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Here is an image just begging for a caption and you people click right by it like it's a big orange cone in a construction zone.

To quote the ever wordly correct Phoenix ...


That's because you fired the judges. It's no fun to play anymore.

Ummm ... I could go into the 'here come da judge' mode or remind you that I don't have the ability to hire and fire around here.

I just find the shit.

Here come da shit.

Nope. You successfully made it clear you did not enjoy the wasted bandwidth on the judges summations. Do not even try to back out of that.

I equate it to you cutting the legs off my cow. Heretofore known as: CTLOMC.

CTLOMC is the sudden usurpation of things Phoenix thinks are funny by Steel who is humor-challenged.

There goes the hardest working bike in all of Mississippi...

Had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with bandwidth.

The godamned images were too fucking big and disturbed my sense of proportion vis a vis the flow of this joint.

And I tried several times to explain how to make images get to be the appropriate size hereon and you just would not listen.

A big assed black faced dairy cow the size of New Jersey in the midst of a couple of thoughtful posts, posts which required much typing and spielcheck I might add, did not look good.

It stuck out there like a godamned HUMVEE on the fucking sidewalk.

In a kiddie park.

On Sunday morning.

Know what I mean?

I know what you mean. You mean that you don't find absurd things funny. I do.

We have a serious disconnect and you have ruined ALL the fun here. Yep.

Like, imagine someone actually scrolling through thoughtful posts and coming upon a gianormous cow like that. I find that to be so funny I can't stand it.

You are a humbug.

And I know that is YOU on that little motorcycle.

When Norm got to the parking lot and stood to go into work, his bike stuck to his ass.

Oh shit. Ya made me piss MY pants.

I'm dyin' here.

Ya wanna know the best caption for this one?

Cue the Steppenwolf music ...

'Rollin' down the highway

Lookin' fer some BUTTER'.


No. This is the funniest..... in the midst of a conversation about why no one is making captions and who ruined Caption This - all in detailed whining, Adjustah comes along and drops this load:

>There goes the hardest working bike in all of Mississippi...<

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA............

Putt butt, putt butt, putt butt.

That's the sound a 2 cycle motor makes under power.






'Do you have recto-minibike-inversion? Try our handy plunger, The BOOPHER.'

'Sturgis Or Bust'

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