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The Primordial Stew

  Let me tell you what I know about the water left over in New Orleans.

   There is much more in it and it is incredibly more toxic than we are being told. Katrina flooded hundreds and hundreds of businesses and warehouses. These contained such nasties as solvents used in cleaning, degreasing, the manufacture of plastics, the computer industry, the making of paints and creation of other solvents. They also contained chemicals like sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide (potash), dioxins found in older electrical transformers in the form of PCBs, chromic acid used for a myriad of applications llike rechroming, sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and ascorbic acids. So too, will be tons and tons of chemicals like carbon tetrachloride, tri-chlorethane, tri-chlorethylene, hexachlorophene and several others whose general use was banned in the early 1970s. Trust me, when they were banned, many enterprising folks stockpiled them. New Orleans is home to one of only a couple of plants where ethelylene glycol is made. That would be anti-freeze to you. The flooded hospitals will cough up radiological agents like strontium 90, plutonium and cesium all used for xrays. They will also yield many many biohazard critters like HIV AIDS, tuberculosis, streptococcus, staphlococcus, an assortment of exotic tropical disease samples and formeldahyde. It is impossible to imagine how many fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals were innudated. There will be entire vats of tannic acid used in tanning, zinc used in galvanizing, 'liquor' from pulp facilities, alcohol, paint, a wide gamut of petroleum products, ether, MBE, mercury, chlorine, fluorine, a veritable pharmacopia of drugs and hormones from the health industry and assorted rare earths, salts and obscure heavy metals.

   All of this stuff will be in quantities unimaginable. Pallets by the thousands loaded with paper bags and sacks weighing 30-100 lbs. Thousands of 20-55 gallon cardboard barrels. Tanks and vats both open and 'sealed' will have ruptured each containing tens of thousands of gallons.

   It will all combine with the fine Mississippi silt and as the water recedes, concentrate.

   Now, on to the organic components. There will be thousands of tons of human and animal waste, same for decaying flesh and plant matter. And then there's the bacteria. Just stop a second and consider the huge variety of bacteria to be found in sub-tropical New Orleans. And all of this organic material will LOVE all the vitamins and growth stimulants and nutrients in this slop. It will BLOOM.

   Did I mention asbestos? Oh yes, all those 'shacks' will have asbestos, siding, flooring, roofing and lead paint on the walls. All those pre 1960s buildings will have asbestos insulation on the plumbing. Asbestos turns to mush when it gets wet.

   The water will go away. These chemicals and things will be there in that clay-like silt ... waiting to waft into the lungs of any so unfortunate to be breathing there. Everytime it rains, the organics will bloom again and grow in concentration. Given the wide spectrum of this soup, it is not outside the realm of possibility to have some very ugly mutations going on.

   In any other place with even one 100th of this level of contamination, the topsoil would be scraped to a depth of 18 inches minimum and that soil would be incinerated. But the sheer size and scope of the affected area almost precludes that. It would take at least a decade, at least 100 billion dollars and mean the end of New Orleans.

   The scope of this disaster is beyond measure. In terms of human and ecological effect, it makes Chernobyl look like a small grease fire in your neighbor's kitchen. I do not exaggerate when I say that it will kill tens of thousands in the coming years if we allow New Orleans to be populated without removing this sludge. The liabilty suits will go on forever and affect every industry in the world.

   Now, I hear the 'city fathers' are vowing to have Mardi Gras in February. This is the height of insanity. Nobody should return to New Orleans. NOBODY except quailfied hazardous waste removal personnel. It will prove to be impossible to physically remove the topsoil. I suggest it be augmented with the burnt constuction debris left from all those destroyed structures and plenty of 'fill' ie. sand, sawdust and dirt inorder to stabilyze the silt and keep it from blowing in the wind. This layer should then be seeded with plants designed to hold the soil in place. Personnel necessary to operate the stategically important facilities surrounding New Orleans, like refineries, levee maintainence, and shipping should be allowed to return only to run them and even then be monitored closely for adverse reactions.

                        The history of the Big Easy? It's history now. 

                      ...note, please forgive any spelling errors, I seem to have exceeded Spellcheck    



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The Big Easy, now The Big Queasy, had to get rid of the Big Sleazy aspects of this city. It had to be done. You speak of chemicals and man-made potions contaminating me. Heh. Try greed, poverty, lack of initiative, complacency, ignorance of Mother Nature's fury........ Sometimes Nature has to spank man to remind him of his obligations to walk the straight and narrow in order to live in harmony with The Goddess.

Alas,Babylon is burning, is burning, and the "smoke" of her "fires" will go on forever and forever...and so on and so will find it in Revelations, another fullfillment of prophesy...

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