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Trayvon Martin was a punk gangsta wannabe.

Trayvon Martin, gold teeth, Facebook photo

  He was 6'2" and big enough to play high school football, his Facebook page shows him in full gangsta mode - flipping the bird with both hands with his pants halfway to his knees. Shiny new gold 'grill' to boot. He was kicked out of school. Eye witnesses say it was Martin beating the crap out of Zimmerman. Link and Link

 In short, he was a thug and got dead for it. Good, because he would have probably hurt or killed somebody else in time.

Al, sharpton, race, card, Trayvon, Martin

The Reverend Al Sharpton chimes in ...

Obama homey the clown
Why doesn't Zippy the Clown renounce this?


Damn good question!


One: you seem to forget this boy was unarmed he had SKITTLES and AN ICE TEA!!!
two: That picture with a boy flipping off with two hands is NOT trayvon martin look at the picture closely.
three: The picture of him with the gold fonts does not mean he is a gangster..i have many friends WHITE and BLACK and HISPANIC who wear gold fronts just for fun or to be funny

It saddens and sickens me that you would say he deserved to die like what kind of person are you?? Zimmerman was wrong either way so he needs to be punished for his actions.

The law is the law.

I'll bet you there is a handgun in his dresser drawer or hidden in his closet.

I will not be fooled again nor will I buy the meme ...

... Tawana Brawley & the Duke LaCrosse cases were quite enough.

The cops interviewed the shooter and the witnesses on the scene.

I will take their word for it until they are proven wrong.

Martin did not deserve to die ...

...but when you act like a punk, dress like a punk and do punk things you might just wind up getting shot like a punk.

Couple of dozen black kids are shot in Chicago every fucking weekend ...

... where is your outrage for them?

Where is your outrage for those two tourists or that kid set on fire?

Spare me your outrage.

Obama, Sharpton and Jackson want a divided nation ...

... I chose my side.

so...a removable gold piece makes someone a wanna be gangsta? It's just a piece of're an idiot.

Stupid is as stupid does and in this case as stupid is.

He could have been in school, learning something ...

So many reasons why he wasn't ...

Stupid parents, a media that glorifies stupid behavior and an educational system that teaches stupid.

I prefer stupid be deselected from the gene pool ...

... better they not breed.

Oh! Did I just say that?

No, I was paraphrasing Margaret Sanger.

You and your ilk made these stupid people ...

... deal with it as best you can.

I will do the same.

He was just another punk negroe that is now being used by the media to promote their left wing agenda.Go stormfront!!

Not sure where that Gold Tooth pic came from but it does not appear on the boys facebook page. Might want to be careful about attributing it as its likely a photoshoped pic.

Everybody in Florida wears gold fronts. You act as if someone has to be big to play high school football. It is high school, not Major Div 1 or the NFL. No one gets cut in high school football.

These pictures do show a different spin than the media has been pushing.
I do have outrage for the kid set on fire. his attackers have been arrested. Reports have him being suspended from school for tardiness.

His Facebook page has been scrubbed.

He was a line backer in high school football in Florida ...

... he is 6'2" - he is big kid.

Now it is coming out that he was a bully in school.

He was suspended because 'he was in an unauthorized area' ...

... let's assume it wasn't the girl's locker room and he was in some teacher's desk.

Fuck Stormfront.

It is disingenuous to use a photo of him @ 11 years old ...

... deceptive is a word that comes to mind.

He was a punk.

Too bad he got shot.

I won't lose any sleepover it.

All those people who let him be a punk or who glorify punk behavior are to blame.

And now I blame Obama because he did not renounce the Black Panther bounty on Zimmerman's head.

Look dumb bitch I know plenty of young teens who take pictures like that and post them on the internet. White crackers wear grills to so what the fuck you trying to say. You got white folks trying to be black wanna bes. Yall can kiss me and my son BLACK ass! How the fuck was trayvon going to hurt anybody when he doesnt have a muther fucking history of violence. If anything zimm stanky big ass should be dead that bastard got plenty history of violence. Fuck every bastarded thats on zimm side all yall gone burn in hell with his ass!

You should have spent more time in school, too, homes.

Then you wouldn't talk like such a dumb ass.

And yall so dumb that kid is still alive that is not trayvon martin holding uo his middle finger that is somebody else. Dude get real trayvon real facebook page is private you cant even see his pictures unlesd you his friend! Dumb ass the only picture thats actually him is the one with the grill.

I simply cannot tell you how much I don't give a fuck, homes.

He was a punk and by the sounds of it - so are you.

Finally somebody was being proactive! Well, not completely proactive, because Trayvon Martin was already beating on somebody, but thank God that somebody had a gun. Zimmerman needs to be awarded a medal of valor. Of course, he won't be, but he will be exonerated once the facts on this event come out.

Negros everywhere should take note of what happened. Somebody went ape on someone else and they got shot. The time of gangland criminal behavior so loved by blacks is no longer being tolerated. We might finally be taking back our civilization...

The person posting with screen name "Trayvon m" is clearly a genius. Pay careful attention to what he says and how he says it. His words tell you everything you need to know...

Zimmerman has a gash on the back of his head and a broken nose, according to his lawyer.

On the back of his head ...

... young sweet Trayvon hit him from behind - most likely with a rock.

That is what the cops know and why Zimmerman was not charged.

