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                             Fla. Deputy Shoots Self Showing Off Gun

Chlorine ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.- A sheriff's deputy showing a handgun to friends at his birthday party accidentally shot himself in the face, killing himself, authorities said Saturday.

Matt Barnes, 26, told guests at the Friday night celebration his .45-caliber revolver was not loaded, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office. He pulled the trigger around 10:30 p.m., authorities said, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Barnes, who had been a deputy for two years, was off duty at the time of the accident. The sheriff's office said alcohol was believed to have been involved.

Barnes' fiancee witnessed the shooting, authorities said.

"It is a tragic, tragic story," Sheriff David Shoar told The St. Augustine Record for Sunday's edition. "He was there with seven or eight friends. Sometime during the evening, he picked up the handgun and was showing it around when it accidentally discharged, killing him."

The shooting remained under investigation.

Grief counselors were helping deputies cope with the loss, Shoar said.  Link


   I am sorry he died. I am sorry he was a cop. I am sorry his fiance saw it happen. I am sorry it was his birthday. Did I mention that I am real sorry? That said - it was a revolver - you can SEE the little bullets in a revolver. He was either too fucking drunk to be playing with guns or too fucking stupid. Either way, I am glad he didn't manage to hurt someone ELSE.

                                                                 Darwin wins again



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I use to do a lot of ocean fishing, off the coast of Eureka (CA).

One of the things you learn no matter how good your "boatsmanship" is, you must always fear the ocean--if you don't, the ocean will get you.

Perhaps the same can be said of guns.............always fear them, respect them..........

I remember a holiday at our place---a guest brought a .357
to target shoot on the property.

We were in a group around the table--he brought out the pistol, said it was "empty"........everybody believed him---
except me----I check the cylinder just for the hell of it--IT WAS EMPTY.......but I must know myself if a gun is empty.


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