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Picture THIS - Mohammed

   Mohammed Cartoons Reprinted; Row Deepens

M1 Muslims are turning up the heat and threatening boycotts over cartoons depicting Islam's prophet, Mohammed, following a decision by a second media outlet in Scandinavia to publish the caricatures.

A Norwegian Christian paper, Magazinet, this month reprinted a series of "Mohammed" cartoons that caused an uproar after first appearing in Denmark's largest circulation daily, Jyllands-Posten, last September.

Magazinet said it decided to print the 12 sketches in a show of support for Jyllands-Posten and to highlight the freedom of speech issue.

The Danish paper attributed its original decision to publish the pictures to a desire to test the limits of free speech. Since then, it has received death threats, heavy criticism from Islamic organizations and governments.

    The 12 Faces of Mohammed for your viewing pleasure ...   


Mohammed Cartoons Reprinted; Row Deepens

By Patrick Goodenough

( - Muslims are turning up the heat and threatening boycotts over cartoons depicting Islam's prophet, Mohammed, following a decision by a second media outlet in Scandinavia to publish the caricatures.

A Norwegian Christian paper, Magazinet, this month reprinted a series of "Mohammed" cartoons that caused an uproar after first appearing in Denmark's largest circulation daily, Jyllands-Posten, last September.

Magazinet said it decided to print the 12 sketches in a show of support for Jyllands-Posten and to highlight the freedom of speech issue.

"Just like Jyllands-Posten, I have become sick of the ongoing hidden erosion of the freedom of expression," wrote Magazinet Editor Vebjoern Selbekk.

The Danish paper attributed its original decision to publish the pictures to a desire to test the limits of free speech. Since then, it has received death threats, heavy criticism from Islamic organizations and governments, and expressions of concern by the U.N. human rights commissioner.

A U.N. rapporteur on "contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance" has asked the Danish government for a formal explanation of its stance by this week.

Jyllands-Posten Editor Carsten Juste told Magazinet last weekend that the nature of the response to the publication showed just how necessary the debate was.

Magazinet, too, quickly found itself the recipient of emailed threats, including death threats. Another Norwegian paper, Dagbladet, has also published the cartoons online, although others in the country have criticized the decision.

One of the cartoons shows "Mohammed" with his eyes blacked out, carrying a curved dagger and flanked by women wearing burqas. Another has him wearing a turban shaped like a bomb, complete with lit fuse.

In a third picture, the points of a crescent moon peeking out from behind the subject's head take on the appearance of horns.

Muslims consider blasphemous any image purporting to be that of Mohammed.

Following the cartoons' appearance in Norway, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), a grouping of 57 Muslim or mostly Muslim states, issued a new statement on the row, warning that the move could trigger acts of violence.

OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said publication of the sketches was "misguided" and "Islamophobic," and went beyond freedom of expression.

"They violate international principles, values and ethics enshrined in the various resolutions and declarations of the United Nations."

Ihsanoglu, a Turk, said the caricatures would "play [in]to the hands of extremists and create backlashes by alienating masses."

The OIC expected Christian and Jewish leaders to take a public stand on the issue.

He also argued that the OIC position should not be "misrepresented" and seen to be contrary to democratic principles.

In other reaction, a Danish Muslim body is planning to take the Jyllands-Posten newspaper to the European Court of Human Rights after attempts to bring a legal challenge in Danish courts ran into difficulties.

Muslim leaders in the country have spoken of the need to "internationalize" the issue, and the strategy has shown some success. Apart from strongly worded statements from the OIC and the Arab League, other Muslim groups are promoting boycotts of Danish and Norwegian products and activities.

The International Union for Muslim Scholars said in a statement on Saturday that if authorities in Denmark and Norway do not "take a firm stance against these repeated insults to the Muslim nation," it would urge millions of Muslims across the world to support a boycott.

The body is chaired by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, a prominent and controversial Egyptian cleric who has called Palestinian suicide bombings against Israelis justifiable "martyrdom operations."

Saudi Arabia's Arab News reports that a campaign is underway in the kingdom to boycott Danish products until the country's government issues a formal apology.

Muslims angered by the cartoons' publication have been frustrated by the authorities' hands-off approach.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier refused to meet with a delegation of diplomats from 11 Islamic nations to discuss the matter. He explained that he had no power -- and wanted no power -- to restrict freedom of the press in Denmark.

In a New Year speech to his nation, Rasmussen took a conciliatory line, stressing the importance of protecting free speech but also saying it should be exercised in a way that does not incite hatred or cause splits in the community. Unusually, the address was translated into Arabic this year.

Muslims account for about 3 percent of Denmark's 5.4 million, mostly Lutheran Protestant, population. In Norway, around 1.5 percent of the 4.6 million people are Muslims.

Last month, a top Norwegian security expert warned that it was only a matter of time before Islamic terrorists launched attacks in Scandinavian countries, which he said were attractive to radicals because of their liberal reputations.



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>Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier refused to meet with a delegation of diplomats from 11 Islamic nations to discuss the matter. He explained that he had no power -- and wanted no power -- to restrict freedom of the press in Denmark.<

Got that? Good.

You have to ashame yourselves.PLEASE respect to people who is muslims.I curse you all...

God bless you,May ALLAH forgive you all one day....

Yoo hoo, Nur.... This might be why we don't respect you:

>PLEASE respect to people who is muslims.I curse you all...<

Got that? Good.

Okay guys! We are helpless to say anything except to boycott your products, but be sure that GOD Alimighty is preparing a surprise for you! Praying GOD to put you all in heaven and take you up and down with earthquakes!!

Oh lord, the creator of mankind, the heavens, the earth, the stars Oh Allah, we are helpless, please take these criminals up down! Give the most punishment they deserve... How dare you animals to talk about a person who changed the world with light! Who made millions of people live like human beings...

A muslim...

'Boycott our products Akbar'?

What pray tell, do YOU manufacture in Jordan?

Besides Islamofascists and goatherds that is?

Your puny prophet brought NOTHING to this world but pain and suffering. His people live in camel dung to this day. They dream of returning to a time a thousand years past. What kind of dream is THAT?

Join the 21st century or be annihilated Akbar.

And we are just the people to do that.

Save your pitiful prayers for yourself. They have done nothing for you to this point and will do nothing to save you and yours if you do not stop your religion from being bastardized by messianic maniacs.

On a personal note ... Go fuck yourself.

You know what? you are bastard
you and your nation who need to be annihilated because of your messiness.
you are a real duny

Ayman ...

In the interests of world peace, why don't you chill out and go make yourself a ham sandwich.

Can't we all just get along?

"On a personal note ... Go fuck yourself
You In invited us -as muslims-to join the 21est century and you could not even behave yourself
this is your believe in the 21est century`s morality

In THIS parallel universe on THIS planet - enjoining 'curses' and ranting maniacal religious claptrap is no longer tolerated.

I do indeed invite you to THIS day and age.

