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Saddam Refuses to Appear in Court

                    Saddam Refusing to Attend Trial

Dead_man_walking BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein refused to attend a hearing of his trial in Baghdad on Wednesday and was in talks with his defense lawyers, a source close to the court said.

Court officials say that in principle the trial can go ahead without the presence of the defendants but the source said the presiding judge was keen for the time being to ensure Saddam was in court.

   ... Ooookay, yesterday he said he was being 'terrorized' with not having a new suit of clothes and clean underwear. He mocked the witness recounting her horrors as 'having been coached'. He does NOT have STFU in his vocabulary. Fine.

   The trial is a sham and the whole world KNOWS it. The Iraqis aren't going to 'LEARN' anything from this masturgation so WHY BOTHER?

   He did what he did. The world knows what he did. He knows what he did. Ditto as to the nature of the crimes.

   I say, have a lottery in Iraq. Let all the people get a ticket. Roll the drum and pick out a ticket at RANDOM.

   The winner gets to put a pistol to this asshole's head and pull the trigger.

   Talk about your citizen participation. BOOM.

   There it IS!   


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A lottery is good. But why not just let him loose in that spot where his statue came down in Baghdad. A car drives up and someone kicks him out the door.

Remember what the Iraqis did with his statue? Heh heh.... Justice.

Besides... you know it's not fair to let just one person do the deed. There's fear there. But think of the consuming, blinding fear he'd feel before he was killed by being slapped to death by shoes.

I'll wager that the folks in the North (Kurds) or the South (Swamp Arabs ... kinda sounds like a D&D monster) would love to have him as a guest. Heck, the'll even split the honor ... right down the middle.

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