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Bucket o' Fun

   When I first went online, way before I even thought about blogging, I discovered the coolest site in the world (no not Maddox) and one of the nicest people on the internet. His name Hanan Levin. Hanan owns a multi-million dollar real estate company in southern California (where else), and in his spare time, just for fun has created a mainstay of the internet. It is called Grow A Brain.

   Going to growabrain is like going to a cross between Ripley's Believe-or-Not Museum and The Smithsonian Museum. Little by little, day by day, Hanan has amassed a huge collection of things that caught his eye.

   I can attest to the ability of his 'eye'. But I can't describe it. There just ... are no words available to do so.

   Now, you would think, what with being highly successful in his professional life, being the proprietor of a hugely popular website would be sufficient for Hanan.

   It's not.

   See, bloggers like to speak their minds and share. But it's a two way street. Bloggers crave the input of their readers. Comments. In all the time Hanan has been doing growabrain, he's gotten few comments. And it disturbs him. That might be the wrong word ...denies him, yes, denies him the input we all desire for our efforts.

   So what I'm going to do here today, is to just direct you Hanan's House of Wierdness. Be nice. Don't break anything. Be sure and go through the archives ... IT WILL AMAZE YOU, and for the love of Gawd, LEAVE A COMMENT!!! Just a word. Maybe just say 'hi' or 'cool site', but above all else say something.



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Grow-a-brain is really great. His blog is fantastic and always have cool links.

Yeah Bibi, his site is cool. Your site is very cool too!

You have more art than Hanan. Your site is more visually

But he is weirder than you are.

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