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The Supposistory

              Russia to Build Nuclear Power Plants on Water

   Hmmm ... I can see why they would would want to do that. The hardest part of building a nuclear power plant is having enough coolant, read water. Hitler had his nuke program up near Norway. Lots of cold water there. And given that the NIMBY movement is everywhere these days ... it makes sense to put a nuke plant in a place that isn't someone's 'back yard'. Gawd knows there ain't much of a fishery left in the area, due to over fishing, it wouldn't have too much affect there. In case of a 'meltdown', it would just be a fizzle and sssssss. Sure would be easier to protect from a security standpoint. If per chance, fish started having three eyes and such ... well hell, all we'd ever see is the fillets. And unless you cooked in the dark you'd never know it glowed. But in the back of my mind is a stupid movie. Leviathan. Have you seen that? It's all about fish that get mutated and cause general mayhem and destruction. I don't know, just seems wrong to me. Kind of Godzilla-like. And besides, the Russians don't have a real good track record for making nuke plants that don't screw up. Think Chernobyl. All in all, I think the Russians ought to focus on making a viable automobile before they embark on this.

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              Russia to build floating nuclear plant

MOSCOW, July 30 (UPI) -- Environmental groups are opposing a decision by Russia to begin building a floating nuclear power plant, The Times of London reports.

The first ever floating plant, one of many Russia plans to build, is expected to supply power to Russia's northern coast by 2011.

Nils Boehmer, the head of the Norwegian environmental group Bellona, says Russia's history of nuclear and naval accidents -- as well as regular terrorist attacks by Chechen rebels -- make the decision to go ahead on the plant a bad idea.

He also said the plant will be able to make nuclear weapons.

Officials at Russia's Federal Nuclear Energy Agency say the plants will be safe from leaks and reinforced enough to sustain attacks.



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Hmmm. The word 'floating' really throws me off. But doesn't this sound like a good idea? I'm thinking of a body of water that leads nowhere and has no fish in it. I realize it would be a better idea if it were built anywhere but Russia, but the technology seems to make sense.

We have had floating nuclear power plants since the 50s. It's called the United States Navy. I have no qualms about this EXCEPT that it is Russia doing the building. If it was Japan ... WooHoo!

Maybe Japan has one already. WooHoo is right.

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