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Dr. Evil & his Evil Empire

From Bloomberg ...

 Billionaire investor George Soros praised the Hong Kong government for thwarting his attempts to undermine the city’s currency during the 1998 Asian financial crisis, according to an interview with the state-owned China Central Television. “They actually did a very good job in defending the Hong Kong dollar, so they deserve credit,” Soros said during the interview broadcast June 14. “And my attack, if you call it that, was without success.” Soros also said in the interview he didn’t feel any sense of guilt for his attack on the Hong Kong currency as he did it “according to the rules that prevail.”

 The International Monetary Fund’s unit of account, Special Drawing Rights, is “very far” from becoming a world currency even if “that maybe a more suitable system for the world going forward,” Soros told the station in the interview. China’s renminbi, or yuan, “could be an alternative” to the dollar as a world reserve currency and it “can be a very strong currency were it convertible,” Soros said. “But the Chinese government isn’t likely to make the renminbi convertible in the near term,” he said.

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   George Soros is the most dangerous man on Earth. There are more like him and there has always been more like him throughout history.  But Soros relishes the spotlight where his counterparts have always loathed the spotlight like the cockroaches they are. The arrogance of the man is breathtaking - he tries to crush a nation's economy and praises them when he fails. He has been successful more often than you might know. There is a warrant for his arrest in France and the Czech Republic and he was responsible for single-handedly reducing the value of the British pound by almost half. He is attacking the dollar as I type. He uses his wealth and power to break the back of capitalism wherever he can and advocates world socialism. Why? Because it will  be people like him who will be in charge - rich powerful elitists with no national ties.

One Worlders.
George Soros interview, video
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