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Hmmm ...



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Hey, Dog, I like your news crawl...Ultra keewl.


Apparently it doesn't look so good on MACs.

I'm debating on whether to keep it when I move the site.

I kinda like it too.

Click on it and you can get it for free.

I used to have a crawl on my screen. I forget what it was called but it was WAY cool. There were over 100 newsfeeds you could select from. Google news crawl.

I get it on my MAC. But because I'm that anachronistic thing called a modem, the reading is soporific. snore..... What I don't get, thank heavens, when I sign on through Safari, is all that black and white tiny writing of news. It's just not here on Safari. If I sign on through AOL, I get it. Yuk. So ugly.

Since I can't play your poll for some reason, I have to comment on it. When will there'll be artificial intelligence? We already have it. Everywhere. There's plenty of it over at The Daily Pundit. I figure any speech that comes out of the orifice of an anal aperture is about as artificial as one can find.

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