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Find Osama!!!


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I found him. Fun game... Like Finding Waldo.

I can't comment on the H.P. Lovecraft comment section, so I will here. I hated it. I can't stand oratory mixed with poetic imagery to heighten the 'guilt' factor inherent in writing designed to 'impress'. I kept wanting to say: Okay already... we know your point. Stop torturing us.

I was just fleshing out the theme. It wouldn't code in.

Never liked Lovecraft. Way over rated.

Another over rated work is Dune.

Good morning BTW. I couldn't sleep.

Soooo ... here I am and now for the Amy Special.

I wondered where the Lovecraft thing went.... it was there, tortured me, and then it was gone. duh....

I barely slept... I spent hours composing in my head a justification for my insistence that existentialism CAN and DOES belie and other philosophy on the planet. I was brilliant in the dark hours, but now I'm lost to explain it.. Nothing like the bright of day to flatten exalted philosophical thoughts.

Why couldn't you sleep, honey?

Just couldn't. The ideas were in my head and not here.

So I got up and put them here.

Now, I have to wait for my ride to the stores.

THEN, I'll be tired.

But, I'll have to wait for Tom to come over to pick up some tools.

BTW. Will is Tom's middle son. All his kids are very cool.

You'll go to sleep this afternoon and I won't see you again until tomorrow.

:( :(

Naw. I'll take a nap about noon and be up at 5.

I can't miss yer 8 o'clocks honey.

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