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Allah Cartoons from Denmark

                Row Deepens Over Danish Cartoons


                                         UPDATED from 12/05

         Oh yeah? Well, I have all of 'em - so take that Allah!

                 Row deepens over Danish cartoons





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About a week ago the hosts of the morning show on our local talk radio station discussed the situation in Denmark and the rioting going on in response to a cartoon published in a Danish newspaper. Since people would be [Read More]


Maybe the Danes should make real kitschy hood ornaments of Allah for their cars.

Man, ever get a load of the trashy Christian stuff that is on sale everywhere in this country? Nativity scene cookie jars?

I like cheese Danish.

I'd kill for some havarti right now. With sliced apple and some of those crackers you called 'shingles' with lots of butter. Ummmm.

The Danes are having none of the ROP bullshit.
The ENTIRE nation is memorialized as a 'Righteous Gentile' at the Yad Vashem.
They outwitted the Nazis-and they're surely not going to be cowed by a bunch of islamofacists!!

l23 You're it!

Allah was supposed to fruit anyway

So they're boycotting Danish goods are they? As far as I know, most of the stuff coming out of Denmark is carved off the sides of pigs - dead ones presumably....

So they're boycotting Danish goods are they? As far as I know, most of the stuff coming out of Denmark is carved off the sides of pigs - dead ones presumably....

Look - Cartoons can be offensive. Der Sturmer in Nazi Germany was part of the problem that led to the holocaust. Just as the cartoons of Jewish Israeli Devils in certain Arab papers. But then suicide bombing is a bigger problem. If radicals believe that the power of the word is so strong can I suggest that they stop suicide bombing in Iraq and Israel etc and just publish offensive cartoons.

Jack Straw MP - THE British home secretary is elected by a constituency that has a large muslim electorate. Maybe that had something to do with his condemnation .....

I've been checking Denmarks export record for 2004. 70+% goes to the E.U. - more than half of it to immediate neighbours - no problem there then. The quantity shipped to Africa and Asia is small and balanced by the amount imported by Denmark from Asia/Africa - Could be a problem for Asia/Africa then if they start to boycott. The amount shipped elsewhere is tiny - might affect a few Danish businessmen - so boycott = big deal - I think not.

muslims are very unstable people, and islam is a very volatile religion, "we'll bomb your homes in the name of allah" haha.. morons!

muslims are modern day nazis...only problem is the christian governments think they owe them somthing...its the other way round..they are the immigrants

I say FUCK islamofacists. This is but the beginning. Unless we make a stand NOW, In a few years Western civilization as we know it will cease to exist. This is not a matter of racism. Foreigners are welcome as long as they want to integrate. Muslims very simply want to take over Europe and that is what will happen unless our governments react now and make it clear to them that they are fucked in their minds.

I guess you need a sense of humour to survive in the modern world. I'm no expert but some of those guys protesting looked so evil. Kind of reminded me of Ian Paisley carrying on like a spoilt child. Rattle and pram spring to mind. Spiritual?? Ha!
ps. thanks to those guys for pointing out a cartoon I would have never heard of unless they had taken to the streets.

in the west many died in 2 great wars for the very reason that we could say what we want when we want no offence but muslims came here because life in there own countrys was terrible so dont try change our way of lifes if you dont like it go back to your own country of past genaration .

i say send all muslims back to the shit holes they call home then they will be begging to get back to the free west britiain is full of muslims who think they have the right to do what they want they should ask there parents whats it like in there shit holes they ran away from to get here

Whole civilizations have been wiped off the face of the earth since the beginning. I say as an American that the upper hand should be absolute. You're either with us or against us. We should stop all the pussy footing around. Demand world wide peace and dmocracy, those who oppose should be swiftly and severely dealt with. I believe in all the freedoms and choice but war is war and as long as that is so we should just bomb the shit out of the middle east and start from scratch.

Fuck islam they should all go practice their stupid religion in their fucking desert with their such ugly women that they have to cover their goddamn faces. We don't need their bullshit in our FREE society.

