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How about some ...



Odds and Ends

BRANDON, Fla. (AP) - It can be difficult to add a little spice to your life when you're in jail. But inmates at the Hillsborough County jail are trying.

The inmates had been growing hot peppers as part of a horticulture program at the jail for about a year when one of them suggested making them into a commercial sauce.

Allen Boatman, the horticulture program's director, agreed and residents of the Falkenburg Road Jail in Brandon are now the proud makers of Jailhouse Fire hot sauce.

"The food here is kind of institutionalized, so it helps," Boatman said.

Boatman and his students spent two years perfecting the recipe, a hybrid of a Caribbean-style hot sauce and a mustard sauce that includes habaneros, scotch bonnets and jalapenos. A 5-ounce bottle sells for $3.25. The revenue goes back to the inmate canteen fund and to culinary and horticulture programs for inmates.

Inmates say they prefer their own version of Jailhouse Fire, which is considerably hotter than what they sell for mass consumption.

"It's a macho thing," Boatman said. "You know, 'I can eat the hottest pepper.'"

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LISLE, Ill. (AP) - Nedal Haddad understood being a cab driver entailed delivering passengers to their destinations. He didn't anticipate delivering a passenger's baby.

On Friday, about a week into his new job, he picked up a pregnant woman in suburban Plainfield and began driving her to nearby Edward Hospital. Before they could arrive, the woman - whose mother and sister were also in the cab - began giving birth.

"She said, 'I think I'm going to have the baby,'" he later recalled. "I said, 'You better not.'"

Haddad, who immediately pulled onto the shoulder, said the woman's relatives were too panicked to help. So he ordered them out of the car, rushed to the back seat and delivered the baby himself.

A father of three children, Haddad said he had never been in the delivery room with his wife. All he knew about childbirth came from watching a show on the Discovery Channel.

The baby weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces and "is doing fine," Dr. Peter Weeks said. The mother, who asked not to be identified, said the girl has been named Gabrielle.

Haddad waived his $60 cab fare.


BAY CITY, Mich. (AP) - Two brothers heading out to slop the hogs at their parents' house got more than they bargained for when they bagged a menacing, 400-pound boar.

The boar was one of several that have been running amok since escaping from a Midland County game ranch last year.

Brothers Nathan and Matt Rosenbrock saw the boar Friday running along the fence of the pig pen as 11 terrified swine cowered in the corner.

Nathan Rosenbrock, 28, grabbed his rifle and shot. "It did a somersault and went right down," he said.

"It was huge, hairy and mean-looking, with 4-inch tusks," said cousin Tim Boetefuer, who witnessed the kill. "It was unbelievable."

The brothers and two cousins loaded the boar into the back of a pickup and brought it to a bar to celebrate. They later butchered the boar and plan to mount the front half for display.


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) - Ronald Meyers called police when he heard suspicious noises outside his home. He ended up in jail after officers saw something suspicious inside the home: an eight-foot tall pot plant and nearly $100,000 of marijuana.

Meyers summoned officers to his home in an upscale neighborhood Thursday morning, claiming that someone was trying to open his windows and that he could hear voices outside.

Officers found no burglar but asked if they could check inside, said police spokesman Sgt. John Booth. When Meyers, 59, let them in, officers found more than $100,000 worth of marijuana, he said.

The stash included an eight-foot pot plant, more plants growing in the garage and harvested marijuana - some packed into large plastic bags - stuffed in large storage bins in a bedroom, Booth said.

Officers also found syringes, at least one methamphetamine pipe and other drug paraphernalia, he said.

Meyers was jailed on a charge of possession of marijuana for sale with bail set at $25,000.



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Boy. Elvis sure didn't need an Urban Youth Consultant to talk to about bling. Heh. Elvis was waaaay ahead of his time.

So, did he get the picture??

Heh. Have Donut Will Travel.

arr arr :}

What a funny thing about human nature that makes a felon want to talk about his crime. Braggin' rights.... that's what it's all about. It's tough growin' up, and I guess some people never do it. I am very mature for my age. Which is not to say my children are not more mature than I am most of the time. Why is that? Oh. I know... I spent 20 years around teenagers all day long. That's enough to keep you young and immature and thinking really dumb stuff is funny. :}

Did the birds land on the runway?

Hey, Steel.... did you like the story of the jailhouse hot pepper cuisine??? Very cool.

I've never understood how babies just fall out of some women. Good grief. I had the Budweiser Cydesdales pulling on my top part while a couple of doctors pulled on the bottom part. It was like being drawn and quartered only a tiny baby came out. Sheeeesh.

Take your boar to the bar to celebrate. Nice. Remember those wild boar in Old Yeller? eew.

Ronald should have thrown a few bags out the window when he heard the voices outside instead of calling the cops. What a dumbhead.

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