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Mystery Maps


These two maps are NOT related by subject, but may soon be.


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I'm stumped, but here goes a guess. Top represents the biggest users of pharmaceutical medications, and the bottom represents the most sickly peoples in this world.

Wow. Good thought, Mouse. I'm stumped.

After staring at it, you are probably right. Africa and India have the highest percentage of AIDS victims and the numbers are increasing.

The top one is where the nukes are.

The bottom one is deaths resulting from war.

I could not have gotten that because the Asian continent is too much of an all-encompassing bulge. Too hard to delineate where actual nukes are. India and Pakistan and Israel don't stand out enough. Also, does Australia have nukes? Can't believe I don't know that.

Strange. That image makes it look like the US has many more nukes than the old USSR states. Don't they in fact have many more than us?

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