Fellow Whoomans!:


I do not normally leave comments or feedback on sites, but now, I could not resist.
I wish… I wish… I wish… someone from top Islam to read this and ask themselves…
So, the whole Islam world jumped off the hook? Well, yes, it is insulting… So in Islam mind, probable the newspaper should be stopped and eventually all people there should be shoot to dead and the kingdom to apologize. Well, if that’s the case, what about this?
I am not an American but when you see all those American and English flags in fire and all those demonstrations authorised by the governments, what the Americans should do?
Could we condemn the Americans for the war? Or, should we condemn few European countries by showing disrespect to Americans? Fact: Islam is a completely old and redundant religion. Yes, they were the top some few thousands years ago, but not now. Probable that the reason of so much suffering among them… It is the same when you have a pain somewhere but you can not figure out the cause, and it makes you suffer even more. Obviously, it creates a huge complex in most uneducated minds!
People of Islam, Mohamed or Allah or who owns them, would reach an acceptable level of education, do you people think they would still believe that the heaven is full of virgins ready to screw him and as such to go and blow himself? Or this is their natural behaviour imposed by Mohamed or Allah? Wake up if you wish to survive!!!

The root of all the problems in the world is religion. In the hands and minds of suffering, desperate people, who have nothing to cling to in their lives but the often twisted interpretations of writings put down thousands of years ago and translated and retranslated countless times, religion is a most dangerous force. It does not matter whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Voodoo, Hinduism, animism, or whatever, there is potential for the unbalanced to wreak havoc. Be nice to other people, share what you have with someone who has less, love your family and your neighbors. Thats all we need. Lets all work together and try to save our planet rather than destroy it with religion and strife.

I'm just curious what cartoons that u guys published which create a huge violent around the world. For me, the cartoons were not harm to the religions if comparing to the other religions that someone made (the god is having .... with lady) which is very ugly.

Every country should explain their people the truth and not join the violent like some countries do by now.

Three possibles scenarios for the suicide bomber.
1. Booom! Whats left of his head rolls gently to a stop 600 yards away. End of story.

2. Booom! Stopping only to retrieve his head, he ascends gently into paradise. Seven exquisitely beautiful virgins without burkas (they're excused burkas in paradise) move suductively towards him. "This'll do for me!" he shouts, running forward.

3. Booom! Cold empty space. A presence forces him to review his own life, every sin, every hurt he did to his fellow-man. The piece-de-resistance is experiencing the pain and anguish of each of his bomb victims, their loved ones, relatives, friends and aquaintances. Boy! Did he get sucked in and blown out in bubbles!

First of all, the comment about religion being the root of all problems is a little to simplistic. It's substituting one scapegoat for another. Intolerance towards religion is no better than intolerance by a religion.

Secondly, I'm glad the God I believe in is big enough to take care of Himself.

while no body wants to see violence, maybe this is a wake up call for the whole world. these people who say they are regilous are just evil, murdering, crazy mother fuckers! lets bomb em before they bomb our children!

so these terrorist ragheads are upset over the cartoons. the solution is to give them more guns and ammunition and allow them to kill each other, if enough of them do this the problem will resolve itself.



For your kind information any one with the turban is not muslim and some times the sikhs(means a learner in indian)are mistakenly targeted in hate crimes because they look like talibans.300 years ago some hindhus started figthing back against muslim ruler in india and established a new "sikh" religon to save other people from muslim cruelty .sikhs fought againt the muslims and captured and ruled the north part of india and 1947 sikhs migrated to india and they gave every thing they had to muslims to have thier own contry that is known as pakistan.

I've worked out what it is with Muslims!
Myself, I don't need a God. I've worked out that there may be some kind of force out there, but not a diety, sitting on my shoulder, protecting me and catering for my every whim.
A survivor of the Egyptian ferry disaster said "God spared me this day". No he didn't. The guy was probably fatter than most so it took longer for exposure to set in.
Muslims are so insecure about their God that they need to pray many times a day just to make sure God's still there. That's why they're so hysterical when someone attacks their religion - it reinforces their own self doubts...............

What a fabulous range of commenters you have this time, Steel! Several of them make some very interesting points, but those cartoons are just too hilarious,and the idea that a whole culture would loose their cool over such silliness is an indication of just how unstable these followers are.So much for the Koran being a book of love and peace! Now, consider the depth and the lengths to which anti-Christians have gone to, in reviling Christ.With the exception of Red-neck Robertson,we forgive them, and pray for them!
Oh! and, I like cheese danish too!