I think there is something major wrong with this country of ours when we spend more of our time and media on issues such as this. We don't know the circumstances around this issue and we don't know if Trayvon isn't to blame as well... I think there was blame on both sides but for the country to spend so much time on this issue and trying to make it a white/black thing is just another way for the blacks to always say they are being oppressed. Last time I looked, most are living better than most people I know since most if not all in the pictures and videos from the marches and gatherings are all on welfare and probably eating fast food with EBT cards because they are so damn lazy and not wanting to get a job.. So in reality we as a nation are paying for this to go on and I think at this point with this young being out at 3am he was up to no good....

HE WAS A GANGSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seems like whoever is responding under the name of (Trayvon m) doesn't have a clue and has never had a real job. The Blacks make such an issue about scenarios like this and never once stop to see they are just as racists as most whites. They tend to see their own side and never once see where they are racist in their own right, so reading Trayvon m's comments doesn't surprise me one bit that you have someone who has probably taken advantage and lived his whole life taking advantage of the government and every good tax paying American in our country today!!!!! Just a another out of work Black man pissed and trying to extort money from an unfortunate issue such as this.

I've known about this case since late Feb. and this is what I have been seeing and saying all along. I'll probably get lynched for posting news articles like this on my facebook page. Good site, Steel, I'll be back.

The more that comes out ...

... the more apparent it is that young Trayvon was not what the media would have us believe.

I support George Zimmerman.

No justices , No peace What does that mean may I ask ? Trayon was a punk want a be ganister period. Now the so call " New Black Panther Party ass holes now declared open season on white people period to kill !. No Justice , No peace what does that mean? Make it lawful to burn down cities , business , my house. I will use my right to use "The Stand your Ground Law " to protect my family for sure . Let the Justices Dept. Investigate and stop using the media to provoke Black violence if it don't go your way

if that punk had shot and killed zimm would the black community care ?think again no money to be made on that!dumb poeple think its racist to be suspicious of black gangsters roaming a gated community and threatening people trayvon is really a victim of black culture in our country its cool to be bad the worse you are the cooler you are rap and bad or absent parents are to blame

What is important to remember about the whole story ...

.. is that they waited a month before starting a fuss.

Gave them time to scrub Trayvon's personal pages and any evidence that he was a punk.

The people who need to be in jail over this are the media and those who set up the false narrative.

It is analogous to yelling 'FIRE' in a crowded theater.

That is against the law.

I hope everyone understands that this narrative - this meme - was completely contrived - constructed - out of whole cloth for the sole purpose of inflaming yet another demographic in order to divide this nation and re-elect Barack Obama.

They've ginned up women and blacks ...

... next will be gays and latinos.

It is important that you question every news story until Obama is out of office ...

... the Left will not give up power without a fight or tearing this country apart.

I also hope those of you who are new to this site come back and chime in often.

Happy to have you aboard.

What is important to remember are two things. One being that we do not have the whole story, and two that regardless of whose side we are on, someone died because of lack of communication and a total disregard to follow directions. Your clothes do not represent who you are as a person. Short skirts aren't an invitation for rape, Emo clothing does not mean that you are a druggie, and a hoodie with low pants don't make you a gangster. If Zimmerman felt like he was assured in confronting Trayvon he never would have called 911. But he did, and they informed him to stay put. Its not like he saw the boy breaking into a house or vandalizing property. That may be a cause for immediate action. I feel for both parties, and as a black female, I don't look at this in black and white. I think that everyone is just hoping for a fair trial and for things to be handled correctly. I pray for Trayvon, Zimmdrman, and anyone who feels violated by this situation. We have to be the change we want to see in this world. If this is one thing people want to protest about then let them. We can't stand for everything.

" ... I think that everyone is just hoping for a fair trial and for things to be handled correctly ... "

Um, no ...

The New Black Panthers put a bounty on Zimmerman's head and Spike Lee posted his address online.

The black community is calling for Zimmerman's imprisonment.

Not 'everybody' is hoping for fairness.

The great thing about this is....that is not the Trayvon Martin that was killed. Its another kid. Nice job genius.

This is the only site on the net that still thinks the pictures are the same kid

'Scuse me.

The kid doing the sag IS Trayvon but the photo was taken in KY.

Broken family.

Different Facebook page.

That is my guess.

But it does not matter.

The Trayvon that got dead was a punk.

You want fewer dead black kids in this country ...

... stop making them so stupid.

What makes them so stupid is an educational system that elevates bad teachers because the teacher's union forces it.

You want better kids?

Kill the teacher's unions.



And by the way, Jim, if you want fewer dead black kids ...

... do something about it.

My kids are black.

No the picture of the boy with the sagging pants a re not of Trayvon. This is not about a hoodie. This is not about a gold grill. People are straying from the point. The Black Panthers are dead wrong for how they are handling this. It is outrageous and embarrassing. Please stop categorizing Blacks as this race of ignorant and indecent people. Don't pretend that we get the same treatment and opportunities as everyone else. Don't stand on your soapbox unless you are willing to be equal. That's the problem now. Everyone picks a side, but noone has the balls to swallow their pride and try to make peace with the masses. The fact that we are even commenting under a picture of a gold grill that is supposed to categorize him as some gangster is beyond ridiculous, and just sets this whole thing back twenty notches. Unless you were at the scene of the crime as it took place, you just don't know. And if it was your kid, no matter how gangster he looks or how his reputation supersedes him, all you would be focused on is your dead child. The oneyou held as a baby, or carried for nine months. Stop making it about yourselves.

