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Global Warming? FLAME ON!

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From remarks made by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the Global Environment Forum ...

"... Korea should now go further. It should make itself a model of international engagement on climate change. Climate change, as all previous speakers have already stated, is the fundamental threat to humankind. It exacerbates all of the problems we face: poverty, disease, hunger and insecurity. It impedes progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. It deepens the food and energy crises. That is the harsh reality.

But there is an upside: if we combat climate change with a sustainable, low-emissions approach, just like we see around us in Songdo, we can change the way countries develop. We can foster a green economy and green growth. We can fight hunger and poverty while protecting the environment. The downside is equally dramatic. If we fail to act, climate change will intensify droughts, floods and other natural disasters.

Water shortages will affect hundreds of millions of people. Malnutrition will engulf large parts of the developing world. Tensions will worsen. Social unrest - even violence - could follow. The damage to national economies will be enormous. The human suffering will be incalculable. We have the power to change course. But we must do it now.

As we move toward Copenhagen in December, we must “Seal a Deal” on climate change that secures our common future. I'm glad that the Chairman of the forum and many other speakers have used my campaign slogan “Seal the Deal” in Copenhagen. I won't charge them loyalty. Please use this “Seal the Deal” as widely as possible, as much as you can. We must seal the deal in Copenhagen for the future of humanity....

...We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet...."
Let's pour some gasoline on this puppy! David Bowie, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Cat People, video

Jaysus! I didn't realize it was coming so soon. Hardly leaves any time for Christmas shopping.

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