. Take yourself to the Somaliuk website and "engage in dialogue" with them - especially Dalmar1 - he's so full of shit. They haven't got a good word to say for the West (talk about biting the hand that feeds them) We are all "slavers". When I pointed out that the arabs invented slavery he went ballistic. I assume that they're second-generation Somali and I fear that we have another viper at our collective bosoms. I assume that we get the bombers rather than the USA because, in the US, they're too busy making money...........

I just seen the answer to all this!
There's a growing movement on the web to "buy Danish" Brilliant! If every Westerner bought Danish cheese, beer, bang and olufsen hi-fi's etc for the next few months they would probably more than make up the deficit and what a propaganda coup! Tell all your friends to give it their best shot. They can find sites on the web that detail many Danish products. Let's get buying!

i think anyone who kills in the name of religion is no better than the terrorist who blow up innocent people. if they cant take a little humour being made about there religion then they should fuck off back where they came from. these people are no better than cold blooded murderers how do they know what they are talking about anyway have they died and come back themselves i dont think so! something should be done before its to late but the whole world is scared shitless about insulting muslims because of the crazy bastards they are themselves fanatical murderers and nothing more. its about time the world fought back against these people and stop pussy footing around them if they dont like it then fuck off back to the poverty stricken land you uncultured people came from and let us decent people get on with the rest of our lives instead of being terrorised in our own countrys.

Punch in "support Denmark" and you'll get a growing number of websites, from all over America, Europe, setting up petitions and support structures. Do your bit now! You can influence this without firing a shot!
This thing could become a monster!

These protestors are the same people that were dancing in the streets when 3000 innocent Americans were killed on 9-11

No where to be found Phil.

Hmmmm, no one's pissing on the fire tonight, eh Steel?


Nope, this is the comment string from the original post. The new one tapered off and this one was getting hits soI moved this one up and revamped it.

Phoenix likes this one better because it gets more thoughtful hits.

I'll move the new one up tomorrow.

I have a new collage you will like.

It's next.

Steel had two threads going. He just moved one to the front page.

i think the "mouslyman" suck !!!!! they bomb and threat us ,"in name off allah"sneacky and backstabbing! what is that fore a god who wants his(fucking) people to behave like complete idiots? heil allah they think. heil virgins.heil heil heil!!!????????????????????????????? fuck radical(ious)mousleman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These people are not true Muslims. They have somehow been brainwashed into doing all the things they do...or else they are demon-possessed. There is nothing in the Islamic religion that condones any of these things.

"I've worked out that there may be some kind of force out there, but not a diety, sitting on my shoulder, protecting me and catering for my every whim."

What religion has a god that caters to our every whim? I'd like to look into that one! You think our world sucks now...that would be a true Hell on earth, now, wouldn't it, if we all could have our way all the time...

So what's your motto: "May the "force" be with you"? Sounds pretty empty to me.

Good point, Lori, about what kind of world we'd have if we all got what we wanted.

I think the best kind of world would be one where we all got what we deserved.

"I think the best kind of world would be one where we all got what we deserved."

Call me cynical, but that's a frightening thought to me. I know what I deserve, and it's definitely not anything I would care to get.

It all depends on who decides what you deserve. I understand God is very forgiving.

>I understand God is very forgiving.<
And for this I am very thankful :-).

Hi I am mohammad prophet.
I think denmark's media is right.forgive them.Even my muslim fellows broke my teeth do you know? When I was present in this world very few muslims gave respect to me.remember only muslims broke my teeth.there are lot of proofs of this accident even aged muslims will tell you about this.and now you are fighting on my name?shame on you muslims.


(edited by Steel Turman)


I am currently in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the US Army. I can't believe these ignorant dolts have the audacity to whine about a Danish cartoon to US/EU troops and media as if we had anything to do with them, or give a fuck. Perhaps they want us to invade those comical Danes? They have every right to be pissed and it's not about some cartoons. No beer/ alcohol, no porn, can't even see a woman, unbearable climate, no hygene standards, and no free thought. This place is a social and geographical wasteland, cartoons should be the least of thier gripes. Just a thought...

dont bomb denmark your contry will be destroyed you not bomb denmark you bomb hole fn and usa will come arfter all of ya so dont be a smart guy denmark have say sorry to many times now lets stop this man



"Just a thought..." Okay. :) How about one more. Two more. Three more....

You do make a good point, though. Considering all else, these cartoons are a joke - and I do not mean that as a pun.