Miami harald released
That trayvan was suspended for a empty marijuana bag and a marijuana pipe.
Right before that he was suspended for graffiti.
He was watched on a camera hiding and acting suspicious.
Then they saw him write WTF on a locker.
When they searched his bag for a marker.
They found stolen jewelry.
wedding bands braclets ECT.
also a screwdriver they said was a burglury tool.
He denied it was his and wouldnt give any names.
They suspended him for graffiti and gave the jewelry to the police.
Yes hes also been suspended for tardyness and skipping school.


The mother of my children is black, my kids are half and half, so I think I know a little something about what is going on.

It is too bad Trayvon got dead, but it is becoming apparent that he attacked the shooter first.

If he had continued beating Zimmerman's head on the sidewalk, we would be talking about some guy who is brain dead ...

... except we wouldn't be talking about this at all.

Until the Left took this up as a cause celebre, it was just another punk kid, gone wrong and got dead.

Happens a dozen times a weekend in every major city in this country ...

... except those shooters are all black.

You need to do some soul searching yourself and try and figure out why black culture glorifies violence.

The single greatest cause of dead black kids is other black kids.

Come back after you have accepted that fact and quit trying to blame the white man for those ills you and yours bring upon yourselves.

Look at your goddamn culture, woman.

Fix that shit and quit trying to blame me.

One more thing,

I would never let my son go the way Trayvon went.

And if Trayvon were my son ...

... I would be sad but I would blame myself for letting him go that way.

Trayvon's mother is copyrighting Trayvon's name so she can make money from his death.

That pretty much says it all.

And don't let the race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson speak for you ...

... you should be renouncing them and the Left's meme.

That meme is like a cancer on black folks - it should be rejected at all times.

Even such awful times as the death of Trayvon Martin.

You have something constructive to say - I'll post it on this site.

His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” ~ Rev. C.L. Bryant, former leader of the Garland, Texas NAACP.

That is what is wrong, Alexis.

The Left is trying to create a false narrative ...

... your sorrow and outrage should be directed there.

The Left is the new master of the plantation.

That is why I am angry.

That is why Trayvon matters.

Read this.

And read this.

Steel Truman is a deluded racist. All you need is the fact that an unarmed person was shot dead. Sorry! Grounds for manslaughter charges.

The law says otherwise, as do the cops and witnesses.

I personally think it warrants an investigation by the State of Florida.

An unbiased investigation, which idiots like you, have precluded with your rush to judgement.

Here's what C.L. Bryant, former head of the Garland, Texas NAACP, has to say about it.

Another black man speaks

And another black man speaks

And yet another black man speaks.

A black woman speaks.

Another black woman speaks.

And yet another black woman speaks.

I saw this clip a few minutes ago ...

... and I find it disturbing."

I will let the wheels of justice turn before I make a judgement.

Two encounters?

very funny!


That's pretty funny, too.

I know my O2 level - I can't escape my O2 level.

Sucks the life out of me everyday.

I hate spam.

Don't do it again.

Maybe not, he did have 'medical attention' on scene.

I have heard about a couple of more witnesses ...

... perhaps they will flesh this out.


What set this off was the shooter's last name - Zimmerman.

The Left assumed he was Jewish and white.

From there, they constructed a narrative to suit their ideological agenda.

Problem is, Zimmerman is a registered Democrat, Hispanic and mentored young black kids as a volunteer.

And he has the injuries one would expect from being attacked.

The reason Trayvon's personal history is important ...

... is because had he not been suspended he would have been in school and not visiting his Dad.

He was on a bad road.

It was only a matter of time before he got into serious trouble, based on his 'rap sheet'.

And on this topic - the law rules.

Florida State law says he acted in self defense.

The more that comes out about him ...

... the more quiet the Left becomes.

That really should tell you something.

To the guy who said Steel Turman is "deluded racist": Have you actually taken in a thing he has said, or did you just get upset that someone didn't take the media's portrayal of this kid as an angel at face value? I think there should have been more of an investigation, but that is largely because I do not have all of the facts. The police seem to be satisfied (and I'm guessing so far the feds are also, as no charges have been filed) and nobody can produce evidence the kid didn't attack first. Bottom line: ST is correct. Whether he was good or bad at heart, acting like a hard-ass gangster has its risks. What do you think would happen if I put on a Nazi SS uniform and went to the mall? Would anyone care that I am not actually a racist? Nope, I'd be thrown through a 3rd-floor window and beaten to death in the parking lot if I survived the fall...

I think everyone should just cool their jets and let the State of Florida pursue justice.

What angers me is the false narrative constructed by the media solely to put money in race pimps pockets, distract from Obama's dismal record and inflame racial tensions for political gain.

Black people should be sick and tired of being used like that.

Man, that pisses me off.


Trayvon would not have been staying at his father's fiance's house in that gated community hundreds of miles from where he lived with his Mom if he hadn't been kicked out of school ...

... for the third time.

Punk behavior put him there and therefore helped to get him dead.

So sad, too bad, better luck next time.

Broken home, peer pressure and drugs ...

... happens all the time.

Who is to say Trayvon didn't take that particular moment to express his rage by beating Zimmerman to death?

i think this is media working with government to try to use a single case of a right to conceal permit holder and killed someone to try and take away our right to bare arms.