Abide by the rules and you will always be welcome.

Cause trouble and you will be annihilated.

Simple really - even YOU should be able to understand.

"Your puny prophet brought NOTHING to this world but pain and suffering. His people live in camel dung to this day."

camel dung?
Have you ever visited an arab country and personally witnessed how people live?
what do you know about our prophet to make the bold claim that he bought nothing but pain and suffering? Our prophet, just like Jesus and Moses preached forgiveness and peace. If you refuse to read a decent book about his life and disregard the image that your media gives about us, don't balme us for your illeteracy.
Before you invite us to the 21st century( that you assume for some reason that we don't live in), assure yourself that Msulims whom you treat with utter disrespect will never publish such blasphemous images of Jesus whom we truly respect.

MSP ...

Item. There 109 verses of the Q'ran advocating and demanding violence on the infidel.

Item. The Bible is illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Item. Young Christian girls are being beheaded on their way to school by Muslims in Indonesia.

Item. Islam subjugates and persecutes women.

Item. All who do NOT embrace Islam are infidels and shall be destroyed - so speaks Allah.

You go fuck yourself too.

Bravo Steel!
What these fleas do not realize is they are in America. They come here to prosper on the riches available, yet they have no desire to conform. They send their families who collect the social benifits of our people and then they tell us how wrong we are.

Note to Mohammed followers;
fuck off. Yeah baby, that's the american way, I do not have to nor will I believe in your false god's. We are a government founded on Christianity and you won't be changing that anytime soon, at least not without a fight. If you can not conform to our way, pack your ass up and move. If you choose to stay, you will have to stop being a cry baby.


The chat room is OPEN.

Pasword is 'howdy'.

Any Muslims out there that need an attitude adjustment - BRING IT ON.

To the fucking SIN you are a real sin
you didn`t know that you can access to the internet from any where in the earth
Before I was asking my self why Mohammed Atah did what he did now I realized that it is a shame that all fucking American to be human
go fuck Steel and fuck yourself bastard

Sudan ...

I don't care WHERE you are Akbar. You could be right here in the same room with me and I'd tell you the same as I am going to tell you now ...

Besides being a religious zealot (which is a BAD thing, in case you don't know), you are also a MORON. You actually expect me to believe this is a 'new found' hatred? You just acquired this new found hatred from reading MY words? HAHAHAHA, you're also a comedian.

I am going to go out on a limb (a phrase we Americans often use to describe taking a 'risk'), and guess you are from Sudan. I have tools that would allow me to send to you an aerial photo of your house, but frankly, I don't a rat's ass about YOU or where you are from. I only bring this up, because the last time I looked, Sudan does not PRODUCE anything but goat shit and pirates. And the current market on pirates is fast shrinking. I suppose there will always be a market for goat shit as long as there are fanatical Muslims.

Here's is a little piece of advice. If you wish for your children to live and prosper, you will reject your dreams of a Caliphate and learn how to do something besides raise goats and hijack ships of women and old men. Maybe ... learn how to PRODUCE enough FOOD to eat.

If you don't, well Akbar, your generation will be the LAST generation of maniacal, messianic, moronic Muslims.

You DO have a dictionary don't you?

BTW. Go fuck yourself.

Sudan ...

It has been brought to my attention that Somalia is the place of pirates and is not to be confused with Sudan.

My bad.

YOUR country only produces goat shit and famine.

Almost gave you an undeserved promotion huh?

BTW. Ditto.

I asked SIN to fuck you steel, I hope he did
let me start from the end of your last post
Indeed I do not have dictionary and It is too hard for me to wirte in your fucking languge because I hate it as I hate you and your fucking nation but because you are so... you can not understand any languge besides what fucking mam tought you
concerning rasing goats yes I am rasing goats because I could not find any fucking American nearby to raise them.
Of course am not in your room and I do not know where you are but believe me I am not in your fucking country, I am here waitting for your aerial photo my baby. Do you know where sudan is? you can check in the internet and I can help you do not go to check in asian countries it is in Africa.
After SIN finish fucking you go fuck him bastard

I take it things are a bit .. slow there in Sudan.

Maybe after you learn how to feed yourselves, you can get some entertainment. Television is always fun.

I especially like the Food Network.

Every hear of Emeril? Great White Chef.

You could learn a lot from him. Like how to cook something besides rocks and tree bark.

His secret to cooking?

PORK FAT RULES!, which loosely translated means - go fuck yourself.

After SIN finish fucking you go fuck him bastard

Posted by: Sudan | Jan 30, 2006 7:02:45 PM

Heh. No wonder the world is producing cartoons. You people are fucking insane.
And just for the record, I am female. But I would fuck your wife,if you give her a bath first.

After SIN finish fucking you go fuck him bastard

Posted by: Sudan | Jan 30, 2006 7:02:45 PM

Heh. No wonder the world is producing cartoons. You people are fucking insane.
And just for the record, I am female. But I would fuck your wife,if you give her a bath first.

"I have tools that would allow me to send to you an aerial photo of your house,"
In 1998 American army used the same tech.and they focused what they called " nuclear weapon factory" in khartoum-sudan, can you imagine? even you who know nothing you said we are very poor and this the only truth you said. Anyhow, Americans fucking army destroyed it then they come to realize it is only A MEDICINE FACTORY producing only tablets for Malaira and headache. THIS IS AMERICAN FUCKING ARMY
This is why I do request you if you focused my house do not shoot it because maybe you will destory KHARTOUM BAHARI EDUCATIONAL HOSPITAL. This is the tech. you proud of, this is the army you proud of, this is the country you proud of, FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

SIN I am very sorry for this truble mistake, but you said"fuck off. Yeah baby, that's the american way,"
ower ladys are very polite they will never ever say like these words, this why I thought you are a fucking guy.
anyhow, it is very nice now FUCK YOU because we are real human we do like to fuck female not male


Interesting concept. Let me see if I understand. You actually subject yourselves to classes in ... diagnosis and surgery?

It's a wonder there's anybody left alive.

You seem ... tense. Perhaps you need an aspirin - oh, sorry ... nevermind.

I sense a pre-occupation with 'fucking' and I'll go out on another limb here and guess you are a MALE. That's an easy assumption to make, because Sudanese women would not be using the computer THAT would interfere with goatherding.

Now, assuming you ARE a MALE, I think it only fair to tell you that I too, am a MALE. All this 'FUCK, FUCK, FUCK'is misplaced. I like women.

Not that I have anything against you being homosexual.

I probably would lean that way myself if all the women smelled like goats.

As I said before - go fuck yourself. (Can't be any worse than some guy's asshole or a woman reeking of goat)

Steel, you're my hero!
good stuff.

I just found out about all this nonsense the muslims
are throwing a fit about these images yet how many of these
shit heads are doing anything about the radicals that blow
themselves up and kill innocent people in the name allah?

Any muslims who read my comments and throw a fit about those images I think you need to do something about YOUR people so we don't make images like that.