Yo SANSAPOINT ... are you from Idaho by any chance?

Do keep stopping by and if you have something you want to get posted send it to me.

These people are taught from birth that non muslims are infidels, heathens and great satans. It is ok to air videos of kidnapped westerners having their heads cut off, but they can't stand a cartoon that pokes fun at their god. The only thing missing from the "bomb" cartoon was a dynamite belt, an AK-47 and a hostage. This planet will never have peace until these people are exterminated! If you are a "peaceful" muslim you should distance yourself from your terrorist associates. Just remember, all muslims may not be terrorists, but so far, all of the terrorists have been muslims!

Islam is the FAKEST religion off al times! Other stupid religions like those who belived in our ancients are all of the belive of someone bigger than them some tought sun , moon etc. but nowoaday COME ON WE KNOW THE HISTORY! YOU ISLAM BELIVE IN THEM BECAUSE THEY TOLD YOUR ANCIENTS TO DO SO OR ELSE BE MURDERED! THEY ARE ABOUT 500 YEARS RETARDED THESE PEOPLE WHEN EVEN A SIMPLE STORM WAS TOUGHT THAT GOD IS ANGRY!


Islam is the religion of satan. It is evil these so called followers of islam are brain washed. Like in a cult. Backwards thinking. Killing in the name of GOD.
Sounds like someone is going to hell to me.

My name is ALLAH and I am a stupid invension u Muhammed the one with the mental disorders. My work is to make terorist die for me! WHAT A WONDERFULL JOB!

Lets all bear in mind the life of brian. If you can't laugh at it then it's definitely not worth fightin or dyin for.

I believe that Europeans have done great job!!!!!islam is growing day by day. Half of the worlds population is of islam.One should take a serious action against islamic acts.These islamic people they dont have sense they encourage terrorism, by which many innocent people have been killed! the heads of these pigs should be cut into pieces if they were caught. They should be brutually murdered! finally i hate this islamic pigs ........... these pigs are responsible for the global terrorism , which leads to destruction of global peace!!!!!!!!!!1

None of you understand the Muslim culture. What I am reading here is discusting. This lack of knowledge and misunderstanding on consepts are leading to this. Allah was never sappose to resemble human form. Two thousand years ago, when the Muslims were building their place of wirrsip, they couldn't make their artwork or work of tile perfect because only Allah was perfect and way above all humans. This is their god, and the world disrespected their beliefes. The political cartoons were sappose to stop after the one publishing, but the United States and many, many countries throughout the world published them as well, when they knew they were forbidden to do it. And now these cartoons are on the internet, where all people can see! This is discusting and you people who are saying all of this crap about the Muslim culture have lack of knowledge and are very closed minded as well as disrespectful to others beliefs. And I am white.

The real jokes is that we the west have given our countries to do gooders that have made it possible for the pyscotic middle easterner's to do as they want. l cant believe that we are in this situation. lt wont be long before we all have to visit the Mosque ever day. l am all for as in rome do as they do, this would be the case in a Muslim country. These people hate us with a passion because of our way of life and that will never change. lt would appear that these people wont be happy untill we live like them look like them and act like them. l dont see to many people giving their lives to leave the West in order to seek a eastern way of life.
They will destroy everything we stand for. Who would want to live like the majority of Muslim's in poverty and deprevation. They all want hot and cold running water, a roof over their heads,and an oil well. The men folk are typically lazy good and for nothing. They have westerner's doing all their projects for them. They are generally all similar in appearence and carry carpets about. lets stop with the jokes wake up and smell the roses before they are destroyed....... ACTNOW
THE INFADEL An unbeliever with respect to a particular religion, especially Islam. One who has no religious beliefs. One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle


This radical Islam religion it the worst threat to humanity in the history of this planet. The Nazi’s have nothing compared to this group of fanatics. These cockroaches have infested every corner of the world and uses babies and woman as shields. And thanks to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) they are allowed to fester and grow in the US without threat of prosecution.
This is a tough time for all of us and we must stand together. Who did Spain blame when Al Qaeda blew up their train station? America! Why? Because we antagonized the bully. It is easier or safer to appease a bully than to stand up against them. These Muslims been fighting for thousands of years and will never stop until the honest and sincere Muslims stands up and yell to the world and denounce this radical group and fight back with us but they are cowards. God bless Great Britain and its people to stand next to us to stop these bullies who want nothing more than to kill us.