I think you are quite right and correct and that same logic should be applied to 'Fast & Furious'

It won't be and that makes me angry.

What is going to happen over the next few months ...

... will make the riots in 1968 or after Rodney King in South Central Los Angeles seem tame by comparison.

It will be a long hot Summer.

Fuck that kid, he deserves to be six feet under..... Where's the KKK when you need them.

No, what we need is to let justice run its course.

Why is everyone so blindly eager to turn down the fact Travon Martin was a punk.
He was not a model student. He was not an All-state football player. He was not even a contributing member of his society. He was however shot by a man who was getting his head stomped in.
This is another example that people have again forgotten that the 1960's are over, and in saying that this is again a subject being twisted in to a race issue. And if your one of those negligent and gulable people who do beleave Travon was a completely innocent and these protests and marches have nothing to do with what seems to be the black community against the world campaign, then ask your self why Spike Lee decided to hop on Twitter at tell his minions to "pay him a visit". Would Spike Lee have done that for a white teenager? Would Spike Lee cry for blood if this was a black on black crime?

I just want to say... It is truly a shame that a 17 year old child was shot, but what it comes down to, is that there was some sort of scuffle.

I am sure that zimmerman was being protective over his home area when he called in the 911 and was told not to follow the person. If he would have not followed and returned at that time, this blog would probably not exist.

In addition, I am protective over my family, my dwelling and friends. I don't think that they should retreat back to the days where we had to run before firing a shot that may save our lives. I don't care if the person is pregnant and pink! If I am in any kind of danger i will use my side arm to defend myself.

I also find it amazing how no one talks about the family that was car jacked in miami. They shot and killed the whole family as they begged for their lives in a gas station. But, no one talks about this. It is horrific.

Sorry, but I will not be a number in a statistic. I have a permit to carry a side arm and will use it if it is within the guide lines of the law.

Finally a place where people have the nerve to tell the truth.This "kid" 6'2" was a drug user and seller,he beat a bus driver ,and he was a thief...........not receipt for the tea and skittles folks.....yep cause he stole them.

The wearing of hoodies I expect it to honor a hoodlum,nothing more

Removed for reasons of bad taste.

I don't think that has a place in this thread.

Steel Turman

A sad story getting sadder by the day.

That's right, tell the racists who's right.

If Trayvon was killed because of race, fine, get Zimmerman on charges. If not, exonerate Zimmerman - and shut up about it.

If Trayvon were white, this would not be an issue in the news - at least, not in the grandiose fashion that it is - and Zimmerman was unfairly "painted" as white strictly to make him look bad - and it wasn't even true. This only shows me a number of different things:

1. Black people are ESPECIALLY racist.
2. People will do anything to advance their cause, especially when it's slandering one without evidence.
3. Mob mentality sucks.
4. People en masse are idiots, useful or not, especially when "rallying" behind a "cause" - especially those ignorant to the "cause" and the circumstances involved.
5. Don't Snitch - unless it's a black person who gets wronged, then snitch until your lungs bleed.
6. Anyone and everyone is capable of lying, and they will, even in a heinous situation like this, just to soothe the racist fire within themselves via making other races look bad, instead of focusing on the fact that there is ONLY ONE RACE WE BELONG TO AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE, FORGET COLOR.

But then again, to quote Insane Clown Posse: "Fuck skin color, everybody's blue, THEN what would all you bigots do? Instead of your tone, they'd hate your size, and then I must pluck out all their eyes".

By the way, a grill DOES make you look like a piece of trash gangster, end of story. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck - it's a duck.

The majority of those who wear this item are of the lower dregs of society, no matter who wants to dispute it - everyone knows it, and that's that. Hoodies are worn by everyone, everywhere - grills are only worn by 'gangstas' and wannabes, or those who don't know any better - and I guarantee you that if someone knows what a "grill" is, THEY KNOW BETTER, THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS, IT'S NOT JUST A CUTE PIECE OF METAL YOU PUT ON YOUR TEETH, YOU WEAR IT TO LOOK LIKE A HARD-ASS.

Don't try to look like a gangsta duck (in other words, don't sport the same "stylez" those idiots do), and you won't be taken for one. If you want to look that way, be prepared to be dealt with in a fashion fitting for such trash.
If you choose to put out this image, look out, playa, you just might be taken as a threat - regardless of color, because plenty of wannabe white gangsters and those of other colors too have worn grills (again, THEY KNOW BETTER, THEY KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, WHAT STATUS SYMBOL THE "GRILL" HAS UNEQUIVOCALLY BEEN TURNED INTO, and I consider those people to be a threat too (gangstas, NOT just people who wear grills, EVEN THOUGH THEY LOOK THE PART)- and all the playin' goes out the window right at that moment, along with any respect I or any other person with sense had for you - and the only person you had to blame was yourself, because you KNEW what image you were giving people, and chose to simply act as if you were above it, or as if the idea didn't exist.

TL;DR - "gangsta" looking person with a grill, a wife-beater, and a scowl comes up to you, are you going to assume that they're there to play tiddlywinks and that they're a good person? Or are you going to be cautious and apprehensive toward the person, LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS SMART AND LIVES VIA EXPERIENCE AND WHAT IS OBSERVED AND KNOWS TO LOOK OUT FOR THESE PEOPLE WHO PROJECT THEMSELVES THIS WAY BECAUSE MORE THAN LIKELY THEY ARE A DANGER AND A SCOURGE ON SOCIETY?

