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The One that GOT AWAY

               Multimillionaire seeks relaxed parole

Durst HOUSTON, (UPI) -- Robert Durst, the multimillionaire son of a New York developer, says he is being unfairly penalized because of his acquittal on a murder charge.

Durst is in jail in Houston, doing 60 days for parole violations.

His lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, plans to ask a judge to relax the conditions of his parole. Under current rules, Durst must report to his parole officer daily and get permission for any movements anywhere, even in the Houston area.

"I want him to be under the same conditions as someone who is on parole for bond-jumping, which usually means you report once a month by mail," DeGuerin said. "The bottom line is that they put Bob on the kind of parole restrictions that are reserved for people who have been convicted of violent crimes, and he has not."

Durst was acquitted of killing a neighbor in Galveston, even though he admitted cutting up the man's body. He recently won a $65 million settlement from his family in New York in return for severing all ties from them and renouncing any claims on the family business.

                I'd want to know where he is EVERY MINUTE!


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Acquitted of murder? But he did cut up the body? um... Did he just come upon the body and figure it should be cut up? Did he turn state's witness after witnessing the crime and help convict the murderer?

Big creep-factor going on here...

No, he killed him. But his lawyer got him off of that charge. In fact, I recall he even cofessed to it.

His lawyer is the same one that represents Tom Delay, if that gives you an idea of his ability. AND this creep is worth 300 million.

And this lawyer is now worth 150 million.

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