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                    Most get news from broadcasters

Tv_news_1 ROCHESTER, N.Y., (UPI) -- Seventy-seven percent of U.S. adults watch local broadcast news, while 71 percent watch network news, compared to 18 percent who read a national newspaper.

A Harris Interactive poll of 2,985 U.S. adults also found 64 percent get their news several times a week or daily by going online, while 63 percent read a local daily newspaper. Fifty-four percent listen to radio news broadcasts, 37 percent listen to talk radio and 19 percent listen to satellite news programming.

Those age 59 and older are most likely to rely on local broadcast news, network broadcast or cable news, or a local daily newspaper several times a week or daily for news.

Baby boomers and Gen Xers also watch broadcast news, listen to radio, read newspapers but also go online for news and listen to talk radio.

Generation Xers are most likely to get their news several times a week or daily from local broadcast stations (69 percent) or online sources (68 percent).

         This explains why the Left is able to stay in business.


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I used to watch network TV news out of DC. It was all about the latest killing and rape or robbery. Every night. I switched to cable news and have never looked back.

You know me honey, I am plugged into THE NEWS.

I post it and wait a couple of days to see how 'the news' sees it.

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