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Workplace Humor - NOT Kosher!

          Dog feces listed among ham ingredients

Ham1 WAKEFIELD, England, (UPI) -- A British meat processor on Tuesday was frantically trying to recall packages of sliced ham that list dog excrement as one of the ingredients.

Mick Woods, 34, told The Mirror he lost his appetite when he opened the $1.75 package labeled as "premium," and read the ingredients.

Among them was a listing of "Dog Shit," he told the newspaper.

He said he and wife laughed long and hard, but didn't eat any of the ham.

Meanwhile, officials with Manchester meat manufacturer H.R. Hargreaves & Son were scrambling to get all of the affected packages recalled from stores before they could make it into consumers' homes.

The labeling prank was pulled by an employee who has since been fired, the report said.

   I had a friend who once worked for Stanley Toolworks in New Britain CT. He worked in the section that manufactured the famous Stanley Measuring Tapes. One day, as a prank, he loaded the tapes backwards. The tape actually read 25' at the the beginning and went to 0' when pulled all the way out. He made a few for his friends and family. He called them 'Polish Tape Measures'. When the bosses at Stanley found out about it they fired him. A few months later, Stanley Toolworks handed out identical tapes to all the attendees at their annual convention as promotionals.


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When I was in high school, I worked in the dining hall of the local university's boy's dorm. A couple of my buddies worked behind the serving line, and their job was to keep everything filled and to replace desserts as they disappeared from the counter. Vanilla ice cream was de riguer every night. One night, one of the guys was scooping ice cream into the little institutional bowls and exclaimed aloud, "Hey, I thought this was vanilla!" We all looked and there was chocolate swirl mixed into the vanilla. Ooops. Turned out to be cat shit. We gagged thinking about the poor guys eating the ice cream as these were the huge, huge tubs that weighed forty pounds, and it was half-way down that we found the swirl.


THAT story reminds me of that 'Bill the Cat' image.

It also begs the question - YOU WORKED IN THE BOY'S DORM?


Yes. But just in the dining hall. God, I used to get invitations to the many, many events on campus. So sad. What I mean ... is it was sad because the guys were so nice and mostly shy. The bad boys all lived in frat houses or apartments.

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