Your people strap explosives onto their bodies and step on buses and walk into restraunts and blow themselves up in the name of allah.
Your people hurt and maim innocent humanitarians.
Your people do not understand the diffrence between government decisions and those of the people.
Your people seem to lack this one major trait the rest of the world has learned and it's called "distinction"
if you don't know what it means please go here

So instead of being mad about some images you need to start
talking to your fellow muslims about their methods of seeking
Stop blowing yourselves up. there are no virgins waiting for your.
why do you think your leaders haven't done it?

Yes I know very well FUCK is misplaced and it is shame to be mentioned this way. This is the morality
we grown with.
actually I did borrow it from you and SIN said this Americans way of speaking. so am speaking your languge.
I believe if I speak in polite way you -as american- will not be attention but when I start a message with FUCK it will draw your attention,cause you are ladies ass slave.
Go kiss SIN`s
you didn`t know what"'KHARTOUM BAHARI EDUCATIONAL HOSPITAL'means, becase your knowledge is"FUCKING ONLY"

Sudan ...

I am worried about you. This fixation you have with 'FUCK' may cause problems for you and your people. It could lead to having too many children and not enough food to feed them. It could also cause an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases - like HIV/Aids.

Far be it for me to tell anyone else how to live their lives, but I sure don't want to see you run into those problems, so my best advise to you is - GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

To the wise guy SON
(I think you need to do something about YOUR people so we don't make images like that).
Do you think by this images you are forcing these people to stop what they are doing? you do not think such images provoking some extremers -who can be found in any religion- and they come to do what is nobody can stop, even the high-tech. you are claiming to have.
Then you come to blame all muslims regardless who they are, this the "justice" you are talking about. If you think these people can not distinguish between the government decisions from that of the people why didn`t you go and push your government to change its policy towards those people instead of drowing like this images, you do have democracy,don`t you?
Do not stick in my poor English this only way to communicate with one-way minded people
I do not want to send to you the Steel`s beloved expression.


Odd that you can be so angered by mere images and still ignore the hatred spewed by your Imams.

IF you truly desire peace and prosperity, it is then YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to both renounce and punish the perpetrators of violence who do so in the name of Islam.

Until the day you do this - you will be as guilty as they in their terrorism.

All Muslims must destroy the Wahabes. Completely.

ALL Muslims must renounce ALL violence, condemn ALL religious fanatics and vow to live in peace with Jews and Christians alike upon the soul of your prophet.

Do this - there will be peace.

Do NOT do this - you and all like you will perish.


Now, I ask you to make that choice here and now.

Swear it upon the soul of your prophet.

Otherwise ... you know what I suggest you do with yourself.

How you dare to say "mere images" it shows ower beloved prophet (peace be upon him) as terrorist. Do you know how much do all muslims like him, it is forbiden in islamic religion to draw any images of any prophet Mohammed, Jesus or Moses (peace be upon them all).
If you first consider it and the muslims` feeling in general, it will be a great step towards the global peace.
Please do not put in your mind that ower Imams who spread hatred, no it is not true at all.
What we do not like all is the west policy in the middle-east and in all muslim countries the innocents have been killed in Iraq in Afghanistan in Shishan in the Palestinian land..... and so on.
the muslim can not put with such policy and you, who can change it.

Sudan ...

I KNEW you could NOT be honest.

Let me put it this way.

We in the West are very tired of hearing about suicide bombers. We grow weary of your hatred of Jews. We have reached our limit of tolerance for your efforts to use oil as a weapon.

We do not care what you think, feel or believe. We have enough nuclear weapons to kill every man, woman, child and living creature on this planet.

You do not. Nor will we allow you to obtain them. If you do not behave we will annihilate you. POOF and you will be dust.

You are in NO position to dictate to US. You are puny, uneducated, ill-mannered, miserably poor by virtue of your own inability to produce anything of consequence and your disdain for work is the butt of jokes around the world.

You waste your lives ranting against the Jews and the West, when you could be feeding your children. Listen carefully - if it was not for the West YOU and YOUR people would STARVE. If we do not buy oil from you - you will STARVE. You have no power. You will do as we wish or you will STARVE.

Unless of course, you REALLY anger us and then you will be vaporized. Ashes. Your ashes mixed with the ashes of your goats blowing in the wind.

Change or Die is YOUR choice.

All Muslims must make that choice very soon, our patience grows thin.

You are one small button away from meeting your prophet.

Steel, not to mention they bow like 5 times to mecca 5 times a day... thats 25 bows in a day over 30 days.
damn who has time to learn anything when allah demands you bow so damn much.
Wait if they're bowing so much why do they even care if their womans face and hair is showing? not like they have THAT much time in between getting on their knees making sure they're facing the right direction, bowing, praying, getting back up and cleaning their knees to appreciate or worry someone else is appreciating her looks.

Sudan so answer me this, how is the muslim religion better than
any others when it demands so much from its people?
fasting, bowing, cover your women up.
sounds damn near like slavery.

But how is Sudan even able to take the time to translate and speak english?
I got it... he's sinning! he's skipping a bowing session just to deal with us infidels.
shame shame!

Oh and Sudan, those 12 images are NOT from the land of sam.
some Danes from denmark did it.
again proof you're an idiot.

If images like that spark some people to strap c4 to their bodies, again proof muslims are idiots.

No lets face it sudan, your people are raised on ancient values in a modern age and it's hindering your growth and ability to accept diffrences in the world.
Allah teaches you that you are the center of the world and the fact you are not and can have your lands turned to glass pisses you all off.
The fact infidels can walk into your lands and take over with not even a 10th of the casualties you can't help but wonder
"has allah abandoned us?"
fyi, allah was just a man just like jesus christ and the only supreme power is that made by free minds with little restrictions and that my poor goatherding friend is something you muslims will never have until you learn how to seperate religion from state.

I will however quote steel.

oops, meant to say the prophet mohammed was just a man. heh
I was on such a roll I made a mistake!

Here are some interesting articles on Islam that I found. Did you know that 65 percent of all the rapes against non muslim women in Norway are perpetrated by MUSLIM MEN?

Muslims tend to forget that other people are NOT muslim. They tend to forget that the rest of us are NOT governed by a backwards religious state. They forget that we have FREEDOM of speech and that with freedom of speech some people are going to get their feelings hurt.

IN a religious state the people have no freedoms other than those granted by the religion, they do not know how to navigate life outside the strict religious boundaries, they forget that not everyone believes like they do.

FACT: I am not a Muslim.

Fact: I NEVER want to be a Muslim or a Christian, OR a Jew.

FACT: in my country I have that FREEDOM

FACT: I have freedom of speech. And I can say I have a tattoo of the pedophile Mohammed on my ass and tell you to kiss it, and while it may be insensitive, there is NOTHING against the law, NOTHING legally anyone can do about it.

FACT: Muslims confuse secular law with religious law because they have never lived in a secular state.

