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The closest I've ever come to actually strangling someone is when I dated a guy who liked to come back to my house and hang out. We invariably watched TV because he had ADHD and wasn't much for back and forth conversation. I liked him, though, because he was a computer engineer with several degrees in different things so when he did talk, it was always interesting and I always learned stuff. Otherwise, he was pretty boring. No romance - just company to go out to dinner once a week. One night, he picked up the remote and started channel-surfing. I'd never seen it done, and because I can lock on to anything in an instant, I never channel surf. He changed the channel about every 30 seconds.... just long enough for me to get interested.... then click... What was strange was that he wasn't really paying attention himself. He was just doing it.

Anyway, no point to this other than to say I really was glad I didn't have a gun or a baseball bat handy. I was struck by how annoyed and how ultimately furious I became - to the point of becoming homicidal. The other point, and probably the one I set out to make is that people with ADD and ADHD are REALLY difficult to be around. They can't listen. They can't pay attention.....

There is a lot of griping about teachers asking parents to use Ritalin for their ADD ADHD kids. I've been there, and I can tell you EVERYONE gains when an ADD kid is put on Ritalin - the students, the teacher and most of all, the kid.

Morphine is better.

Morphine is better for what? I think the point is not to delete attention spans but rather to focus them.

I have found that each ADD or ADHD person is different and what works for one does not necessarily work for the next person. One person might do well on retlin, altho, an anti depressant such as effexor works considerably better on another...Then there are those that need an anxiety slowdown in addition. The only way you can decipher is to be around the individual long enough to catch a true "reading" My daughter used to be sound asleep when I would go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00...A noise would wake me and she'd be climbing to the top cupboard just to see what was in the kitchen...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! The problem of ADHD lay (not quietly, tho!)undiagnosed until her senior year in college....we 'bout fell out!! Everything she accomplished took her twice to 3X the effort of others...yes, these are usually very determined children...often, more than not,they appear STUBBORN to the point of obstinant...I have even witnessed a young man in his early 30's that seemed no medicine in the world would rescue him. I use the word rescue because these people are, in fact, needing and subconciously reaching out for just that.. If we feel as upset being around them...what discontentment and how overwhelming must they be feeling within?..Patience is a main factor and biting the upper lip to keep from lashing out at times is soooo hard to do. To do that I always have to thank God for my burdens lest I inherit someone elses.

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