Be honest, people. This is pathetic.

Well said Steve,

You just said all there is to say, amigo.

I am tempted to close the comments on this thread down because you have pretty much summed up my thoughts and the only logical approach to the matter.

Thank you, I was beginning to wonder about humanity.

I am glad to make your acquaintance.

I'll leave the comments open so you can check back to see if some idiot can offer up a salient reply to you.

Feel free to opine any old time.

Oh, and don't forget the media and the race pimps ...

... they, especially, deserve our scorn for trying to drive this story like a wedge into our society.

Again, thanks.

Dux, I will refuse to comply with those who try to take my right to bare arms - everyone should be able to go sleeveless, be it in a tank-top or otherwise.

But seriously, that's pretty smart (bear arms), Fast and Furious - two examples of things we are being distracted from, or in the case of our second amendment rights, what they are trying to take away while they've got us looking the other way while this whole Trayvon business is going on.

I hate to go on like a broken record, but I just have to say, reading the comments on here: whether or not Trayvon was a model student or a thug does not matter at this point, nor does it matter whether or not he had a criminal past. Don't get distracted, people. This was a human life taken by another, and whatever the reason, it's wrong - the one guilty should be punished, and if Trayvon is guilty, he's already been punished enough - this is only being used, again, to draw our attention from what is important, and to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, so as to keep us (read: PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF COLOR OR ETHNIC GROUP) from amassing a much larger, more intelligent collective consciousness that actually stands a chance against being controlled on a mass scale by those who perpetuate these very events and attitudes.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled program.

To everyone else:

Spike Lee and Roseanne and anyone else caught trying to incite violence against another should have a special place in Hell, no matter what the reason - or, perhaps they should be shown how it feels to have their information given to the public with instructions to attack - but that would be an 'injustice', wouldn't it? A grave injustice that they would see to retaliating against, yet no-one cares if Zimmerman's information is out there, or the information of an elderly family that was completely innocent, thus putting both parties in danger - because, again, they weren't the players, merely the pawns (and, in the case of the elderly couple, unintentional casualties) in these people's game, their "Money and Power" game.

It's an injustice regardless of the reason, and in this matter, it's an injustice regardless of whether or not Zimmerman is guilty of a hate crime - violence begets violence, and an eye for an eye would leave us ALL blind.

To the idiot who posted about the KKK - you're just as bad as everyone I rail against in my previous posts, if not worse, because you actually have the indecency to espouse such hatred on a public forum, while most are just so cowardly that they only exchange these views with other weak, like-minded people like yourself, or they hide behind anonymity, hoods and robes, what have you - although you haven't done much better in the sense of avoiding cowardice, only leaving behind a pseudonym with your vitriolic statement.

To all those else with racist, ignorant, bigoted comments: shove them. They don't do anyone any good, not even yourself - whatever gets you through the night, as long as you keep it to yourself - but don't go spreading that bullshit around here, as you're among much more intelligent people than yourselves that have no appreciation for your type - unless, of course, you could become a decent person with care in your heart for those of all colors, not just your own.

I think I'm done for now, even though there are other comments that I would really like to address - because this is the Admin's page, not mine, and I'm swiftly taking over the available space - all relevant points have been touched on, and I have nothing remaining on the subject but words of contempt for those less racially tolerant, and those less caring about their fellow man - and I'm sure you've heard quite enough of that.

Just keep these things in mind, people, and we'll all live a lot more nicely - IF you put them into practice.

Thanks again, Admin.

I don't know what happened, as I typed out quite a bit before that last post, and it never got posted...but it basically said that I'm glad to make your acquaintance as well, and thank YOU for holding this place out as a bastion against stupidity. I may or may not agree with everything on this blog, but I know one thing - you're 100% right on the Trayvon issue, and people have a lot to learn from you when it comes to seeing what's in front of them for what it really is.

Thanks again, and I'll GTFO your comments.

Oh, right, I remember - how many other people die that aren't reported on, no matter what the reason? But with this Trayvon's why this is being reported on, while countless others are dying and/or dead, murdered in cold blood, and their names are never even mentioned in the media:

1. People, one can observe, generally don't care unless it affects THEM PERSONALLY or THEIR "RACE"/color when we're all of the same race (human), and a supposed "hate crime" is committed - when taking life at all from anyone seems pretty hateful to begin with - as long as it isn't a black guy getting away with murder, or for the blacks, reverse the situation, or for any ethnic group that (inexplicably, ignorantly) hates another, as long as it isn't their "enemy" group "getting over" on them, they don't care, let the whole world go to Hell - this needs to stop.

2. These people were "nobodies", I.E., those who were not celebrities, or millionaires, or minorities, and thus, not 'newsworthy' - and minorities are only 'newsworthy' because when a minority is involved, people react where they normally wouldn't (a by-product of both the media and people perpetuating such views), and the media knows that, AND PREYS UPON IT AND US by sensationalizing events like Trayvon's death.

3. These murders that aren't reported on don't make good fodder for sensationalist media to add to the already overflowing pot of lies and deception in the name of making a buck, or dividing people, because the circumstances of the murder don't meet the previously listed criteria.

It's injustice when ANYONE is killed by another, for any reason - but they keep our eyes off of that concept, and others that we should be focusing on, by provoking our sense of justice with hand-picked events, turning our collective will this way and that way, by manipulating our emotions towards our fellow man.

