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1000 Words ...

   The readers of this blog now that I use a lot of stuff from It is a place where there are perpetual photo shop contests going all the time. People from all over the world submit their entries. To me, it is a gold mine. But more importantly, it is an art gallery of sorts. Usually outrageous, always impossible but somehow most of the work there is beautiful. I found something today that is neither impossible nor beyond commerciality. It comes from a contest called 'Domestic Graffiti'.  Tagged as in sprayed with graffiti. It appeals to my personal love of primary colors used boldly. Below is a dandy example. Tell me this would not be a huge new fad?


... you can see more of this genre at this gallery.


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I am now fully schizophrenic. I have to leave now to go see my shrink for one of those disposable straightjackets.

Not your cup of tea Martha?

No, George. As a matter of fact, nothing they did at Abu Graib could hurt as bad as sticking me into any one of these places.

I would rather die. Period.

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