FACT: come to the U.S. and toss acid in the faces of American women who don't wear veils and see how long your sorry asses will last.

FACT: American Muslims have had to adapt to living under secular law, we aren't changing our constitution for them OR our laws. (Unlike PUSSY CANADA flirting with allowing Sharia law in some towns).

FACT: In some parts of France non-veiled women face attack,and sharia law has been instituted and the PUSSY FRENCH sit back and take it.

FACT: there will come an end to this stupid tolerance beyond reason. IT is NOT a Muslim's right to attack me because I don't believe like he does. WE will not take this shit forever.

FACT: aside from Saudi Arabia/Kuwait there is NOT ONE SINGLE Islamic state that is prospering to the level of non religious states. They ARE goat-herders, and will REMAIN goat-herders until they can learn to get along with the rest of the DAMMED WORLD, and we will keep bombing their asses into the last century until they make an effort.

WHO wants to get along with or even TRUST an entire religious population which claims it has the god given right to kill everyone else?

ISLAM, grow up, cast off the old, give up the bombs and the hate, accept secular govermental rule, keep your religion to YOURSELF and learn to get along with the rest of us because if you do not, you are not going to be able to PUSH US much longer.

Good stuff burkabound.

I just feel sorry for the kids and women.
There is a whole new world out there and it's time to step
into it.
Hell look at india, old world but they've learned to seperate
matters of state and religion.
hehe, just for arguments sake I downloaded a hindi flick..
way too much song and dance but the fact they do kiss now on screen and actually do adultery scenes (well they get into bed together and then it cuts to the next day)
but still INDIA.. even they have stepped into the future much to the dismay of many IT professionals!

so come on islam, take a hint.
put down the C4, remove your womens burka's, cut the mecca bowing to when you wake up and before you go to sleep and get a computer and join the rest of the 'civilized' world.
it's not that hard, India and china are doing it and they have
as much religious history as you muslims do.

oh and go fuck yourself!

"we will keep bombing their asses into the last century until they make an effort."..... burkabound.

"we have enough nuclear weapons to kill every man, woman, child and living creature on this planet"....Steel


"We in the West are very tired of hearing about suicide bombers"......Steel

To the stupid SON.. I hope the picture is clear for you now.
GO.... (American way)


Of course I know this images not from America
Go and read the early posted posts you will find that I did not mean any nation but I came to realize that the people who writting here are Americans and they are defending this idea
Even you I do not know your mother PROSTITUTE from which country.

Sure Sudan, and they're justified cause

"ERUSALEM Jan 19, 2006 — A suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded pedestrian mall near Tel Aviv's old central bus station Thursday, and at least 10 people were wounded, police said."

"In Iraq - At least 40 people have died after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shiite shrine in the holy city of Karbala. 50 people were also wounded. Iranian pilgrims were among the casualties."

oh and Sudan, this is my personal favorite..
really shows how stupid you guys are.

"BBC News
The mother of the first female Palestinian suicide bomber has said she is proud of her daughter and hopes more women will follow her example."

Sudan, you're defending a faith and way of thinking that doesn't deserve it.
Lets face it, no religion is commiting more human rights autrocities than the muslim faith.

Saddam Hussein kills thousands of his country men
yet we accidentally kill a few innocents not even reaching a hundred but you dumbasses only focus on that fact.
not that now iraq can have its own government, not that iraqi's don't have to worry about going to prison and being executed cause one is a shiite and the other is a suuni

ooohhhh nooo leave it to a dumb ass muslim to focus on the fact
we killed a few innocents when taking down a dictator.
He kills thousands and we're the bad guys.
well news flash, america helped him TO power so it's our right to take him FROM power.

I know you're going to find it hard to believe your faith has alot of flaws and that your people's average iq isn't over 80 (just enough to eat sleep shit reproduce and use a russian ak-47 and strap on foreign c4)
but it's the truth!


apparently the French (at least a few of them) reached down and found their balls! They are right, religious DOGMA has no place in secular society and freedom of speech and expression should ALWAYS rule in democratic societies.

After reading some of the Insensitive Blog entries posted by Burkabound I am convinced that the reason Islamic states cannot rise above poverty level is because the men are so worried about murdering and raping women who show their faces that they cannot concentrate on anything else!

Too bad they cannot join the rest of the world in understanding that religious states never prosper.

I have no problem with Muslims practicing their religion as long as they abide by the laws of the secular state, even when they do not agree with them; it is part of the rights and responsibilities of all good citizens. The Mormons found out real fast how secular law works, and ditched their polygymous doctrine in order to be accepted into mainstream society.

It's time for Muslims to stop imposing their religious sensibilities on the rest of the world, and remember that if Mohammed were alive today, he'd be in jail or on website listed as a sexual predator and child molestor.

(Aisha, ONE of Mohammed's wives was six when he was betrothed to her and 9 when he consumated the marriage..and even today Muslim men brag about Mohammed's sexual prowess.)

oOo..prbbly ure wndrn wot tha fck is dis..! dummy! Cant ya c its ur asshole & it seems 2 be drafted..dont knw wot happend 2 ya buddy..maybe ya had an accident..OR..GOT FCKD BY SOME1s COCK..cuz u seems 2 have a pro inur ass!Btch!brb
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i'ma spit ta my very last breath - Fuck y'all! (((except muslims)))


When the Day OF judgment has come, you Danish will know the ultimate truth about you being wholly mistaken.

I’m another Dane, and the questions below have been nagging me.
• Why do people who believe in gods feel that they have a greater right to be offended than us people who mainly believe in humans?
• Why do some people think that the Danish government (and indeed the Danish nation and every danish citizen) have anything to do with this? Let alone have the power to apologize for these drawings, if apologies should be issued?
• Someone (Moslems, I guess) has burned the Danish flag on the West Bank. Is it okay if we say that this offends me to no end, and so we’re even? Or should the Palestinian government apologize to Danish patriots everywhere?
• What if Jyllands-Posten comes out and says “nah nah, fooled you, that wasn’t Mohammed, it was drawings of the Taoist deity Lao Tzu”? Or: “Yes it was a guy named Mohammed, but not the prophet”?
• What if there’s a religion somewhere that worships the Half-Moon, and has a rule that a drawing of the Half-Moon is a blasphemy?
• I’m a believer. I believe strongly in equal rights for the sexes. Sex-based discrimination offends me. Should the Saudi government apologize to me?
• Why hit on Jyllands-Posten - have you ever tried to google “prophet mohammed”? There’s loads of material out there to get you offended, if you get off on being offended.
• What should be done to the Danish artist who, ten years ago, made a movie portraying Jesus getting drunk and having wild sex?
• yup… maybe Jyllands-Posten didn’t need to print those drawings, and you shouldn’t provoke anybody for no good reason, and we should all just get along, and etc etc. But will the offended Moslems please calm down and start acting like grown-ups? If Allah is really displeased with Jyllands-Postens editors, he will punish them in the after-life, right?

from The Electric Quaker

Saif-allah-almaslool ...