A kid got killed? No kidding? JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! A woman was raped in the subway? JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! A family was robbed and killed while begging for their lives at a gas station? JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON.

What about justice for these other people that no-one will ever care about (on the same scale) - because they're not in the middle of a scandal that's being played ONLY for the racial aspect of it, ONLY to inflame people and divide them further?

Wake up, people, we're all of the same race, and the ancient, outmoded idea that one is better than the other is being perpetuated by those in power - be it the old white codgers that don't want blacks on the payroll - or, the old black codgers that don't trust "whitey" - or ANY race that fights with another over such stupid matters as who is what color, as long as they still have power, they will do what they can to ensure that the status quo does not change, and if that means stirring the pot and keeping everyone hating each other by helping to promote these kinds of attitudes (the Trayvon Martin case being a good example), then they will, just as they have for years - TO KEEP THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE, TO KEEP PEOPLE JUST AS RACIST AND HATEFUL TOWARDS ANOTHER, because we're easier to control that way as a whole - after all, it's a lot easier to go around behind everyone's backs on everyone if everyone's already distracted.

Again, wake up, and stand up against this injustice - not the injustice of Trayvon's murder/death - but the injustice of capitalizing on this event to help keep people down, to keep them working as cogs in the machine of established hatred and racism, and keeping us distracted from other issues while they're at it - the injustice of people going along with it, allowing these people, the media and those in control of it to keep these ideas and concepts in play, using people as pawns in a game with one objective: preserving power for the "right" race, "THEIR" "race" - be that the Africans, white people, Palestinians, Jews - there are still people in power who perpetuate these ideas from EVERY 'race', people, and it's this sort of behavior, along with allowing the media to amplify it, that KEEPS these people in power, along with their hateful ideals, thus keeping the whole racism thing going in a vicious circle.

We're all human. Life is life. Killing is killing. One should remain sacred, regardless of the color of the person containing said life - and killing should be considered bad, the taking of life for any reason - Color is only subjective - after all, I could be color blind, and only watch black and white television, then what would I know about color? About as much as you if you were in the same position - and THEN what position would you be in to judge color? You could be "wrong" about "your color", after all, or the guy down the street - and that would just be an injustice, wouldn't it?

Stop seeing color and start seeing that we all have a heart that beats, and it is the same one within all of us - that of Homo Sapiens, not black or white, or any color in between - and the problem will eventually fix itself, if we all do what we can to spread this viewpoint and resist that of other less altruistic people.

That's about the jist of it - I wrote way too much to try to remember, before the comment field for some reason kicked it out, but I think I came close.

Again, and finally, (I promise), GTFO'ing your comments.

One. Last. Thing.

Once this whole Trayvon business is over, people get bored, and are tired of thumping their chests, the media will latch on to a new sensation, and most likely a racist one at that - noone really cares about this issue, except to "fight for their race" - and that's sad.

Realize this, people. Trayvon died, and that's bad, not because he's black, but because he was alive, and his life was taken. The bad thing is how people twisted it into an issue of race before it was proven - and now nobody can KNOW for sure whether or not this issue is really over racism being a circumstance in his murder or not, everyone is just believing it to be so - and spreading it around, hurting the whole of humanity in the process.

Humans are human, colors are colors - which ones are alive, and which ones are just concepts? Do you love things with life more than concepts? If you do, and you're racist, you need to reevaluate your thinking, and realize that thoughts and ideas come and go, but life is only once - and we should help each other the world over to live a better life, not try to berate others and cause them grief because they're a different color - and we should NOT focus on someone's death JUST BECAUSE IT IS CONSIDERED A RACIAL ISSUE - again, we should be focusing on the fact that people are still murdered at all, and doing what we can to stop that, ALONG WITH trying to stop racism - and the first thing we can do to help stop racism is not playing into the instigators' hands.

Forget Trayvon. He's gone. The problem of racism, however, still exists, and THAT is a problem we can all feel good fighting against - as it will do nothing but advance humanity, and allow those in power ONE less way of controlling our interests, our thinking, and thus, our actions for their own racist purposes.

The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world, in other words, will lose power if we JUST STOP LISTENING to them, and start caring about what's UNDER the skin instead of what COLOR the skin is, and we will finally be able to view each other as one people, one life, one planet, all sharing with each other, all part of each other, on a genetic and a cultural level - and the world's collective intelligence will rise dramatically, allowing those with these archaic, hateful views to be ousted from power, replacing them with those who are "color-neutral" - and while there will ALWAYS be those who are racist, this is a good start, and will dramatically cut that number, until finally, they are the ones persecuted, and eventually, made irrelevant in areas of power - which is where the healing begins.


You are exactly right on the money in every aspect of this case.

I would add that the mainstream media has proven itself so biased that thinking people should ignore them out of hand.

I would also like to invite you to this soapbox.

You have something to say - I offer this place to you for that.

My email is both my names together without a space and

You need more people exposed to your thoughts.

Actually, we all need that.

So consider that and get in touch with me.

I am looking forward to that.


This says it all and everyone should read it.

