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Barack America & the Blue Collar Pitbull


   My first thought upon hearing Joe Biden was Obama's choice for his vice president was that the Democratic powers on high had insisted this be so - surely Obama couldn't be that insecure in his own inadequacy - he has never exhibited anything other than the audacity of celestial preordinance - he is the chosen one after all and can do no wrong. I then asked myself 'why' would any sane person select such a pompous, bombastic running mouth as a running mate. The only answer that doesn't befuddle or require mental and political contortions beyond the capacity of sound reason is that Obama had no choice. So why, then?

   First, I think Camp Obama hopes to have Biden's notorious gift of gaffe act as a lightning rod, thus deflecting attention away from the woefully shallow newcomer and his empty rhetoric, lofty sounding though it is. Second, I think the real movers and shakers realize that Obama is a fatally flawed candidate, almost certain to lose in November - perhaps resoundingly so - and they insisted on having what they consider their best attack dog in traces with the empty suit, hoping beyond hope the two of them might reverse the sure and steady downward spiral of Barack Obama in the public's perception.

   But there may be one more thing in play. I believe Biden's selection will convince enough floor delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton in Denver. Biden's ego is far too great to grasp that possibility, the party faithful are far too stupid and numbed by the ascendancy of their new Messiah to consider it and the American voter is wholly preoccupied just now with vacations and back-to-school to care. I also think that the young turks of the Democratic party would like nothing better than to see Joe Biden go away - they want his senate seat for a younger, more disciplined, new brand of Democrat. Biden represents the old school coalition - big labor, backroom deals and unfettered patronage and graft. The new Democrat is a person of many colors - infinite shades of grey, brown, black, and most importantly - green. Biden is old factory manufacturing union labor and lily white. Thowing him to the dogs is a gift to the new Democrats.

   If you doubt my analysis, you've only to watch and hear the two together - as they were today at the campaign kickoff event in Springfield. The young charismatic vessel of change reading so deftly from multiple teleprompters, words ever so silky smooth and well-delivered and the old sweaty, blustering red-faced remnant of a Democratic party of days long gone by. The contrast could not have been more startling or stark. I submit that you'll likely not see the two together again after the national convention next week.

That is, if ever we see them again, except when doing in depth analysis on how the Clintons pulled it off.
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As far as I know, the lawsuit filed by a Clinton surrogate this week is still in play. I'm wondering though, at this stage of the campaign whether or not the Dems can come back together. The Hill-raisers have to be mad as, well old wet hens (sorry ladies, truly no disrespect intended to women in general, just Hillary and her Harpies). If Obama is "deposed" at the convention, it will likely be '68 all over again. I agree that the new Dems want to take over, but I think (hope) that their days are numbered. I was at the store today. The stupidities of our energy policies are starting to get people's notice. High gas prices (got to get to work), soaring food prices (got to eat) at some point (and I'm hopeful it's sooner rather than later) are going to discredit the whole "green" ( including AGW) agenda. Then we can return to using energy sensibly, and still caring for the environment. If anyone thinks our system doesn't take good care of the environment doesn't pay attention to China. Going to be a very interesting week.

Ah, but you forget the 'October Surprise, amigo.

Do you really think the Clintons would be sitting in on this game without an ace, or three, in the hole?

Indeed, that may be the most pragmatic of strategies - to let Obama and his Rottweiler have the spotlight only to later - too late for Obama's spin meisters and a complicit media to recover - reveal or expose a fatally damaging flaw in Obama that will convince even his most ardent acolytes, no matter what color, that he is doomed and that Hillary is the true savior of the Democratic party, the last best hope for America and the only possible salvation for all mankind.

I am so confident of this scenario, that I'd bet on it.

I'll have you know that several liberals lost some serious money to me in the last two elections when Bush was down by 15 points nationally in every poll.

Of course, the sniveling bastards never did honor their wagers.


OK, but what do the Clintons gain if it comes that late? It would still leave a huge body of Obamazombies who would never let Hillary get near the nomination again. I never underestimate the Clintons, however, so never say never. This is going to be too much fun.


The Democratic party leadership will gin up some 'rule' that allows for Hillary's selection as their candidate in lieu of Obama, Biden will be soiled by his new relationship to Obama and those who were so fervent about Obama will be foaming at the mouth with their outrage in having been swindled so handily.

The GOP will be somehow blamed for the 'October Surprise' and the Democratic party faithful will rise up in rabid rebellion and righteous indignation to defeat the evil Rovian Republicans.

Independents will see through all of that and vote for McCain in droves - if for no other reason than a desire for honesty, integrity and adult supervision.

The curtain just went up on this show.

I'm just glad to see the Marxist party fall apart so I don't have to vote for Mr. Don't give a Damn about the border lets work with Ted Kennedy McCain.

Assassination insurance

Hey, DOC--I've been talking about this since Obama crapped on the scene!

Now if McCain (the age issue) would do the same
then we'd have an election.......

Perhaps the Clintons should drop the dummycrats and start a third party????????

Holy shit, can you imagine the reaction (among DEMOCRATS) if Hillary were to take the nomination away? The hell of it is, Hillary stands a better chance of winning the Presidency. I predict that Obama is going to get a McGovern style skunking come November.

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