Can't believe it. you guys are insulting us allover this page but didn't ask your self (why do I heat Muslims?) I'm pretty sure that you didn't because you wouldn't find an answer. some uncultured guys will say I do..because Muslims are terrorist! I'll tell him if there are 200 thousand Muslims are terrorists out of 1.5 billion Muslims does it mean ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST? if so i can proudly say all Americans are Gays and all Europeans Are Nazis. just turn on your minds and leave us in peace and however you say guys the fact says ISLAM is number one growing religious all around the world you can't ignore it...thanks

TINA... u are absolutely blinded by da media...
lets c ur sense of humor when in de future sum1 insults ur gods :D

hahah Arvind.. thanx fo da wonderful post..
you hav just proved to me and many other ppl reading ur post what ur religion teaches you :D
great job with the violent thots....
so now you look bak @ ur post n tell me... hu r the terrorists? us? or u ppl... hu even think that way when replying 2 a simple post online....
u ppl unknowingly jus prove how violent and absurd ur way of thinking is 2wards ne other religion... while the media puts a lable of terrorist on muslims... u shud consider making another group of u own... im sure u'l beat us 2 da so called distruction of the world :)

Where can I buy these cartoons?
It becomes time that 'muslims' realise that religion is only fiction. There of course are no Gods. There only are some crooks that intimidate people, and they start at very young age (childhood), where human creativity and thinking is not critical yet.
It took also a couple of centuries in Europe before people started to realise this. The muslims still have some time to go. I am sure people will realise the fooleshness of all this. After all this religion (islam at present) it is just a hoax to exhaust frustration of the economic and scientific lagging behind of the countries in which islam is over-represented.

Where can I buy these cartoons?
It becomes time that 'muslims' realise that religion is only fiction. There of course are no Gods. There only are some crooks that intimidate people, and they start at very young age (childhood), where human creativity and thinking is not critical yet.
It took also a couple of centuries in Europe before people started to realise this. The muslims still have some time to go. I am sure people will realise the fooleshness of all this. After all this religion (islam at present) it is just a hoax to exhaust frustration of the economic and scientific lagging behind of the countries in which islam is over-represented.

by the name of God
this is a message to all they insult to islam i say dont exaggerate in your talking the judge day is coming soon and all what u said it will be against u and in that situation u will realise that our prophet Mohammad is the most nobler man at this earth in the past to the end of this life u see all day how many people die and u will die someday so be ready for that day to take your judge and u will be in the hell for ever allah is the greatest and Mohammad is his messener

To believe in Allah means to believe in total perfection, and uniqueness.
It means to believe in His prophets because they are His, and He sent them. We can not pick and choose. A Muslim must believe in all the prophets of Allah.
It means to believe in the Angles! We must love them all. We cannot hate an Angel say, for example, Michael to whom rain and the vegetation of the Earth are attributed or Gabriel to whom revelation (bringing down the ******ures to the prophets) is attributed.
It means to believe in Allah's predestination of good and bad.
It means to believe in the last day: The day of Judgment.

What does Islam mean?

The Arabic word Islam simply means 'submission', and derives from a word meaning 'peace'. In a religious con**** it means complete submission to the will of God. 'Mohammedanism' is thus a misnomer because it suggests that Muslims worship Muhammad (peace be upon him) rather than God. 'Allah' is the Arabic name for God, which is used by Arab Muslims and Christians alike

How do we know Islam is the truth?

1- It is the only religion that holds Allah as One, Unique, and Perfect.
2- It is the only religion that believes in the sole worship of Allah, not Jesus, not an idol, and not an angel, only Allah.
3- The Quran does not contain contradictions.
4- The Quran contains scientific facts, which are 1300 years ahead of their time. The Quran, while revealed 1400 years ago contains scientific facts, which are only now being discovered. It is not in contradiction to science.
5- Allah has challenged the world to produce the like of the Quran. And He says they won't be able to.
6- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most influential man in history. In the book "The 100 most influential men in History", written by non-Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was #1. Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was #3. It should be noted that even the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) was a prophet sent by Allah. Would Allah allow a false prophet to be so successful? No. Even the Bible refers to this in Deuteronomy 18:19. A false prophet would die!!! Yet Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not die till he completely conveyed, and taught Allah's religion.
7- He had many prophecies, and all of his prophecies have come true, or are still coming true.