Aside from being a moron and an idiot, your command of English approaches that of a mongrel dog.

Your capacity to reason does not even rise to THAT standard.

It's not often I am confronted by such sheer stupidity, and I thank you for reminding me just how imbecilic humans can be.

And while I'm at it - go fuck yourself.

bwa hahahahah the prophet mohammed was a pedophile!!!!
he like that kinder pr0n!
thats cause he like every other muslim, can't handle a real woman with tig ole biddies and some fur.

thats probably why they cover their women up, cause they don't look like little girls anymore.

Oh hey muslims, I found something for ya guys

I guess I'm coming kinda' late to the party, but compare...

[I curse you all...]

[[P]lease take these criminals up down! Give the most punishment they deserve... How dare you animals to talk about a person who changed the world with light! Who made millions of people live like human beings...]

[You know what? you are bastard you and your nation who need to be annihilated because of your messiness. you are a real duny]

[Before I was asking my self why Mohammed Atah did what he did now I realized that it is a shame that all fucking American to be human...]

[...concerning rasing goats yes I am rasing goats because I could not find any fucking American nearby to raise them...]


[Assure yourself that Msulims [sic] whom you treat with utter disrespect will never publish such blasphemous images of Jesus whom we truly respect.]
~A Msulim [sic] Seeking Peace

My gut has always told me that the essentially U.S. Freedom of Religion is a central focus of this World War.

The concept of Freedom of Religion, a concept that allows a belief in no God, or of humans as "Apes with attitudes," is as much an anathema to Islam as it is to Christianity...

The central problem of this World War is not what you believe, but how you believe.

I am a Christian. I believe in God.

Steel doesn't.

Yet, Steel is welcome to the heat of my campfire and what ever is cooking thereon. When he walks into my camp, I will stand to welcome him. This is not merely Freedom of Religion, nor simple human decency. It is trust. Until the day he gives me reason to do otherwise, I call him "friend."

Despite 9/11, I cut most Muslims slack. I think the dogma driving al Qaeda and other forms of Islamic terrorism is a form of evil that does not typify the devout Muslim.

That said, were a Muslim to walk into my camp, he or she would come upon a modest fire tended by no one.

Unlike he who posted before me, I will no longer cut any
middle east residents rant and moan about america and its power and freedom and how we allow what they will not.
Yet they are so fucking busy bowing and praying to someone
5 times a day they barely get a days worth of work done in a week.

I have a friend who is married to a muslim and it makes me sick.
I listen to her rant and rave about the jewish whom I grew up with most of my life and it pisses me off to no end.
but heh, score one for the white guys.. you hear that?
theres a white guy fucking one of your women and she was a virgin to boot!.

I am not jewish but I am not very religious either.
But I do believe the nation of islam has far more issues than the average muslim is willing to admit.
instead of facing facts and dealing with their own issues they would rather form terrorist groups and in the name of a holy war kill innocent people and say america made them do it.

instead of facing the new world and doing what we as free people did (innovate, get out and make business and make friends, remember japan? we beat that fucking door down and Mccarthy didn't fire a single shot)
while we haven't always gone about things the best way
in the end america does more in humanitarian aid and knowledge exchange than most other countries in the world.

There is a reason america is the last super power, and its our ability to put our diffrences aside to make a diffrence.

when will islamic countries learn to do that?

Oh and if that previous images disturbed you guys..
then choke on this

oh and go fuck yourselves!

"I’m a believer. I believe strongly in equal rights for the sexes. Sex-based discrimination offends me. Should the Saudi government apologize to me?"

Okay, Poenix in Denmark you are eatting pork and drinking alcohol did we -as muslim- ask you to apologize to us, because it forbiden in islamic religion?
you know why we do not ask you?
Beacuse we respect your privacy, even this images if you draw them in your note, in your wall-paper, if you make a tattoo in your body and you said this Mohammed it is up to you while you are not musilum in nonmuslim country this is your freedoum. If you draw images like these and you published them in world-wide newspaper, I will not ask you to apologize I will ask you to be punished.
Yes, there is freedoum in your country but for the things concerning YOU not others.
In my religion it is forbiden for me to see any images of any Prophet and now you are drawing these images and you spread it over the world, why you are forcing my to see this images, all Prophets have a great privacy and one of their privacy that they should not be drawn this is my believe, you have to consider it, you will say it is up to you do not buy the newspaper then again you forced me not to buy something suppose to be puplic and this is not freedoum,do you agree?

Sudan ...

Don't look.

Don't learn.

Don't think.

Don't grow.

And don't expect to live to see the day your ways will be accepted by any human with half a brain.


i am an iranian teenager who has been taught to respect others beliefs while expressing my own ones.
i am not a muslim but i live with people who are muslims.
as far as i am concerned while a person doesnt respest others he/she shouldnt expect them to respect him/her.
in my opinion if nations want to live peacfuly they do need to understan how far they can criticise a religion.
insulting sth is totally different from speaking freely about it.

shafagh kamkar ...

YOUR comment is THE MOST intelligent statement made thus far on this thread.

I thank you for that.

You will go far in this world, providing we don't blow it up before you get old.

Please come back to this site often. It is within YOU that a future for us all may reside.

Qoute: Our prophet, just like Jesus and Moses preached forgiveness and peace

Then listen to him instead of killing innocent people, or most of you will end up in your own hell. I don't understand you abuse even your own rules. Are all muslims stupid???


This is a personal question, and I will understand if you don't wish to change the tone of this thread by answering it, but: Would you put on a belt of explosives and detonate yourself in a group of Jews or in a group of Iraqi policemen? If not, would you set up an IED near a group of Jews or near a group of Iraqi policemen?

You guys are hilarious and so true. Muslims think were infidfals and blasphemous because we respect our woman and others rights. They forget that the U.S.Army that so effectively kicked there ass (they had to catch them to do it cause they tend to run like scarred little girls when actually faced with something more menacing than a unveiled woman, unarmed reporter or politicians that don’t share there sick and fanatical views) was made up of Americans descended from people who immigrated to this great nation from all over the world, Including Arabs.

Even little kids know that sticks and stones will break bones but words (And Pictures) will never harm them. They most seem to think that we want to be over there playing cop or referee for a bunch of dysfunctional fanatics who can’t even get along with other Muslims. Christians don’t kill Catholics, but Shites and Sunnis kill each other.

No wonder so many Americans would rather make glass and start from scratch. Hell, afterwards all the uptight Muslims in Europe can go back home and try again. That might make room for the French Canadians to go back to.

Unfortunately the only way to solve the problem is wipe out the fanatics and pray we can educate those that are left. Hell as much as the fucks cry holy war maybe which should justify there claims and start crucifying the sick fucks. That couldn’t be worse then sawing off an innocent mans head then broadcasting over the internet.

A couple of captured terrorist on crosses outside of Baghdad might send a message to not fuck with us.

