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   I feel badly about this sorry episode. I made a racial slur once. I was 14 and I have never forgotten the pain it caused another human being. He had happened to overhear what I had said. He was in tears - and then so was I. And I still tear up a bit when I think about it. I vowed right then, to never harbor such thoughts and have strove to that end, all of my life since. Mel Gibson grew up in time and atmosphere that implanted his bigotry to his core. He has never really had to face it until now. He made a half a billion dollars with the Passion of the Christ, and he could buy a small country and enjoy himself for the rest of his life. He needs no carreer. So, I take him at his word - that he is, indeed, sorry and sincerely wants to make amends. Being drunk is no excuse - but not ever having to face this before IS. He was able to suppress it and the booze ended that ability that night. That he was perceived as some kind of lower case god or icon is the problem of his fans. That he has shown himself to harbor bigotry is his. He should be allowed to demostrate any atonement. It is quite likely that he feels worse about this than any other human. It is quite certain that he will never forget that horrible feeling.


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More powerful than any man-made war machine because it guarantees to keep on killing and killing generation after generation.

As for Mel - nice testimony to our national I.Q. that we are acting like Britain over a celebrity. How embarrassing for us.

I was at a casino in Mississippi (drinks are free, so guess what I was?), and I mentioned to the two chinese youths at the blackjack table, "Why do orientals enjoy baccarat so much? Is it similar to a game played in their homeland or something?"

Hey, did you know that 'oriental' is now a racial slur? The chinese man told me that it was akin to the 'N' word.

Yeah. Even 'Asian' is a slur. I stay safe and just use 'you people'.

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