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Caption This!



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Naw sweetie... it doesn't make your butt look big... your butt IS big.

The green, green ass of home.

[The green, green ass of home.]

LMAO... It doesn't get better than that... Nhahahahahahhhaaa... yer killin' me... You too Greek. But I think Steel's just won his first CT...


Yeah,.... I think my #3 wood should make the hole-in-one just fine if I don't get caught in the ruff.

Oh yeah, now I see it. You really do have a stick up your ass.

Ya know, I always hated the younger Bush, but I'm beginning to see one way we could span the fences that separate our views...

... Screw it... Steel bagged it, if by nothing else than economy of words, always high score in my shallow world...

Sorry, Moze.

I hesitated posting that because I KNEW it would shut the thread down.

I should just keep my mouth shut and more folks would have somethin' to say, huh?

Pfffffffffffft. This is *only* the FIRST CT you've ever nailed.

You smug bastard.

And you ain't gettin' no 'FUCKTON HUZZZAH!'

Not smug.

I know a winner when I see it.

And besides ... the judging was rigged in all the others.

No way was that judging rigged. We had a whole panel of judges. 'Til you quashed them.

See, I betcha you were scrolling, trolling, surfing around last night and came across that picture and 'the green, green ass of home' came to your mind in a nano-second and you decided: 'Boink! I'll make a CT out of this so I can win it. But I better let someone make a caption first so's it won't look like I planned it.' I bet you sat around just waiting and waiting for the first caption.....

hahahahahhahhahahahaaahaahaaha I know it! It took you weeks to learn what making a caption was with the original CT, so I just know this one has you all puffed-up and real proud. I bet you even went out and bought yesef a six-pack for brefas.

hahahahahaha...... I know it I know it I know it....

Do not even lie.

Uh uh, nope, did not.

I found it and posted it with some crappy title about 'neighbors' and realized it would make a good CT.

The caption didn't come to me until later and I decided to keep it to myself.

Until I couldn't stand it anymore.

hahahahahaha.... What a noble chap you are...... 'until I couldn't stand it anymore'... hee refraining from putting your hand down your first girlfriend's panties.


The ass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

"As God is my witness, Martha. If they let that kid cut the f*cking hedges one more time, so help me..."

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