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The Supposistory

                   Seven French 'died for al-Qaeda'

   Some things never change. One of the things most resistant to change, much less objectivity, is the BBC. Regard that headine above. It intimates those poor French gave their lives for the cause of al-Qaeda. Oh the humanity! Oh the pathos! Oh the bullshit! Might I suggest some alternate headlines? How about ... French Muslim Terrorists Killed in Iraq. Or maybe ... French Nationals Engaged in Global Jihad of al-Qaeda KILLED in Iraq. How's this one? French Muslims Die trying to De-stabilyze Iraq. Perhaps you have some suggestions. Please feel free to add your own in the comments.

                                              Insert as needed


     Seven French 'died for al-Qaeda'
Insurgents in Falluja
Iraqi insurgents have been joined by fighters from abroad
At least seven people from France have been killed in Iraq and elsewhere fighting for al-Qaeda, the French interior minister has told a newspaper.

"At least seven people from France have died... fighting for al-Qaeda's cause, some in suicide attacks," Nicolas Sarkozy told Le Parisien.

Another 10 are in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan, he said.

Nicolas Sarkozy also said the surveillance of flights to those countries would be reinforced.

These, he said, are considered stopovers for Europeans heading to Iraq to join militant groups.

In early June, French police detained two men believed to have recruited volunteer fighters to be deployed in Iraq.

One of them, 39-year-old Said al-Maghrebi, had reportedly trained with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and had been sought by French police for months.

Another alleged recruiter of jihadists, Farid Benyettou, was arrested in France in January.

US authorities believe that a large number of attacks in Iraq are carried out by foreign fighters, some of them recruited in western countries.



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It would never happen because the BBC is their ally, but it would be SO right if a few terrorist bombs blew the joint up.

BBC Reporter Kate Clark:

"Indeed. Oh my. Indeed. Freedom fighters blew up our building today so we shall have to continue our nincompoopery and jackassery in the refulgence of the sun which shines over all passionate causes by those most brave and courageous souls who wish nothing more than to rid themselves of the hurt and pain caused by modernity. There are only four staff members left to write with our usual verisimilitude of G. W. Bush and his plans to take over Texas and to make it a Christian nation that lets Jews in every now and then. They shall prevail despite the loss of a few limbs and such. Indeed."

Update BBC - 29 July Nedley Buttsmyth-Bitergud

"Our most intrepid reporter, Kate Clark, was admitted to hospital after a mysterious affliction of the bowel. Ms. Clark, shortly after this morning's Freedom Fighter attack and subsequent explosion of freedom bombs, was found in the loo picking bits of Mr. Ralph Redmon-Roister Doister's arse from her teeth. It does indeed seem that Ms. Clark ingested some of the contents of her most esteemed editor's arse. Some say the bits of flesh-shrapnel were brain material, but either way, dear readers, shit is shit. Indeed."

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