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The Decline of the British Empire - Part MCXLVII

                                      Security guards protect police HQ

Comic_cop_1 The Surrey police force has been branded as "crazy" for hiring security guards to protect its headquarters.

Four guards are based at its Mount Browne HQ in Guildford where about 900 constabulary employees work, including the Chief Constable, Robert Quick.

Councillor and ex-member of the Surrey Police Authority, Terry Dicks, said it was "absolutely crackers" for security guards to guard policemen at work.

Comic_cop1 The police authority said it was following official security guidelines.

A spokeswoman said the guards were being employed to "enable officers not to be distracted from their general policing duties" in line with guidance issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

"The guards are being employed to ensure the safety of visitors to Mount Browne as well as that of officers and staff," she added.

The police force believes the strategy will free up more officers to serve the public.

But Tory councillor Mr Dicks said it was a sign of the "stupidity" of the Chief Constable and the members of the police authority who supported him.

"Can't they [the police] protect themselves? It's crazy.

"This tells us all we need to know about how Surrey Police is run," he said.   Link


       British cops don't carry guns AND can't even guard themselves - how will they cope with THIS?




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Is it possible that by using a security force (trained for a specific duty) rather than police officers (trained to handle a variety of tasks) the department is merely trying to use their resources wisely, and do more for the citizens with what they already have?

Giving them guns would be using their resources wisely. That might make their day so they could get on with the proper business of police work.

'Specially trained'?

What Planet are you from?

Rent-a-cops are only a single notch above burger flippers.

And in Europe - they are often Muslim immigrants, as in the case of that big ass oil refinery that blew up awhile back.

BOTH 'security' guards were Muslim.

If you're going to come around here - pay attention and do your homework.


Or we could, like, not give them guns, and as a result, not have a gun violence deathrate comparable to the US.
Seems sensible to me.

Noda ...

You self righteous, sanctimonious twit ...

Do your homework.


Perhaps you can explain why murders are INCREASING in Britain and DECREASING in the USA?

I'll wait.

Oh come on Steel, everyone knows that if you didn't have a gun a criminal would never even consider using one against you. I mean look at how well "gun free zones" work.

More blissninny BS. If you didn't have a gun he wouldn't have kicked your door in and tried to rape you. See it's all your fault he's dead because you shot him. Next time be the good little victim and just call the police and they will come and fill out a report after he's done with you.

Now the British are banning knives now too. They seem to think they can legislate proper behavior. Ever heard of crazy? When someone is crazy enough to trade their life to take someone else's life the only choice is to stop them first. Waiting 15 minutes for the cops to show up doesn't really work all that well.

Now they need security guards to protect the cops. I gotta know..... Are the guards armed or they just another line of bodies for the crazy to shoot through?

Personally, I think shooting should be taught every year in grade school.

People who are afraid of guns scare the shit outa me.

I wrote off continental Europe years ago.

That the Brits are following suit, pains me deeply.

There's an off chance that IF there's a major confrontation (ie, world war) with Islam, Britain can still pull back from the abyss.

I imagine Phoenix will have something to say about this when she logs in.

What am I supposed to say? That I'm willing to get raped, beaten, and strangled by a madman and try to fend him off with my reading glasses?

Nah. I'll shoot first. Got me a sawed-off shotgun and a 357. Anyone looking to harm me or my kids can eat one of those.

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