They think were weak all they need to do is actually go thru with there terrorist claims in the US, dead and dying American woman and children would even shut up the bleeding heart liberals then it would be gloves off.

Look what we did the the Japs when they really pissed us off.


Oh I almost forgot go fuck youself and the camel you rode in on.

Steel. This is some hilarious/frightening shit. I think the economic state of the middle east is the most troubling point in this. They should attribute their massive oil reserves as being sent from Allah as a way to bring their way of life into the twenty first century with modern economics and secular law. I really sympathize with the point made in the state of the union address as to how America needs to cut off its oil dependancy and invest in new fuels i.e. ethanol. I'd say that the only pull the middle east has over western civilization is oil, and that looks to be coming to and end. Perhaps some good will come out of this Iraq war and chaos in the middle east, and I can't believe I am saying this, but Iraq might become something of a stronghold over there, and at the very least repay America in oil. Maybe ten years down the road we won't even have any major interest in that part of the world save human rights.

I will be the first to admit that I am not as educated as I could be as far as isam is concerned, but if they get so fired up over a cartoon they need to loosen their belts a notch or two. I saw a t-shirt on the web with "What Would Jesus Do For A Klondike Bar" and although it might get some poeples panties in a bunch, I don't think that anyone would call my mother a prostitute over it, or tell me to go fuck myself because they disagree with my display of the freedom of speech or the freedom of religion.

Is it me or do the above muslims seem to put too much faith in their god. To date, I haven't found anything to put that much faith in except for myself and my education.

Damn Will!

You are wise beyond your years young man.

We'll need a presence there if for no other reason than to protect Israel.

I'm not too worried about oil myself. Canada has plenty to last this hemisphere for centuries.

It is high time we weaned ourselves from all that 'easy' oil in the Middle East.

Your faith is NOT misplaced Will. You will do well in this world.

It'd good to know there are young people with some smarts coming up. Makes my life and the lives of all those who have gone before worth something.

Hey ... gimme a call and I'll make some enchiladas amigo.

Welcome to the party Will.
Good stuff.

I would like to hear from Sudan.

Okay folks ...

I have had this blog for just over a year now, and NEVER have I EVER deleted ANY comments.

Last night, I did that.

Will, I took ours out because they were not really germane to the topic AND because the other half of this blog said she thought I should.

Smart lady Will, you'll meet her sometime. She can kick my ass and that's saying something huh?

Son of Uncle Sam ... I cherish your fervency. A guy like you who takes no prisoners is always a friend of mine.

That said, I couldn't leave that link to that image on here.

As Moze said, I AM an atheist. Have been for longer than you have been alive.

I used to want to rub other's beliefs in their faces, but as I got older ... I came to realize it serves no useful purpose.

If a person wants or needs to 'believe', I no longer hold that against them. Believe me - I used to. Man, when I came back from Vietnam, I wanted to line 'em up and blow them away.

Over time, I found that even they can be real. Real good human beings. And NOW, some of my best friends are religious.

I don't see any point in offending them or their beliefs.

Sudan is one of those people. If you noticed, I only replied in 'kind'. If he was an asshole - I was an asshole. If he was rational - so was I.

That link you posted was offensive. It made ME cringe my new found friend, and THAT takes some doin'.

All that said, I want to say something now.

Zealotry and fanaticism are an anathema to me.

I like logic and reason.

I try to avoid conversations about religion. To me, faith is a poor excuse for knowledge.

But that's just me. Who am I to judge another based on that?

Moze has it right. He is a man of deep faith. He can accept me and my atheism and will always welcome me to his campfire.

So would I him.

So would I you.

So would I anyone that ain't gonna piss on that fire.

Just jumped in this non sense conversation but here it goes, iam from a poor latin american country. I think that a religion has to be tolerant and flexible and most of all give love, after all is the power of GOD. If i enter a muslim country wearing a cross it is confiscated or i might be incarcerated. Are muslims incarcerated when they enter European countries to establish Mosques or are they allowed to preach...hummm?? This cartoon thing is non sense, i just saw a cartoon of a hispanic which is me and is funny and of news of Will and Grace a TV series in US with a satire of the crucifixion... do i go ballistics? poof heck no. But do i strap a c4 because US has been occupying my beloved nation of P.R. since 1898, hell no, much of our advances we owe to the great nation of US. That is all i have to say. i love ALL PEOPLE, BLACKS , WHITES, MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. HISPANICS have a bit of all in our blood, we live with muslims for 500 years in spain. Our women physical attributes are very Arab like. Learn from us and join the world. Do not go backwards, i bet if Jesus or Mohammad would show now probably had aheart attack about the stupid things that are going on over their works. all because of zealots and religious fanatics from all religions.People...that is not what they meant, wake up now, they want us together. thanks

rampage999 ...

It is good to have you as a reader amigo.

I cherish good sense.

Thanks for stopping by and please stop by often.

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten had invited cartoonists to submit drawings of the prophet Mohammed after an author complained that nobody dared illustrate his book on Mohammed. The newspaper published 12 cartoons drawn by eight illustrators on September 30, calling them a test of whether fear of Islamic retribution had begun to limit freedom of expression in Denmark.

Mohameddans (Muslims) who are exremely fanatics only
think- that "Those who do not believe in Allah are non-believers and name them "Kafirs"; but they forget that
Kafirs follow THEIR OWN GOD: i.e. they believe in God
and hence they are Believers (in God) and not NON-BELIEVERS.
Then, question arises, since GOD IS ONE (All religions agree), what is the name of HIM? That is the test of
how Educated or religious minded one is! If, one takes
short cut to please HIM, then one's GOD is fooled or
proved stupid if HE agrees?
But, I found it fascinating, that almost everybody is
taking short cut and tries to prove that his God is
only the God who should be worshipped; BUT IT IS A VERY
VERY CHEAP WAY; and mostly (almost all) Muslims think
that ALLAH is the only one- NOT BUDDHA, Not Lord Krishna
or Lord Ram or Jesus Christ!? Almost all, openly or secretly help to prove that- and so, They destroyed statutes of BUDDHA, Shiva,Ram etc. and nobody complained
but for a few CARTOONS that are true of Mohmad's behaviour all muslims from all over the world are shouting and behaving like animals---AGAIN, Cheap way
to please GOD:

Here's the animated version of the cartoons :)

Even though I have no religion I can respect the way other people think and their views. Despite this being a fairly touchy subject I think its ridiculous how people are reacting to it. I just don't understand how people can be so blinded by their religion that they fail to interpret it for themselves the way it was meant to be. Most muslims have very deep morals but I don't understand how so many can be so influenced by the regimes they live in. This is pretty much the whole point of free speech in a nation which teaches informed opinion. To just outright call this blasphemy and as I heard someone in london quoted saying try the people responsible by islamic law and have them put death is insane. This is not the 14th century. Hopefully change is on the way and nations such as the states can learn to respect what nations are built upon. So I hear Im a commy up here.

