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The Amy Special

                                                 Tiny bubbles!


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Reminds me of mine-sweeper ... ahhh, them were the days.

"...mine-sweeper"? The game I played was Mind-Sweeper.

Steel, honey, don't do this to me first thing in the morning. Getting the cup of coffee to my mouth is bad enough you want me to go twitch and twang my cursor around tryin' to blow up depth charges moving at warp speed.

And, no. I am not tellin' my score.

What is this 'minesweeper' of which you speak? The link goes to a game called 'Bubbles'.

Go play the game... Little depth charges, mines, drop down into some bubbles and you have to click on them to blow them up. 'Bubbles' my butt.

You call your butt Bubbles? Any other appelations I should know about?

Clove and Nutmeg. My breasts.

Yeah, the link went to 'Bubbles', but there was an old windows 3.1 game called MineSweeper. The little mines reminded me of it.

Let's see ... Bubbles, Clove and Nutmeg ... hmmm ...

Naw, I won't ask.

Mark, there's a zillion cool games there, believe it not, Bill Quick steered me there. I just can't picture him playing TOO many games, ya know?


ACK!!! ACK!!!

I was talking about my hands. Sheesh.

Very funny.

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