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                      Cereal Cafes May Become Hot

Freakies_1 CHICAGO (UPI)   Now that U.S. adults have grown accustomed to paying $4 for a cup of coffee, "cereal cafes" are now charging $4 for a bowl of cereal.

U.S. market research shows that 57 percent of Americans say they enjoy sex, but 95 percent say they like cereal, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

The Chicago-based Cereality Bar and Cafe offers 30 brands of cereals and will mix some special for customers as well, and add milk from a "Moo Machine" that dispenses milk. Cereal toppings include bananas to nuts.

Counter staff, called "cerealogists," wear pajamas as their uniform, while overhead TVs play Saturday morning cartoons.

Cereality Bar and Cafe has big plans for selling dozens of franchises across the Untied States next year and eventually, it hopes, Europe.

                                      What have we become?


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Maybe they should hire Vector Hex as a consultant. Or a newspaper could hire him as cerealogists critic and send him undercover to review the place. I think he's the blogger that's always critiquing cereals.


I haven't had a bowl of cold cereal in decades.

I love it.

It is way too expensive and I am lactose intolerant.

Funny story imp ...

When I used to fish the Bering Sea, we would get provisions enough to last for 6 months at a time.

We would get these humongous cases of assorted cereals.

Each case had all the brands and kinds.

When the cook would bring up a new case ... the first thing to go was Cap'n Crunch. Then Frosted Flakes.

And so on down the old sugar line.

Personally, I LOVE Shredded Wheat and CHEX.

There was always plenty of that aboard.

The median age onboard was about 20.

I was almost 40.

>U.S. market research shows that 57 percent of Americans say they enjoy sex, but 95 percent say they like cereal,<

Hold on a minute here. Did the moron cerealogist actually state the question as: Do you like sex better than cereal? So what about sex and cereal anyway?? I don't believe for one second that only 57% of Americans like sex. I mean, I can see getting a bowl of Frosted Flakes after sex to put a tiger in your tank, but good grief....... annnnnnnnnnh..... we really are a nation of Fruit Loops.

S W E E T.

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