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This is LOUSY

                                Oakland schools change head-lice policy

Nits_head_lice_louse_infestation_child_s  OAKLAND, CA - The school district in Oakland, Calif., has decided that the benefits of keeping lice-infested children in school outweigh the risk to other students.

The district has dropped its "no nits" policy, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. In the past, students with head lice were forced to remain home for days or even weeks until the infestation cleared up.

Headlice Proponents of the change say that lice, however unpleasant they may be, do not actually pose a health hazard to children. They also say that children without head lice were sometimes sent home because of misdiagnoses, while lice was often missed in children who actually had an infestation.

Jon Mayer, the principal of Chabot Elementary, said that head lice infestations are far more common this year.

"We're not saying it's a result of the policy, but for some reason it's worse this year," he said. "We're just doing the best we can to educate parents more thoroughly on the issue."  Link


Somebody's out of their mind. This is the dumbest thing I have heard in very long time. Somewhere a lawyer is smiling. There'll be a kid that gets an infection and the school district will be sued back into kindergarten. If I were a teacher in Oakland, I'd be shopping shysters. ACK!


      In case you ever wondered where the term 'nitpicker' came from ...




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Hell, what's a few lice among kids? Ain't no big deal. Share and share alike, right?

So when's San Francisco going to enact a similar idiotic policy??

Jaysus! Do you know what you have to do to get rid of a lice infestation in your house? Burn the sucker down!

This is too stupid. I swear, not a day went by when I taught that I didn't pick up the ubiquitous notice from guidance that some kid was going to be out for a few days - to a week or two for a nice family cruise and to please send all work up to guidance by 10 A.M. Like I planned beyond two days.... oh man, I so hated that. But we all did it all the time to keep the kids up with regular work.

Send the nitwiths home.

Hmmm ... better stock up on Louse-B-Gon, there Bomb.

That'd be a great product, wouldn't it?

This isn't really funny. Think of the all the changing rooms and rest rooms and doctor's office coat racks etc etc etc.

Jerry Brown doesn't give a shit - he ain't got no hair, but there'll be some very pissed off, shall we say, 'residents' of the Tenderloin and North Beach and the Castro, that are already dealing with enough damned bugs and viruses and crabs to then have to deal with this.

The reaction should be ... entertaining.

They'll flip their wigs.

Jerry Brown doesn't give a shit...

You mean Ron Dellums. One idiot was exchanged for another, remember?

Aw, I didn't know.

My condolences.

I guess I'll have to buy the Chron once in awhile.

The last copy I bought WAS the post election edition and it sits there unopened.

Can ya get lice from a newspaper?

Ah yes, great memories! People tend to over-react to head lice among kids -- has NOTHING to do with your hygiene. Use Quell Shampoo and wash the shit out of your bedding, hats, hoods, etc. etc.

Similar to fleas on cats & dogs. You cannot JUST treat the critter, you must exterminate the environment.

I know of NOBODY with 2 or more kids who has excaped them.

I don't know about head lice - but I know a sure fire way to get rid of crabs.

In case anybody is interested.

My kids never had lice.

I just thought of something else they never had. Runny noses.

But Oink is right - lice are equal opportunity suckers.

Nobody wants to know how to get rid of crabs?

I do. How do you get rid of crabs? I know how I get rid of them. I eat them.

"I know of NOBODY with 2 or more kids who has excaped them."- Oink

My mom had three kids- never had any lice in our heads.

I've got three myself- never had any lice.

There, now you know of TWO people with THREE kids that has escaped them.

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