

The name of the gun speaks for itself. Close quarters firing for self defense is what the gun is designed for. I recently purchased one, and I love it. Its fun to shoot,and I dare say, any fool coming up against it at close quarters is a Dam Fool at that. Stagger the rounds with one 410 and one .45LC. One hell of a weapon for personal defense and great for defense weapon in a vehicle against carjackers. Make all the jokes you want, its a fine weapon for what its designed for.

The dumb shit thatshot the humming bird should have it stuck up his ass. MORON HE IS

I would like to know if and when you will have "The Judge" that handles 3" 410 shells?
I am interested in buying a stainless steel "Judge" with a little longer barrel than what I have seen. Please advise as to the availability.


C. Wade Navarre

I don't sell guns here, dude.

This is a political/cultural commentary website.

But I did see a few stainless steel models with 4,5 and 6 inch barrels at the last gun show I attended.

They ALL handle 3" .410s.

I suggest a mental competency test before YOU purchase anything bigger than a Daisy Air Rifle.

And I strongly recommend steel-toed shoes in your particular case regardless of the outcome of that examination.

As polar bear dropped,i reloaded,seeing in my periphrial,the vorpal bunny approaching at a very high rate of warp.Spinning around to attack the pissed off critter,i was downed by a small white baby seal with a club.

Hey guys,
Have you ever thought about shooting a snake that just spooked your horse. Or when you are walking in chest high weeds, you hear the rattle, but don't know where its coming from, and you are carrying a big ass rifle.
I suppose you guys would use a 22 and empty your gun. Give me the short burst of a 410 and just point it in the direction.

why would you want to kill a hummingbird they haven't done nothing to you they are so small . like your brain they should be able to return fire you jack-off

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