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Crime & Punishment

                     Colombia man 'jailed over grope'

Grab_ass A bicycle courier in Colombia has been given a four-year jail sentence for grabbing a woman pedestrian's bottom, a TV station has reported.

A judge's ruling - criticised by some as being too harsh - ruled the courier had committed an abusive sexual act.

Diana Marcela Diaz told RCN that the courier had cycled off after groping her, but had been caught by passers-by.

When he was arrested, she was given the option of slapping him, letting him go, or filing a complaint.

She had chosen to set a precedent that would stop sexist behaviour, she said.

RCN described the sentence as historic, but some lawyers condemned it as excessive.

A female member of the national ombudsman's office said the courier had only acted out of lust.

"He didn't use violence or commit a sexual act," she was quoted as saying. Link

               This is acceptable conduct in many cultures.

                                  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


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Four years in jail for copping a feel? A bit harsh. They should just tie the guy up to a sign post on a busy street and tell any and all women to grab his balls when they walk by. Let this go on for about three days. End of story.

Yes, this is considered 'okay' in many places. Italy, for one. I had my fanny grabbed several times. To be honest, I just laughed because it was so stupid. It just made the men look stupid.

There's a big difference in a quick grab and rampant sexual perversion leading to assault. We are just so ultra conscious of it now. I daresay there are some women who long for the day they looked sexy enough to make a man want to grab her butt. Whatever......If it happened to me now, I'd just turn around and grab the guy by the balls and smile real sweet.

Whoa ...

Remind me never to grab YOUR ass.

Heh..... Do you realize what you just said? :}

I was being facetitious.

Or in this case ... asstitious.

sorry but if that woman was dressed like the one wearing that purple dress showing her assets i do not think i could stop my self from touching her. Hey i am just honest. You see a hamburger on tv and you get hungry. You see a naked woman and some part of your brain just goes bye bye and you end up giving her all your money, and anything you may possess.
Next thing you know, you are paing for everything she wants.
I think they were a little harsh on the punishment. She should have slap the animal out of him and been flather that at least someone wants her so bad that he started thinking with his penis instead of his head.
Nothing like human animal lust to get you in to trouble and a life sentence (marriage)hahahahahah

if she was wearing that outfit what does she expect? why wear sompthing like that in public and not expect to get groped, now on the other hand the crowd of people who swarmed round a fully clothed woman ripped off her cloths and gropped her should be drawn and quartered, this guy however should just get a punch (its her fault in my opinion she might aswell be wearing a please grope me sign)

well the punishment was wrong.
firstly, she shouldnt be showing that much to public, and if she is than be ready to be touch,grab, feel.

and if you dont like it dont wear shuch clothes in first place.

as even for me, if i would have seen her, i might also have touch it. hehehe

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