5 nights ago, my stepdaughter was carjacked in walgreen's parkinglot while waiting to get her prescription filled. Guess who robbed her? BLACK MALE, WEARING A HOODIE. Of course! Where is HER "al sharpton"? Where is HER civil rights' activist? Noplace. Trayvon was a PUNK. His family is trying to cash in on his death. I heard the 911 tapes.....that is zimmerman yelling for help, not trayvon! Spike lee should be arrested for posting what his dumb ass thought was zimmerman's address. Even looking at these posts, I can tell who is white and who is black...... "you is" and "ax"..........please......just plain ignorance.

Sorry about your stepdaughter - I hope she is okay.

The Left dreams of a race war ...

... they will lose that war.

Thank you. She'll be okay, just very shaken up....he held a gun to her head....I'm just so angry! You know? I mean, the reverand (and I use that term lightly) jesse jackson sure isn't coming here demanding justice for my stepdaughter! Where is the naacp when one of their own is wrong? Oh wait-- _ know.....they are all too busy right now already defending one of their own....that was wrong.....but they won't admit it, not ever. And I think its disgusting that trayvon's "grieving" mother is trying to trademark and cash in on her son's death. Disgusting, but typical, don't you think? Absolutely TYPICAL!

Race is merely one issue the Left is going to use in order to insure Zippy's re-election.

They are going to throw everything including the kitchen sink and hope they hit something.

The most important take-away from this Trayvon Martin incident is to not accept anything you read, anything you hear - even from previously trusted sources - without doing your own due diligence in fact-checking everything.

I refrain from making overly generalized statements or thinking in those broad terms - it limits my ability to analyze and it is too easy to brand someone wrongly.

What his mother did re trademarking his name is beyond disgusting - it is revolting. Her allowing her son to turn into some sort of gangsta caricature is even more despicable.



Maybe we only see the bad - maybe it's bad behavior that gets reported.

I'd like to think it isn't 'typical'.

But I am ever the optimist, often to my own harm.

This is very simple. Trayvon was a hood rat punk that tried to act hard. He attacked a guy with a gun and got shot for it. That stand your ground law is amazing and I wish they had it everywhere. Maybe more punks like Trayvon would take notice and get a job. Speaking of punks, that dumb ass Spike Lee tried to give our George Zimmerman's address. That and the blame on Zimmerman is the only crime that has happened. All the crying about how Trayvon only had skittles! He probably stole them from the store or some kid while walking through a gated community.

Great. Zimmerman's been charged. Hope it's the right decision, hope that it's truly justice...

Seriously, I do applaud this decision if it's justice, as I said before - but for some reason, this just seems wrong, for him to be arrested, we still do not have conclusive proof - I mean, are any of you satisfied with this (and I mean the objective, non-biased people who WANT to see ALL the evidence)?

I sure hope we did the right thing, people. I truly hope we did - though I had no part of it, I obviously mean we as a nation. Fuck's sake, I hope we were right, otherwise, a grave injustice has been committed.

They had to bring charges given the hysteria.

There are no mandatory minimums with this or the lessor charge of negligent homicide.

The evidence is what it is and his fate rests with that ...

... as does the country's collective conscience.

I wonder of it will be televised?

I just have no hope anymore.

Look up Atkins shooting Pheonix - 22 yr old Hispanic male shot while walking up to Taco Bell by a black male in his car - all Atkins had was a yellow lab, a leash, and MENTAL PROBLEMS - but this guy had to be a hardass and shoot him dead.

Where's Sharpton? Where's Jackson? Oh, right. A BLACK GUY WAS THE ONE PULLING THE TRIGGER, SO IT'S NO BIG DEAL LOL

I give up. This fucking place just...ugh. And it's only the tip of the iceberg, these sorts of think any further, about the *real* problems we're facing (not to say this isn't a real problem) - that just makes me want to crawl under a rock.

I just don't have anything else to say - and more than likely, I'm done commenting on anything on the Internet, because it seems to do no good - and in certain places (not here) my comments get deleted, which leaves me with an awful uneasy feeling as to the potential strippage of my well-being...

People, just try to live well and love one another. It's about all there is to do anymore, I fear.

I don't have that long to live and most of the time I feel like giving it up.

It's simple curiosity that keeps me going.

I want to see how it all turns out ...

... and I do believe we are at a point in history where we may know soon.

I still hold out hope that reason will prevail.

Hey, shoot me an email and I'll add you to a select group - we discuss things.

My name @ Gmail

The only reason they brought charges was to shut up all the stupid people crying about a thug punk getting shot. Where is the outrage when sooooo many more white people get shot by darkies! Justice was done when that stupid cunt got shot. Count it up as another stupid thug off the streets so he can't hurt others in his life. The truth hurts, and more darkies shoot white people than any other race. Face it.. Hate it.. whatever.. but He was a punk that got what he deserved. I bet Zimmerman asked for charges to be brought to shut up the numb nuts crying cause a stupid punk darkie got shot. So WHAT. I'm glad he did and I hope it continues! We need more people like Zimmerman watching our neighborhood. Maybe the stupid darkies will get off wellfair, stop trying to hurt everyone else and maybe get a JOB! I can't wait for the riots when Zimmeron gets let off. Maybe more punks will get shot!


You are way over the line with that crap, but I am going to leave your comment here as a sort of signpost for others.

There is no room in my world for racists of any color ...

... I'd suggest you get some help - but I don't think it would help.

So I will just say fuck you and your bigotry.

i just googled "trayvon martin punk" and this page is high on the list. congrats.
basically i dont care if trayvon was black white or whatever. lots of kids are stupid punks wanna be tough guys.
what im embarassed by is people confounding race with being a dipshit. probably both zimmerman and robinson were dipshits. but this particular website has it out against black people in particular.