Somewhere in Canada

Canadian -

Nice comment. Until the end, that is. What do you mean by ' nations such as the states can learn to respect what nations are built upon.'? You are referring to us, correct?

Just what is it that we disrespect here in the states with regards 'what nations are built upon'? Oh, gee, I realize it's so old-news and all that, but WE were attacked. You weren't. We didn't attack anyone. What do you think we've tried to do in Afghanistan and Iraq? Establish slave states?

What has Canada ever done to help a third-world country? Not a damn thing.

You speak of morals and free speech and then turn around and call us a nation that does not respect other nations. Then you call yourself a commie. From pontificating to whining to blaming...... What an ass you are. If we weren't having such damned global warming CAUSED BY THE STATES, I'd tell you to go out and freeze your balls off. But, shucks, there's no global warming and you have no balls.

What she said.

Phoenix, all I meant was before the Americans go invade some country they should fully understand their history, and respect the process they are going through to get to where they are. There have been many times where the states just set up a dictator that ends up fuckin them in the ass anyways. As for the commy comment that was just sarcasm

To still, sin, sudan.

This will only go on and on and on.
Just stop for a second and think what u r really wasting time on writing stupid comments.

Many of the great people the world has seen are Jewish......including the founder of Christianity.


I'll be the last to sit around with anyone and argue that the U.S. has made no mistakes in its history. Far from it. What I will do vehemently is defend its intentions. For instance, your statement that we should understand some country's history before invading them/attacking them. Hunh? Seems to me that country puts its history right in our faces and forces us to understand them when they attack us. The U.S. doesn't go, "Oh, yippee! Time for a war... oh, dear, who can we attack today?" Ooo Rahh!

>and respect the process they are going through to get to where they are. <

I haven't a clue what you mean by this. War is not about a process of respect. It's about killing. And it's usually about killing an enemy that has made the mistake of not respecting us - say, for instance, those dudes who pulled off 9-11. Gee, do ya think if they'd sat back and said, "We need to go through the process of understanding where we are going to get there." that they might have stopped their actions?

You're right about the dictatorships. Bummer. Chances are our intentions were to save a people who could not handle democracy, and to ensure some modicum of safety for ourselves. We learn, though, doncha think? No more dictators. They stink. That's why Bush likes this arcane idea of liberty, democracy and freedom. You sure like it. But fuck Bush anyway, right?

Yeah, I knew it was sarcasm - you bein' a commie. I just used it against you because sarcasm generally says more about the person using it than anything else. No one here in the states figures Canadians for commies. We like you. We also know you ain't for shit when it comes to caring about anyone but yourselves.
And we are well aware that since you're not occupied doing good things for the world, your favorite pastime is bashing America. Why do that? We sure as hell would come help you out if you ever needed it. That's what great powers do.

I seriously do not understand your outrage fucking muslims. In the civilized world there is something called freedom of speech. Now I might not like someone depicting Christ as a cartoon. But we have to get real we live in the 21 st century where there is freedom of speech. That might not be the case in your retrograde arab countries, you talk about not buying western products I wonder what the hell will you buy if you produce nothing but terrorists.

I hope the world will see the true face of the islamic world now. May they all burn in hell!!!!

i am a muslim. YOU ARE Children of HARLOT....

FUCK YOU. We are TURK............

no east nowest islam is the best

on east no west islam is the best

go to hell denmatk

Pheonix, by the way saying that Canadians haven't tried to done anything for third world countries shows your ignorance. Right now we have soldiers in Afganistan trying to stablized the country. We might have a much smaller armed forces than America but we still contribute. Also saying we have nothing better to do than bash America is also a pretty pointless comment because its not true at all.

Anyways people stop picking on Denmark, you are just making yourselves look stupid. If there is a god it should slap you out of the stone age.

Nice defense, Canadian. I know all about Canadian soldiers and your harboring our deserters. But, sorry, you do make fun of us all the time. How stupid. You did it in your first comment on this thread, and seems now you want to claim you don't.

But, nice comment about 'if there is a god it should slap you out of the stone age.'

ha ha ha..... Better question: If there is a god, why is he letting this happen?

Hello everyone. I'm a professor at MIT and I was reading your comments on each other. I cannot help but wonder what kind of world are you living in? All of you. I think we'd be better off looking at our own problems than at each other's. I found so much inconsistency with what I read on either side that I had to comment:

1. To the american gentlemen (and I am one too), I think if somebody drew a caricature of one of your mothers or sisters or any family member or someone you love showing them doing something or in a state you believe they won't do, you too would be angry... A little sensitivity towards the 1.x billion muslims who obviously were insulted by what was shown in the danish newspapers.

2. To the muslim gentlemen, please understand that journalism has freedom in the western world and caricatures often insult everybody. That's how they become funny. I think however there are lines one should not cross. Regardless of western policies in your countries, you also are condemning a whole part of the world for what one journalist did. The how are you different from us?

3. My american friend, we have a higher rate of illetaracy than almost anywhere else (take it from me). I wouldn't call anybody uneducated. Little Proof??!?: He's speaking your language, do you speak his?
A brief lesson in history: The alphabet, every mathematical, biological, physical and even chemical concept started in the middle east and we took it from them. Sir you cannot insult a entire civilization and call it uneducated just because you feel like it or because of ignorance.


Nice comments.

> My american friend, we have a higher rate of illetaracy than almost anywhere else (take it from me).<

I doubt anyone would argue with you on your point about this. You, a professor at MIT?, have demonstrated just how uneducated we are with your failure to capitalize 'American' and 'Muslim'. As well, it is spelled 'illiteracy. So, sure, I'll take it from you that we're pretty much illiterate here if we are so stupid to hire professors at MIT who cannot capitalize properly much less spell that which they claim we are. Nothing like being a fine example.

Your point about us not speaking their language is taken. Considering English is THE language, it behooves them to learn to speak it. I commend the commenters here who do speak it. You have noticed, I hope, that despite the vitriol, no one has made fun of anyone for their lack of English writing skills.

If someone drew a caricature of my father doing something grotesque, I would not go out and kill innocent people. I wouldn't want to kill anyone. Because parody and caricature are a part of our culture, I wouldn't think twice about it. Mohammed has been depicted in images for over a thousand years. That Muslims are just now getting up in arms over it speaks volumes about them. Not us. As well, the original twelve cartoons were not that vulgar. Much worse has been done since, and much worse is to come. Gee, maybe a really big war will happen now.... What do you think? Forget HIV, H5N1, starvation, nuclear holocausts,.... let's decimate half the population of the planet because some religious group couldn't take a joke. Bravo. That's civilization for you. Political correctness writ large brings down civilization. Who could ever have predicted it.

Had it not been for the Muslims during the years of the Crusades, much of the greatest works of art in that hemisphere would have been destroyed by marauding Christians.

Religion..... heh. Since then, it is interesting to watch the evolution and devolution that progress has brought about, isn't it?

