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Death to America! ... right after my nap


   An heretofore unknown terrorist group, going by the name of 'Feline Fighters for Allah', or Mejahaqittis, has just issued a statement through its spokesman spokescat - Meowhammed al-Qitti.

   To all infidels, decadent dogs of the West and the running rats of the Great Satan ...

   Submit to Allah, the most purrrfect or be slaughtered in your sleep. Kneel and bow to HIS purrrfection or suffer fates most horrible. If you value your heads, you will serve sardines five times a day, rid yourselves of the unclean canines and submit to HIS will - or be damned. We, the warriors of HIS wrathful vengeance, will hunt you down like so many cowering mice if you do not heed our words meows.


It's been shown that cats typically sleep at least 20 hours out of every 24. This is going to be a looong war.

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Friggin terrorist cats lets neuter them.

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