I am Injun and my kids are half black.

Race is not the issue.

Media bias is.

Stop back when you understand.

Two black guys broke into a house here in my town. The people came home, and the black guys took one of the guys shotguns and tried to hit him with it. Needless to say, the guy got his shotgun back and killed both of the robbers. Where is all the press on that? Where is all the press on all the white people killed by other races? I tell you where. It is waiting for cameras so they can cause fake drama. The boy got shot because he attacked someone with a gun. Stop making it about race and make it what it was. A punk attacking someone with a gun. Zimmerman did what he was supposed to do. All the drama you hear on the press is just political and people wanting to cause tension with races. They do this because they pick easy targets and expolite their knowledge of what the world really is like.

What makes me laugh is all the people playing the race card. They do it for political purposes only. NONE of the people care about Trayvon. None of the people care about what really happened. None of the people care that Zimmerman was just doing what he was supposed to be doing. He was community watch. He was protecting his neighborhood. He saw a hood rat walking through the area. The purpose of community watch, is to stop people that are up to no good. If I saw a hood rat like Trayvon walking through my neighborhood, I would be suspicious of him as well. If you say you wouldn't then you are stupid and would be replaced as community watch. He even had THC in his system. So he was a hood rat drug user. Charges were only brought to shut up the people trying to get some political coverage for their cause and political party. They try and get uneducated people all worked up about an open and shut case. Trayvon attacked the wrong person. I bet if Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, nobody would even know their names and it wouldn't be in the news. Let this serve as notice, that if you attack someone. You could get shot. So maybe stop being "hard" Stop being a "thug" Get a job, dress like you got some type of life, and stop attacking people. The person you attack my be packing like Zimmerman. Trayvon got what he deserved. I hope all those people that made this political read all this stuff and it makes them mad. Maybe they could see that people are not stupid and are not falling for that stupid crap anymore!

I would have happily planted several bullets up Trayvons nostrils if he ever even tried to beat me like he did to Zimmerman.

I would have happily planted several bullets up Trayvons nostrils if he ever even tried to beat me like he did to Zimmerman.












Ummm, Bob?

Your caps key is stuck on stupid.









Sorry Bob. Zimmerman will get off. All your black friends will cry and whine about it. I will laugh about it. And I wouldn't compare Obama to Bush. Bush was an amazing president. You just fell for the slogan Obama ran with blaming Bush. He likes to blame everyone, but his own ass. He is the one that has run the country like the gheto. Now the country is broke, people are out of work and somehow people like you still want to believe in Obama.

As for Trayvon. He picked a fight with a man that had a gun. Epic Fail! Bet he won't do that again. LOL

hey bob, I don't blame you for wanting to screw white women because no one wants to screw a black women, not even us whites and for your big dick bullshit,you don't know what big is.

The truth of the matter is and always will be is that blacks will be treated as second clase citizens as long as we are here in America, the home of the slave. That man had no right to kill that kid, he should have been minding his business. No, he wanted to confront a black boy who he did not know, only because he was a coward and had a gun. If it was 5 or 6 blacks with automatic weapons he would have stayed his behind in the house like the coward he is. I don't care what happens to him becuase it is not going to bring Trayvon back, and we as black will never get the true justice we deserve until Yeshua comes back to establish His Kingdom. All blacks understand we are not Americans, we are Africans only enslaved by the Americans. We have some rights but this nation is a hypocrisy. Lies, lies, lies. Search for the truth and see why the black man is an endangered specie. See why we have been destroyed literally. See why the only person who can free us is the Almighty, because he put us in slavery for our stiffnecked and rebellious behavior. We will never be united with the white race or any race because we are not even united within our own race. If we change the we live,think, and the way we treat each other then we wouldn't allow something that happened to Trayvon to happen ever again. We must care for one another because no one else will. Then once we have came to The Most High with a sincere and forgiveness then he will lead us back to the land he promised our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God knows and everybody else knows who we are, but we don't know, we are Ignorant(we do not know or have a clue) that is what ignorance is. Knowledge is power, but true knowledge is more powerful. Love to everyone even you whites cause you are just small part of Gods plan for his people, which are the less fortunate like us blacks. Its only two sides Gods side, or satans side. Who side are you on?

You people, you know who you are. Do you really believe you are not going to get punished for your evil ways, and injustices? No one on Earth will punish you all because they are Confederate with you, but there is a God, He is The Most High, He is Almighty, and He is Justice. So all you people who believe you can say anything and there is not going to be no consequence for it, think again. God is real, and he is seeing what yall are doing to his people. Yes us blacks are doing most of the work now, only because of 400 years of oppression and strategic planning we are committing genocide but yall will never ever wipe us off the face of the earth. People wake up and smell the truth. If you know anything about history, you know it repeats itself, and that is what is going on now. Read your bible, the hebrews has been enslaved by almost every nation there is, and if you don't think the black man is still enslaved then you are just ignorant. Why else are most of us in prison, why else most of us grow up without fathers or in disfunctional families. This message is to all blacks no one else, so I don't need your comment unless you are black. This is a message to all blacks. Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

This crazy beefer is gone, so lets not worry about it!

trolling like a biitch, im actually chinese lol lol the red giant is coming for you amrican pussies!!

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