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The Religion of Peace

            Bali Bombings - WARNING from GOD!!!

The_face_of_insanity BALI, Indonesia (AP) - New terror fears gripped Asia on Tuesday, sparking security scares at embassies and travel alerts, but Indonesia shrugged off calls to outlaw the militant group suspected in the deadly suicide bombings on Bali island.

Investigators were piecing together evidence - pellets, batteries, cables and detonators - from the scenes of the blasts and renewed calls for anyone who recognized grisly photographs of three suicide bombers to step forward.

              I suppose a nuke would be an act of God then?


Terror Fears Grip Asia as Alleged Terror Chief Calls Bali Bombings Warning From God


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>From his prison cell, Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir - the group's alleged spiritual leader - said in a statement that last weekend's blasts were a sign of God's displeasure with the Indonesian government.<

The blasts were a sign that someone blew himself up in a crowded place. Wait. That's not right. The head and legs that were left some distance apart from the shreds of the bomb belt were a sign that someone blew himself up. Abu Bakar Bashir needs a reality check. Why in the hell would God blow up some tourists from Australia if he had a gripe against the Indonesian government? Sheeesh

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