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'Liberty' Money = ARREST

               Two arrested for using Liberty dollars

Liberty_money BUFFALO, N.Y.,(UPI) -- A New York man and his son have been charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and criminal impersonation for using Liberty $20 coins.

Daniel Buczek and Shane Buczek, both of Derby, N.Y., are believed to be the first people in western New York arrested for trying to make purchases with the Liberty dollar, the Buffalo (N.Y.) News reported Sunday.

The privately minted Liberties are viewed by some as an alternative to the U.S. government's monetary system. It's claimed that some $15 million worth of the $20 coins are in circulation throughout the nation.

The coins are made by an Evansville, Ind., organization called the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act. The Internal Revenue Code and many businesses take them as legal tender.

While the two men were charged on felony accounts, Erie County District Attorney Frank J. Clark said the felony charges would be dropped, but he would pursue misdemeanor charges.

             Moonbats to the Left of me, clowns to the Right ...

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Speaking of money.......... pardon me while I hijack this post: Did you see where Mitt Romney got 50 MILLION dollars in a grant to be used solely for teaching abstinence in high school?

This guy wants to be president. Good looking man. I wonder how many cheerleaders he seduced under the bleachers?

Hmmm ... Mormons don't DO such things.

Right. I forgot he was a Mormon. Just like everyone else in Massachusetts.

So, Gov. Romney is of the religiously delusional who believe in projection. Why, he'll make a fine president...

$$$$, real or otherwise, don't have much value these days anyway!

The Liberty Dollar is not legal tender. Norfed has never claimed it to be so, and never will.

"The Internal Revenue Code and many businesses take them as legal" tender.

I didn't know a book of codes took "legal tender". The IRS only accepts legal tender also. Businesses who accept them as legal tender are mistaken, and should be educated on what is legal tender, and what is not. Businesses who accept legal tender have an obligation to identify it correctly; and choose to transact with those who wish to use voluntary barter, such as a gold bullion bar, or the Liberty Dollar. Users who purport the Liberty Dollar to be legal tender are in violation of legal tender laws.

It is legal to engage in bartering in all states.

Not only money but our whole government needs alternatives. Our poor children. I lay restless about every night hoping that this country will change. What we need 2 do is stand up to those backwards ass politicians.....sincerly EASYMONEY

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