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   Recently, (like the last &^%$#@ 3 weeks), I have had some difficulty getting my post up. (that's what SHE said) And because of my troubles and trevails with typepad, I have neglected doing much more than getting the @#$%^& posts up. One of the things I have neglected is reciprocation of links in the blog roll. I am sorry (she said that TOO) Sooo ... if anybody has linked to me and do not find themselves in my blog roll ... please put your info in the comments. If anybody wants to be in the blog roll ... say so there too. And as long as I'm at it, if you have a suggestion, (other than for me to go jogging on a moonless night on a short pier), or a contribution you'd like to make, (aside from small chunks of high velocity lead), please put them there also. On a personal note, I'd like to thank all of you for stopping by. There IS a comment function hereon. Pretty easy really. Just click 'comments' and say WHATEVER THE HELL you'd like to say. I'll tell ya a little secret. Sure, I have fun finding this stuff for you to read. Much fun. But not nearly as much fun as I find when YOU COMMENT.

                              Okay, I'm done. (That's what SHE said)


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I comment all the time. Do I get a prize? :)

I got your prize my dear. Right here.

Oh goody. Give me a hint!

It is a 'sticky automatic'.

Yeah...what she said! Who is "she"?

Yeah. Who IS 'SHE' anyway? If 'she's' the one making your automatic sticky, I am not coming.

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