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From the Other Side of the World.


Shanghai Greetings from Shanghai!  Great post on Jerusalem Berni.  I won't attempt to match the imagery.  Apparently Shanghai is the new "hip" destination for travelers and wanderers.  At the risk of sounding like an old timer I've been here for 12 years watching the most amazing transformation of a city.  10 years ago, there was no network of elevated highways, no privately owned cars, 25/75 chance that your IDD phone call would get through, and the tallest building is in shadows today. The modern skyline across the river from the 1900's skyline was a field of weeds in 1990, it now could be mistaken for Minneapolis. This is a city of intense energy, vibrant, corrupt, beautiful, yet safe.  A step out the door at any time is full of free visual entertainment.

                   From a comment from Kevin in Shanghai.


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