Who is Jesus to us?

Jesus (peace be upon him) is a true prophet, sent by Allah like Moses, Abraham, Lot, Noah, Jonah, Joseph, etc (peace be upon them)

Is Allah the same as what Christians call "the father"?

Allah is the Creator, who Jesus (peace be upon him) worshipped. He is the Creator who spoke to Moses and split the sea for Moses and his followers. That is Allah. But Allah tells us: "Say Allah is one, He is Perfect, He has never begotten, nor was He begot, and there is no one equal to Him."

What about someone who has never heard of Islam?

Allah is the most just. It is inconceivable to perceive of anyone acting with more beneficence than Allah. Allah is the most just and in the Quran He said: "We will not punish without sending someone to warn you". The "We" here is the majestic we used in Arabic. So if a person never heard about Islam, and was never warned clearly, Allah would have a special test for that person that He knows is equal to the chance that person would have had on earth.

What about non-Muslims do; they go to heaven?

Allah only accepts Islam. He says in the Quran: "Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam it won't be accepted of him, and he will be one of the losers in the hereafter". I would rather lose anywhere, but not lose in the hereafter. This is because hellfire is eternal. It never ends and we never die when we go there, if we go there.


The Qur'an gives a detailed account of human nature. All the corruption and indecent personality traits of unbelievers are mentioned as well as the attributes of believers. The attributes of obedient believers oft-returning to God, and into whom God breathed His Spirit, are what make up an exalted standard of character.

Surely, such a high standard of moral values pertaining to believers is in sharp contrast to that of unbelievers. Sincerity and trustworthiness throw into sharp relief the insincere and hypocritical nature of the unbelievers. Likewise, the generous, brave and modest attitude of believers is very different from the arrogant, ruthless and selfish behaviours of unbelievers. One feature which clearly distinguishes between these two groups- that is, between believers and unbelievers - is a sense of loyalty, or its absence. In its real sense, unbelievers can never remain true, solely due to the fact that they are motivated by self-interest: It often takes them just a matter of moments to turn away from a lifelong friend or a close relative. Likewise, they easily give up struggling or fighting for something they think as right.

However, the believers assume a totally different attitude. The criteria they apply to their deeds and lives plainly manifest themselves in the verse. Say:

"Truly, my prayer and my devotions, my life and my death, are (all) for God, the Cherisher of the Worlds." (Al-anam 162)

Consequently, those who have faith are considerate in their behaviours, aiming to attend the will of God, and remain committed to their people and purpose at any cost. On account of minor benefits, they never leave the righteous path and they demonstrate an unshakable and unswerving loyalty to believers and especially to the leader of believers. God describes the loyalty shown by the believers in the Qur'an as follows:

Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with God: of them some have been true to their vows to the very end, and some still await their end: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least. (Al-Ahzap, 23)

Loyalty keeps all believers who fight for their faith directed towards one goal. This attribute, the essential characteristic of determination, is vital for any community of believers that is steadfast. A believer would fail to keep his self-respect if even once he demonstrated a minor neglect in his loyalty. Once one loses self-respect completely, one gradually approaches a point where one loses faith. Subsequently, things deteriorate very quickly and the backslider starts to behave in just the way an unbeliever or a hypocrite does. This is because unfaithfulness encourages a person to commit other significant kinds of deception. He first of all transgresses by trying to hide his disloyalty from other believers. Then he starts telling lies, making a sustained effort to deceive them. After a while, his 'talent' for telling lies, makes him feel that he can really dupe believers and starts to adopt a way of living based on deriving unfair benefits from them. This indicates a state of mind in which the deceiver feels no love for believers. In this mood, he seeks the pleasure of people rather than of God. That is why he strives after high prestige. He perceives anything likely to damage this prestige as a serious threat to his being and strives to protect himself by telling more lies. Meanwhile, as believers begin to detect his lies, he displays more of the traits of a hypocrite. At this point, he tries to exculpate himself. But this effort, turns him entirely into the type of a person who does not hesitate to form alliances with unbelievers and hypocrites.

Why do all the nations with the most violence also have the most muslims?

F U C K A l L A H

Let's face it: Mohammed was a child-molesting pig and "Allah" is his excrement. This so-called religion should be abolished.

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