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Karl Rove's Bag o' Tricks



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Blog Reaction Roundup!

I fixed it.

Oops, he didn't, but I did.

Rove: "So, Kim...I'll get ya some great new porn .... want some?"

Kim Il: "Oh. So gud. Whut yu wunt for payment?"

Rove: "Nothing much. Blow up one of your nukes why doncha?"

Kim Il: "Ah so... no prolum. I like blow up tings."

Rove: "Great. We have some fanny issues here in the states...."

Kim Il: "Ah...I kno of them. I enjoy fanny issues. Yu send sum on video?"

Rove: "Oh, yeah...sure... they're on their way....Air Force One Special Deelivery."

Kim Il: "No send pervert. Only large brestesses an lushush twats."

Rove: "Right. Anything for that nuke, dude...You got it.... big titties and twats."

Mebbe send nicey Missy Lice too?

If there is no radiation detected, then this was a hoax.

He set off a couple of train cars of TNT in a big hole.

And I will blame Karl Rove for the fallout.

This just in ...

Estimates are the 'nuclear test' was the equivalent of 550 tons of TNT.

If there is no radiation OR satellite varification, it was a hoax.

Just remember - you read it here first.

4.2 on the Richter scale according to USGS

They are backing off that, somewhat. I am hearing 3 and change.

Hell, they have earthquakes all the time in that region of that magnitude.

The Norks said at the very beginning, there was absolutely NO RADIATION leaked.

We have a flying laboratory there, right now.

We have satellites, glued to the area.

If there is no confirmation of a 'nuclear' detonation, then it is hoax.

But ... since we can't say for sure, it accomplishes the same thing.

Pisses the world off, shows the UN for what it is AND scares the votes to the GOP.

All in all, a banner day.

October surprise indeed.

Now we can leave Ben Laden on ice till we REALLY need him.


Oh, I am sure that is next on the agenda.The Democrates are downright frantic to gain control again. It's getting annoying that everything that happens is the fault of the GOP.

Everyone should go here and peruse.

Steel, you might want to check out what Steven Den Beste has up on Chizumatic about this. He thinks it might have been a misfire, since the technology for setting off a plutonium bomb is trickier than a uranium bomb.


At about 9:30 PM on 10/09

Drudge posted that the test was not nuclear.

Further, Bill Gertz is said to be filing a story tomorrow, that claims the explosion was merely the trigger device for a nuclear detonation that failed.

In that report, it said that the triggering device probably consisted of TNT and that was responsible for the seismic event.

I say bullshit.

The explosives necessary for the seismic event would be measured in 100s of tons.

The explosives needed for the trigger would be measured in 100s of pounds.

The article also states that it 'may be impossible' to determine exactly what went wrong or even what happened.

Precisely my point over twenty four hours ago.

The link to the Gertz story is HERE.

Compare that article with THIS.

As the original headline to this post asks ...

How long until the Dems scream foul?


Sorry, Phoenix.

I had to bump this story and you know why.

The siren will scroll down tomorrow.

In the end, they will not be able to create a sophisticted enough device to use without bringing along a bus load of half-wit nuke experts to set it off when it gets to the target. It's all for show folks.

"a bus load of half-wit nuke experts' hahahaha...... okay. Nice oxymoron.....



You had this nailed from the first minute......

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