I have spent some time reading all the comments and I have received quite an education here. I see more than ever why the separation of church and state is needed and that hate is...............baggage. This story is just too old. The same damn thing has been going on for too long. My dissapointment - that we can't find some other problem than god! Religion seems to be doing more harm than good, every where! Cathoilics, muslims ect.............I wonder what a budhist monk thinks about this? If this craziness continues, we will all be doomed. Our EGO's seem to be making the decisions, not our needs.

Jay Dee,

Good thoughts. Religion, any of them, has caused the deaths of more people on this planet than all the wars (non-religious) combined. If people would just learn that 80% of wisdom is minding your own business, we'd be better off.

I don't think it's that our egos have much to do with it. More, I think it's the lack of ego. What person with a healthy ego would willingly allow himself to be brainwashed into killing in the name of some mystical figure? Those people who allow that to usurp their beings have no needs. They are functioning as killing machines for the man-perceived needs of some god. It is only those of us who have healthy egos who have needs - very simple ones - live a good life, respect others, and be happy.

Either way - it is hard to believe it's happening.

orospu cocuklari sizleri kafirler. Fuck you. Dishonests !!!

orospu cocuklari sizleri. Fuck You. Dishonests !!!

You will Burn in the hell....

i am muslim and Turk


I think we are on the same page with the ego stuff. There is a difference between good & bad ego.

الله اكبر

>> I’m another Dane, and the questions below have been nagging me.

Well said Phoenix... some good questions there.

EVERYONE: From the West, from the East, from Hell, from Heaven... WE ALL HAVE THE SAME GOD (if any at all).. THAT IS A FACT!!

We disagree about the nature of God, his name, his rules.... We argue and fight worse than children about something we CAN'T know for certain.

The nature of God remains hidden. The Christian God may not exist at all. ALLAH may not exist either. There is probably no God capable of "listening" or "watching" or "punishing" or "rewarding". The prophets knew this.... but the rest of us are too stupid to interpret their message, so we invented these dumb-ass religions.

So you can ALL go fuck yourselves. I can fuck myself too.


>We disagree about the nature of God, his name, his rules.... We argue and fight worse than children about something we CAN'T know for certain.<

Is that amazing or what?

I can fuck myself, too. ha ha ha ha ha ha.... Well said....

I once dined at a new restaurant in northwest London...

Mind you, I love Indian cuisine. As a graduate student, I would save my money and buy samosas at a home north of Euston station--a treat, an escape from dorm food...

I tell you this because years later I struck up a conversation with restaurant proprietors in which the subject of God came up. Mind you, I politely tucked my Resistol under my chair as soon as I was seated. But the proprietors broached the subject, and there I was.

The exchange didn't last long. The question posed me was, do you believe in god? I answered "Yes." Then I was asked, "Do you believe in one true God?"

Again, my answer was "Yes."

I dined there that night, and the food was wonderful. Frankly, I thought I'd made friends. But one man stared out the front door...

Like he was looking for a sign.

Years later, this troubles me. I wonder, sometimes, about the sign...


I used to spend the winters in a really cool motel in Tucson AZ.

Of course the owners were Indian AND Hindi.

We became friends over the years.

The motel was across the street from the largest graveyard in Tucson.

One day, the owner and I got to talkin' about religion.

I asked him - 'What is the Hindu concept of HELL'?

He yanked his thumb over his shoulder and pointed out the window to the graveyard and said 'THAT is HELL'!

Imagine living across the street from hell.

That man wasn't looking for a sign. He was looking for an answer.

It is a shame that these fanatic people bahave like this. they are all the time criticising the western world as if they temselves were the perfect ones. we can see their perfection the way they even treat themselves and their brothers the jewish. these people are the most arrogant and fanatic religious people I have ever seen. Any God from any religion on this planet doesn't want us to kill on His Name, What God really wants is for us to Love on His Name. These people are doing exactly the opposite, they are just killing on the tiniest excuse on the name off their god.
Deep in my heart I feel sorry for them, will come the day in a long future they will know what Love means.

when will the world wake up and realize that islam is a false religion, created by Satan to perpetuate strife and murder throughout the world. Ask yourself what other religion advocates murder-suicide ( 9-11, palestinian bombers) to spread thier vial message by force. Only Jesus can heal their minds and set them on the right path.

Lets remember that the crusades and "muslim acts" walk a close line. I am a white male meaning my ancestors, (or something along those lines) once were slaughtering people for not believing their way. Brutuly slaughtering people. Women, children, ect............. Now I am not saying that certain things are acceptable, just that we all have a history.

You know, you can make an argument that Islam is a false religion--you'd be incorrect, but you can argue that...

What you can't--which is to say, shouldn't--do is base your argument on the flimsy, baseless notion that Satan created Islam "to perpetuate strife and murder throughout the world." If you've got evidence of this, give it to us, but don't flop a 3-day old sturgeon on to the table and think we're going to gobble it up because you say it's fresh.

As for your other point, the idea that Jesus could heal radical Muslim minds, it is true... in a naive way.


More proof muslims are dumb asses.

they're attacking U.S embassies and bases
when the toons were done by danes?!!!

yeah muslims sure have learned distinction =p

heres the scenerio.
*muslim is fucking a goat while his wife all burka'd is asleep around a camp fire with other muslims waiting to take their turn on said goat*
muslim fucking goat - "ha lalallalalalalal, we attack the US and its embassies, the fucking infidels have done it this time. now they posted a cartoon of our beloved muhammed"
muslim waiting his turn - "but wait, wasn't it some danish news paper company that did it?"
muslim fucking goat - "ha lallalalalallala that is ha la the american propaganda machine. they all did it. america, denmark, britain, tony blair, bush ha la ha la, they all made cartoon of muhammed so we get them all"
muslim waiting his turn - "but isn't that wrong? shouldn't we only attack those that offend us?"
muslim fucking goat - "ha la you stray from the path young one you should remember the force, ha la ha la they are all infidels so we should just get them all. ha la remember the force young one and strap on the c4"

fucking muslims get a fucking brain already ..
oh and go fuck yourselves!

Damn, I couldn't see all the posts from the 1st on to today.

"Son of Uncle Sam ... I cherish your fervency. A guy like you who takes no prisoners is always a friend of mine.

That said, I couldn't leave that link to that image on here."

steel, fair enough about my smeer campaign I can appreciate
where you're coming from.

And you're right I don't take any prisoners
cause I am sick of how the muslim world is.
I am sick of how they are trying to demand how america does things when most of them don't even live here.
I am sick of the suicide bombings and unfair unjust ways of the nations of islam.
you can make a list of unjust things about america and you can
make a much longer list about saudi arabia, iraq and a few other
islamic countries.
So I was using this a place where muslims have been reading as a place to let out my disatisfaction with their inabilites.
with that said just delete any of my posts that you feel cross the line.

After all it's only words ;)

You have to ashame yourselves.
Im a muslim and hope to God bless you,May ALLAH forgive you all one day....

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