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Good News

                 SKorean scientists say cancer-killing virus developed

Cancery  South Korean scientists said Thursday they have developed a new genetically altered strain of virus which is highly efficient in targeting and killing cancer cells.

The new therapy developed by the team from Yonsei University uses a genetically-engineered form of the adenovirus, which normally causes colds.

Cancerx The adenovirus was implanted with a human gene that is related to the production of relaxin, a hormone associated with pregnancy.

When injected into cancerous tumors, the virus quickly multiplies in the cancer cells and kills them, the team said.

The new adenovirus can target only cancer cells and does not harm normal cells, the team said.

Medicine_1 Existing viral treatments fail to kill off all the cancerous cells.

"I believe we have found a way to overcome one of the great obstacles to finding a genetically altered viral cure for cancer," Yun Chae-Ok, one of the researchers, told AFP on Thursday.

Following three rounds of injections, more than 90 percent of cancer cells in the brains, liver, lungs and womb of mice disappeared within 60 days, the team said.

Clinical tests will be carried out early next year and last 18 months, Yun said.

The research results were published in the October 18 edition of the prestigious bimonthly Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the United States.  Link


                                                         Maybe there's hope after all.

Hope .


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Don't viruses ... mutate? When I first parsed the headline, it read: North Korean Killer Cancer Virus developed.

Biowar by the NoKo would be so much easier than nukes by them. Perish the thought.

I read about this last year. Not this particular article of success, but about the possibility of it actually working. What great news!


I think the Dumpster Drop will do the North Koreans in. Oh well, at least the starving people can do some diving before they shrivel away to the delight of Dear Leader who is sick of pretending to feed them. Maybe we can get the world's best Blow-Dart Champion to stick him with a little dart full of syphllis. Although, come to think of it....considering his current serious brain damage, he may already have it.

Haven't they just discovered that certain cervical CA is caused by a virus and that they have a vaccine to prevent it?

HPV. That is a virus, STD, and they now have a vaccine that will prevent the virus from turning into cancer. Sufferers of HPV often end up with cancer. They are thinking about giving the vaccine to ALL young girls.

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