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Silver surfer rough road

  When I turned on the computer this morning I was shocked. I expected fraud on an as yet unknown scale, but I was not prepared for what is already happening a week before the elections. I realized then that the news is going to move so much faster over the next week that my usual format is not up to the task. With that in mind, I decided to alter my postings to better reflect the frenzied pace of what's to come. I decided to surf as I normally do, but instead of saving up links until I have enough for a post, it would be better if I narrow my focus and try to run an item by item commentary as they come to my attention. So, as I surf and find things I'll immediately drop them here with a brief word or two and not bother to create images to suit - unless something screams out and warrants it. This decision forced me to come up with an image to cover all those entries. I spent the better part of the day creating that image. Doing so also let me hide in my thoughts because that intial shock so startled me - if this election collapses into a cesspool of local fraud I don't know what'll happen. I don't think regular citizens will stand for it though it certainly appears like that is exactly what's about to occur. It is going to be a rough road ahead this coming week and probably won't improve for months to come due to litigation and a feeding frenzy of lawsuits from every direction. What this means practically is that this post will remain on top until next Wednesday.

Stay tuned ...


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